Try Some Cool And Funny Names For AirPods

Are you an Apple user, on the whole, an iPhone user then you already brought an Airpod to get some overwhelming sound into your ears?

People love to give a name for their pricey/ dream product. So today we will share awesome funny names for AirPods

Apple’s new AirPods are a fantastic set of wireless headphones that permit you to talk and listen on your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Mac, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device without having to be bothered about cables.

You may even customize them to perform exactly how you want them to. The first thing that should come to your brain is giving your AirPods a name.

Aside from the amusement value of naming my AirPods, there’s real expediency to naming them as well. Connecting the AirPods to your iPhone is time-saving to look up “(Your Name’s) AirPods”.

Naming your AirPods is a way to formulate them more personalized. Here are some of the best all-purpose names I could think of that pertain to anyone who owns these devices.

funny names for airpods

Apple provides the name by default, but you can alter it during setup and at any time using the linked device’s settings app.

When the AirPods have known a name, it became a little easier to pair and connect the right AirPods with other devices in the iPhone or any other device. So now I’m going to present some creative Airpod names.

While setting up the AirPods with iPhone or any Apple device will ask you to provide it with a name that helps us recognize the AirPods amid other Bluetooth devices.

By default, Apple suggests the name, but you can amend it while setting up as well as any time using the paired device’s settings app.

When the name was given to the AirPods it was a bit easier to match up and connect the right AirPods among other devices right in iPhone or any other device.

Try a little fun or unique as an alternative to the default name. If you’re the kind of person that loves to give names to things, here are some nickname ideas that you can use to add value to your AirPods. Roll down to see them all.

A funny nickname can be a discussion starter among coworkers. Want to discover your hilarious nickname? Listed down are the most amusing ideas that you can use.

Having a somewhat quirky or exceptional name for a non-living thing can also be advantageous. Here are some superior name ideas you can use to join your AirPods that vary depending on your interest.


 AirPods names:

  1. Your Mobile number
  2. Your Business Name or Number
  3. [Your Name] AirBuddies
  4. My AirPods
  5. Only (Your Name’s) Airpods
  6. Ear Sockets
  7. Top Quality Beats
  8. Sound On
  9. Audio Entertainment Medium (AEM)
  10. Your Email Address – so if you lose them, you can get them back
  11. My Pods
  12. Earpods
  13. Silent Tunes
  14. My Air Buds
  15. In-Ear Buddies
  16. Quality Control
  17.  Audio Pods

funny names for AirPods

Having an amusing name for your AirPods may only benefit you since others can’t see it except your nearby.

But if it makes your partner smile, then why not? Here are some big funny names you can use for AirPods.

  1. I Can’t Hear You
  2. Sound Extinguishers
  3. True Wireless
  4. The Airy Potters
  5. The One True Pod
  6. Wind Pods
  7. Galaxy Buds
  8. Right and Left Toe
  9. RIP My Ears
  10. I don’t cAIR Pods
  11. Where’d My Wires Go?
  12. Tampods
  13. I’m rich You’re poor
  14. The Anti Social Social Pods
  15. Juul Pods
  16. The Flex Machine
  17. I’m Sheeple and I Know It
  18. Britney SPEARS
  19. Put the Buying Date
  20. Thots’ Clout Pods
  21. No Nickname
  22. Unrecognizable Airpods
  23. I Steal Music
  24. Two Tiny DJs
  25. Tide Pods
  26. Real Flex Pods
  27. Tiny Hair Dryers
  28. Don’t Speak Broke Sorry
  29. Bust Down Podianna
  30. Babel Fishes
  31. Boom Boom
  32. Two Sound Extinguishers
  33. Not Your Airpods
  34. Apple’s Hearing Aids
  35. Allergic to Wires
  36. The Earwax Collector
  37. I’m Sorry What
  38. Clout Pods
  39. (Your Name’s) Air Buddies
  40. Sorry, What Did You Say?
  41. Hobipods

Cool AirPods names:

Cool Airpod Names look fashionable and amusing as well. Here is a set of the coolest names you can use for a new pair of AirPods.

