Get Free WiFi On Android: 14 Effective Ways

The Internet has become an essential part of our day-to-day lives. For many people, finding wifi when they travel becomes a difficult part. Over the years, the number of public wifi networks has increased and provided a solution to this problem. 

Are you a frequent traveler and need free wifi for your android device? Follow this article to learn about the 14 ways to get free wifi on android

Difference Between Wifi and Hotspot


It is a facility that provides internet connection to smartphones, laptops, PCs, and other devices wirelessly within a range.


It is a public place where the wireless signal will be available to get an internet connection for free. 

Techniques to Get Free Wifi on Android

  1. Share Your Internet Connection
  2. Buy a Portable Router
  3. Wifi Password Recovery
  4. Instabridge
  5. Osmino Wi-fi
  6. Wifi Map
  7. Wifi Analyzer
  8. Wifi Password
  9. Wifi Magic
  10. Wifi Warden
  11. Avast Wifi Finder
  12. Netspot
  13. Wiman
  14. Visit Wifi Hotspot Locations

14 Best Wifi Finder Applications

1. Share Your Internet Connection

People can share their internet connection with others if they have a smartphone and a mobile data plan. Follow the steps below to share your internet connection.

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Click on the portable hotspot option. 
portable hotspot
  • Turn on the toggle button near the portable hotspot.
Turn on the toggle button
  • Now, your mobile data will be shared with others. 
  • Once you are done, could you turn it off again?

Tip: Ensure you have a strong password for the hotspot so that others won’t use your data plan to connect to the internet. Use a password of at least 12 characters long with a capital letter, small letter, unique character, and numbers. Remember, your smartphone battery will drain faster if the hotspot is turned on. Use it according to the battery limit. 

2. Buy a Portable Router

These are travel routers similar to the ones that you have at your home. They provide you with a slot for a SIM card. Using that, you can connect to any 3G and 4G networks worldwide. Once it is connected, a portable router will create a WIFI network. You can connect all your electronic devices from that network.

These routers are not very expensive, and they last for a day with a single charge. When you select portable routers, please pay attention to some factors, like how fast the router is and how many simultaneous connections it supports. 

Opt for very cheap portable routers that will support only 3 simultaneous connections. But the premium mobile routers can handle up to 10 concurrent connections with a high-speed network. 

3. Wifi Password Recovery

This app recovers the wifi password you used earlier, but for some reason, you lost the connectivity to that network. It is simple to use. It works like a professional wifi password retriever. But the downside is it won’t be successful when you try it on your smartphones, especially if you don’t have root access.

Wifi Password Recovery

To provide access to the history, you need to permit the app. Once you do that, it recovers all the forgotten passwords on your device from the root. You should be an advanced user and also perform the backup of your phone.

If you have forgotten to take the backup, you can log in to your google account to recover them. From that, copy-paste the wifi passwords. 

4. Instabridge

Instabridge is one of the fascinating apps. This app doesn’t show the wifi password. Instead, it lets the hotspots be available for other people once they connect to a public network.

To be simple, if you know the password to a public network and connect it, then all the instabridge users will also get connected without knowing the password. 


This is considered one of the best wifi hotspots for people who are traveling abroad. It doesn’t restrict the usage by providing a time limit. It allows you to use whatever website you want and also allows you to use social media apps as well. 

5. Osmino Wi-fi

It is one of the convenient apps to use. It tests the connection speed and shows the online traffic graphs. It will display all the closest internet connection spots on a map, which will be connected without any data limitation.

This app allows you to register the password and share it with others. It is considered the best app to get free wifi anywhere. This works like databases by storing the password to different hotspots. The app’s team provides a guarantee that there is no scam involved. 

Osmino Wi-fi

The best part is you can also share the internet connection to other devices. It records the networks on the cloud and lets you search for new ones. For example, when you travel, you must put the location, and the Wi-Fi will be saved. With this, you don’t have to use roaming data.

But it doesn’t promise a safe connection as public connections suffer from some fraud. Use this app at your own risk. The most significant advantage of this app is its speed. So, it will be worth it if you want to download any movies, videos, or songs. 

6. Wifi Map

The main goal of this application is to provide free, fast, and trustworthy internet service wherever you are. It doesn’t provide hidden passwords but offers 100 million hotspots worldwide. With the help of this app’s intelligent search features, you can find high-quality wifi networks. 

Wifi Map

Also, you can share the hotspots on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This app is free to use. 

7. Wifi Analyzer

This app will connect to the closest free wifi hotspot it can find. This makes the connection quicker and more practical. It also provides all the other wifi network information. As the name suggests, it finds alternative wifi networks and gives you a free wifi network.

Wifi Analyzer

This provides the data, statistics, the hotspot’s trustworthiness, internet reliability, and the address of the hotspot or router. All this data will be provided in a neatly organized way. The interface is easy to use and understand. It is a good choice for everyone. 

