7 Fixes: Genshin Impact Slow Download

Genshin Impact is regarded as one of the most popular games these days. There are more than 21 million players. Most importantly, this game is free to play, which has lured in more players. 

Over the years, Genshin Impact has grown and advanced. However, since there are more players all around the world, it has recently been facing certain bugs and glitches. Apart from that, players are also finding Genshin Impact slow Download the updates. 

Genshin Impact Slow Download

Most of the time, such glitches are related to the network, the other times, it could only be due to certain bugs, which can be fixed through other methods. 

Why Is There Slow Download Speed In Genshin Impact?

There may be several reasons why there is a slow download speed in Genshin Impact. Most of the time, it could be mainly due to the servers and the overload about the same. When there is an overload of the server, it is unable to process all the downloads or updates, leading to low speed. 

The other times, it could be due to the unstable network connection and background applications that are running. If the player has too many applications open on their device along with the game, downloads or even the game, in general, can lag. 

How to Fix Genshin Impact Slow Download

  1. Pause and Resume Genshin Impact
  2. Check Background Tasks
  3. Restart Genshin Impact
  4. Check the Servers
  5. Reset your Network
  6. Restart the ComputerUse VPN
  7. Use VPN

1. Pause and Resume Genshin Impact

This is one of the easiest and simplest methods to try initially if your download process has been slowed down. You can pause the game or the download for a while. You can leave it for some time and then resume again. 

Most of the time, the download speed will automatically increase once you hit Resume. This method works best since it is considered to be the first thing you could do to resolve the issue. If this does not work, you can try the other methods mentioned below. 

2. Check Background Tasks

Background tasks or applications running might lead to a lag in the Genshin Impact and downloading its updates. This mainly happens due to the overload of the system and slows down all the tasks that you are trying to complete. 

Check Background Tasks

If you have too many system resources and other applications, you will have to make sure that you turn them off, especially if you are facing slow downloads. You can follow these steps to close the background tasks. 

  • To open the Task Manager, press on CTRL, Shift, and Esc keys on your keyboard. 
  • You can check tasks that are currently running in the Task Manager. 
  • Right-click on the task and click on End Task. 

You can check whether you can download Genshin Impact again or try resuming the download. While closing the running tasks from the Task Manager, the system can function at its normal pace due to less load. 

However, even after closing the background applications or tasks, the Genshin Impact download is still slow. You might want to check other settings and resolve the issue differently. 

3. Restart Genshin Impact

If you are unable to download the updates of Genshin Impact, you can resolve the issue by restarting the game. Sometimes, closing all background tasks and applications does not help. Due to this reason, restarting Genshin Impact might help. 

An additional benefit while restarting the game is that you will be able to download all the updates and other resources correctly. Depending on the device, there are several ways that you can restart the game. 

For iOS and Android devices, you will be able to exit the game through the app switcher. You can swipe up the game from the switcher and then again start the game by locating it from your home screen. 

For Windows, you can follow these steps.

  • Open the Task Manager by pressing CTLR, Alt, and Del keys on your keyboard. 
  • Locate Genshin Impact from the Processes menu. 
  • Hit End Task after right-clicking on it. 

You can then start the game afresh after exiting or closing it from the task manager. After you do this, you can download the updates again or resume the same. You check whether the process is still slow or not. 

4. Check the servers

The servers are responsible for Genshin Impact’s smooth functioning since it is an online game. In case you are having trouble downloading the game, it could also be because of the servers. 

If the servers are overloaded and not running, the downloading process can be slow. You can always use third-party applications to find out whether the servers are up and running. However, you can also wait for miHoYo, to fix the issue from their end in case the servers are offline. 

check the servers

5. Reset the Network

Using Genshin Impact or trying to download the same with an unstable network connection, the entire process could be slowed down. If you have tried the other methods mentioned above, you can check your network to ensure that it is not an internet problem. 

You can reset your network, either by rebooting or re-establishing the link with the ISP’s servers. If you have fixed the network, you can check if the problem persists by resuming the Genshin Impact download. 

6. Restart the computer

In case there are temporary problems that you are facing, you can restart your computer and check whether it persists after that. Sometimes, closing all the running tasks and checking the internet connection might not help as much. 

You might have already tried exiting and restarting the game as well. Hence, if that did not work out for you, you can try switching off your computer and restarting it. This will enable the system to start afresh, and resuming the process of downloading Genshin Impact might be much faster. 

7. Use VPN

There is a high possibility that there are interruptions in the connection if your download has slowed down. In this case, using a VPN might help you resolve the issue. It is necessary for you to download a VPN application but connecting it to a certain network is very easy. 

You can download any of the VPNs that are considered safe and secure to use. If you already have a VPN installed, then it is even easier for you. Most VPN applications provide paid plans. However, some allow you to connect to a free network. 

use VPN

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Once you have set up your VPN, you can choose a location that is offered by the application or any based on your choice. You can then try checking the pace of your Genshin impact download. 


Most PC users come across the issue concerning the Genshin impact download speed. However, PlayStation users also complain about the same. There could be several reasons why users across different platforms face this issue. 

A slow internet connection might disrupt downloading the game at full speed. Genshin impact servers can be down at certain points in time which can also be the reason for the slow downloading process. 

Hence, restarting the game or the system and also connecting to the right servers are the easiest fix to increase the pace of the downloads.