  1. Aura Pod
  2. Big Pappas
  3. Chimney Pods
  4. Clout Pods
  5. Cool Dad Pods
  6. Creepy Pods
  7. David’s Tesla
  8. Dude, Imagine Having Wires
  9. Ear Boys
  10. Ear Safe Tide Pods
  11. FBI Surveillance
  12. Gods Pods
  13. Have You Seen My Wires
  14. Honey, Where Are My Airpods
  15. I Actually Just Cut The Wires
  16. I don’t Cair Pods
  17. Juul Pods
  18. Leave Me Alone Indicators
  19. Lil Bean Sprouts
  20. Lil Blow Dryers
  21. Mini Speakers
  22. Mr. Flex Pods
  23. MYPODZ
  24. Nah They Don’t Drop Out
  25. No Wire Gang
  26. Poke ‘Em Ins
  27. Salt and Pepper Pods
  28. The Ear Hears

Clever Airpod Names

  1. Hearing aids
  2. May the Airpods be with you
  3. I actually just cut the wires
  4. Spear Ear
  5. peas in an (air)pod
  6. I stole my mom’s air pods
  7. Can’t afford wires
  8. Bean Buds
  9. Jairpods 🌱
  10. Oppa
  11. Luke Podwalker
  12. Day6 Inear
  13. Gods pods
  14. I didn’t pay for these
  15. AiℝP๏ᖙs
  16. yeetpods
  17. Did yOu SaY SomeThIng?
  18. One-Punch Pods
  19. Charred Grill Pods
  20. Rich boy products
  21. Burger Pods
  22. I eat kids for dinner☻
  23. Âîrpøđš
  24. Never Fall Out
  25. Kimetsu no Yaiba
  26. Naruto NoiseBuds
  27. Party Pods
  28. Respect the flex Karen 🍂
  29. Listen Up
  30. RIP my ears eyyy 😈
  31. Rich boy check
  32. Coffee Beans
  33. Pod Cakes
  34. My second pair
  35. I don‘t cAir Pods
  36. Say it louder I can’t hear you
  37. Monsta X-Pods
  38. Ur mum
  39. The Return of the Podi
  40. Violet Evergarden Airpods
  41. I’m rich U poor
  42. Tiny hairdryers
  43. Sugar Pods
  44. Pod Nuts
  45. Turn It Up
  46. Track Me
  47. y’all broke PoDs 
  48. Tammy’s Pods
  49. Stone’s Sounds
  50. My Haikyuu Tunes
  51. Elons hearing-aids
  52. Imagine Being Broke
  53. Ear Safe Tide Pods
  54. I sense your broke-ness
  55. Jedipods
  56. ᴛᴀᴋᴇ ᴀ ᴡʜɪʟᴇ ᴏɴ ᴍʏ ᴀɪʀᴘᴏᴅ
  57. Helen Keller’s Hearing AIDS
  58. YOLO Pods
  59. thing one and thing two
  60. My tiny Toothbrushes
  61. Juul pods
  62. ShrekEars
  63. chips and salsa
  64. Smell like broken in here
  65. Kuroko’s Airpods
  66. Salt and Pepper Pods
  67. Vibe with Me
  68. Leave Me Alone Indicators
  69. Nacho air pods
  70. Wireless Wonder
  71. (Your name) Antibroke sticks
  72. Dadpods

Creative Airpod Names

  1. Amber’s Ears
  2. Burger Pod
  3. C3POds
  4. PeppaPods
  5. Princess Pod
  6. (name) Q-Tips
  7. Air Buds
  8. Noragami Buds
  9. Thanks, Daddy
  10. Pasta Pods
  11. things for my ears
  12. My Back-Up Pair
  13. (names) clout pods
  14. Gods Pods
  15. Food Pod
  16. Akame ga Airpods
  17. Vibe infusers
  18. Ear Eating
  19. Carol Baskin killed her husband
  20. TXT Pods
  21. Guckkasten
  22. Jung Woo Joo Pods
  23. Anti-social social pods
  24. Tiny ear cameras
  25. Hot Pocket Pods
  26. No, stringz attached podz
  27. SuperM Soundz
  28. Spongebob and Patrick
  29. Bro I can’t find my wires
  30. Beans
  31. Yodapods
  32. BrocPods
  33. (Your name)’s bean sprouts
  34. 5k Walking Club
  35. Hyukoh
  36. Aura Pod
  37. Jahpods
  38. ChimmyPod’s ^•^
  39. My TaMpOdS
  40. cLoUt pOdS🤠
  41. Podbacca
  42. Seventeen Songs
  43. Fresh Prince of Bel-AirPods
  44. Tiny hair dryers
  45. Listen, Linda
  46. Urotsukidopods
  47. Have you seen my wires
  48. Pete’s Pods
  49. I Steal Music
  50. Pod Fries
  51. Attack of the Pod Clones
  52. *Coughs* sorry allergic to wire
  53. “ WIRELESS “
  54. Tattoine Pods
  55. Hearingaids
  56. Chimney Pods

Anime AirPods names: 

The best anime series ever shown comprise such gems as Death Note, Attack on Titan, and the legendary Urotsukidōji.