8. Wifi Password

This app can be used to get passwords for the networks that are blocked. Its unique feature is that it finds unsafe networks and avoids them by providing you safe access. But be careful when you use public networks so that your passwords won’t get stolen. 

Wifi Password Show

It has a self-developed protection system and allows you to share the network with all your contacts. 

9. Wifi Magic

It has a massive database with public passwords on almost every social media platform. The increase in the number of passwords is the countless number of users. This makes numerous access everywhere. 

You will have to create an account in this app with a specific login and password. It also has options to sign up with your email or Facebook account. They have an automated action where your password will be stored in their cache memory. 

Wifi Magic

You will always be connected to the network when you use your phone. The network status is differentiated using colors. If the color is green, it means wifi without a password. If the color is yellow, then wifi needs a sign-up to connect. If it is red, then it is a wifi-protected password. 

After choosing the network, you can see that network’s name and MAC address on your phone screen. 

10. Wifi Warden

This app works as network encryption. Once you choose a wifi network, it provides an extreme analysis of the frequency channel, name, MAC address, and so on. If you have an android version of 4.4, you need to perform the backup.

Wifi Warden

If your android version is above 5, you don’t have to perform any backup. But please back up all your information. It lets you change your wifi password and also recovers the lost password. And the best part is finding out who is using the router. You can remove ads in their paid version. 

11. Avast Wifi Finder

It is a free wifi app on android. It provides regular updates on the latest information on the wifi hotspots nearby. But when you launch the application for first-time use, you should be connected to the internet. After that, you can download the offline map of all the free wifi hotspots in a particular country. 

Avast Wifi Finder

The list of hotspots provides whether it is free to use or requires any login information. All the details will be displayed with a single tap. It offers two options: automatic connection and manual connection. You can set the preference in the app’s settings area.

12. Netspot

This app has a modern interface and is easy to use. This app helps to compare networks by wifi channel and signal strength. It provides all the data charts in real time.

They have advanced scan filters where you can filter by name, security protocol, signal strength, and band. Anyone can use it. It doesn’t require any special knowledge of hardware or software. 


13. WiFiman

This app has a database of more than 60 million hotspots worldwide. This app also has the interactive map feature with a list of all the wifi hotspots. This works in both online and offline modes. The advantage of this app is it allows you to share wifi within the same community.


You can also set your favorites and priorities in the settings area. This way, you can easily connect to the wifi hotspot when many hotspots are available in a single location. 

14. Visit Wifi Hotspot Locations

There are some places where you can get free wifi hotspots. If you are thinking about how to avail this, plan to go to those places to get a free wifi hotspot.


Libraries provide free internet access to provide educational facilities to the local community. This is one of the ways by which libraries accomplish their goal. Sometimes, Wifi is available in some local bookstores as well. 

Public Plazas

Cities worldwide have started to provide free wifi hotspots in public plazas to attract more customers to local stores. Since hundreds and thousands of people might use the same wifi hotspot, you can’t expect the speed to be faster than the optic fiber connection you have at home. 

Starbucks /Mcdonald’s

Popular food chains and ice cream parlors have also started providing free Wi-Fi hotspots to their customers. You can get a fast internet connection by paying for a single burger or latte. You need to pay a small and tasty price to get the free wifi on android.   

Be Safe When You Use Public Wifi Networks

If you don’t want your passwords to be stolen or your social media to be hacked, it is recommended to be extra cautious. When you use any public wifi network, your devices will automatically get exposed to ill-intentioned users and become vulnerable.

Follow the tips below to be safe when you use public wifi networks.

  • Download and install any antivirus app on your android phone.
  • Don’t log in to any social media platform or another app to type your passwords. 
  • Keep your android phone up to date by regularly updating it. The updated version will provide more safety.
  • Always encrypt your android device.
  • Don’t perform any bank-related transactions using public wifi networks. 


I hope the above article has given you an idea about getting free wifi on android. These are some of the best methods and apps people use to get free wifi on their android devices. But using wifi networks comes with some threats as they are not entirely safe. Use them only when it is necessary.  


How Do I Get Free Wifi On Android?

You can get free wifi on android using internet hotspots, portable routers, and other wifi apps like wifi password recovery, instabridge, wifi password, wifi magic, and wifi warden. 

Why Is Free Wifi Important?

Free wifi saves your time and simplifies the process of setting up the internet connection. It is helpful for users who travel a lot and others who commute using public transport. 

How Do I Get Unlimited Wi-Fi For Free?

You can get unlimited wifi free using wifi analyzer, wifi magic, wiman, osmino wifi, and wifi map. These apps don’t pose any restrictions on data limits. You can use it as much as you want. 

Can I Hack Wi-Fi Password?

Yes, a wifi password can be hacked by a brute-force method or by using a powerful computer by trying the password combinations several times. It can also be hacked if you have a weak password.