Now you can simply name your AirPods after your favorite anime series, movie, or even character, and have “Goku’s pods” connected to your phone.

  1. Akame ga Airpods
  2. Assassination ClassPods
  3. Bebop Airpods
  4. Black Clover Pods
  5. Dr. Stone’s Sounds
  6. Dragon Pods Z
  7. Goku’s Pods
  8. Hunter X Airpod
  9. JoJo’s Bizarre Airpods
  10. Jujutsu Kaipods
  11. Kimetsu no Yaiba
  12. Kuroko’s Airpods
  13. My Haikyuu Tunes
  14. My Hero AcaPODia
  15. Naruto NoiseBuds
  16. Noragami Buds
  17. One Piece or two
  18. One-Punch Pods
  19. Overlord Pods
  20. Parasyte Podz
  21. Pod Geass
  22. Psycho-Pods
  23. Samurai Cham-pods
  24. Shippuden Sounds
  25. Shokugeki No Podza
  26. The Devil is a Pod-timer
  27. The Promised Podland
  28. The Seven Deadly Pods
  29. Tokyo Ghoul Pods
  30. Urotsukidopods
  31. Vinland Podz
  32. Violet Evergarden Airpods
Anime name

How do you name AirPods with Emojis?

Here is how you may name your Airpods with emojis. Follow these simple steps to do so;

  • Open the Settings menu on your iOS device, and select Bluetooth. 
  • Tap the AirPods listing. Click on AirPods Listing.
  • Select the name of the AirPods at the top. 
  • Enter your favorite name for the buds. Enter a new name.
  • Add emojis with the text
  • Tap Done.

How to modify the Name of Your AirPods on Any Device?

Your Apple AirPods are very easy to connect with other Apple devices. And with the help of that little button at the back of the case, it pairs with other non-Apple devices as well.

By default, the Apple AirPods name themselves as ‘ABC’s name AirPods’ in Apple Devices and just ‘AirPods’ on other devices.

But if you want to rename your AirPods, here are a few steps on how to modify the name of your AirPods on any device.

How to change the name of your AirPods on Windows PC

It’s an unusual mix but many people still stick to Windows PC for official work mostly if they’re in documentation work, while or else being in the Apple ecosystem. Here’s the way to rename your AirPods on a Windows PC.

  1. Open the Control Panel in the Start Menu and search Hardware and Sound.
  2. Click on Devices and Printers to see all the outer devices connected to your PC. Icons in this section might not exactly represent your device but only a clue what kind of device that is. 
  3. Search for your AirPods and right-click on the icon. It must be a headphone like an icon but might vary from system to system. Click on Properties on the right-click menu to go into the settings window for your AirPods.
  4. When you are in the properties menu, click on the Bluetooth tab. You’ll spot your AirPod’s name right on top of the window. Edit the name and save your changes. A little troubleshooting for those who don’t see the altered name effect, just disconnect and reconnect your AirPods from the Bluetooth menu and the changes will come out.

How to change the name of your AirPods on your iPhone?

Step 1

Start with the Bluetooth settings of your iPhone and look for your AirPods. Keep in mind to attach your AirPods to be able to rename them. Here you need to press on the info icon that reads ‘i’.

Step 2

After you click on the info icon, you’ll see the settings page of your AirPods. Here you can change other characteristics like tap functions as well. Tap on the tab which says ‘Name’.

Step 3

You’ll find the edit window. Just rename the AirPods and save it. Your work is done now.

iphone airpods

Random nickname generator for AirPods

Searching for cute usernames based on the name AirPods? You can find the random username generator (name maker) with the presets linked to AirPods. Here are some sites for your reference that provide nicknames for AirPods.

  • Nickfinder
  • Nickgram