Top 14 Free Music Download Apps For Android

What are the best free music download apps for android? If you’re a music enthusiast who enjoys listening to music, you can’t deny that mp3 music downloader applications are among the best Android apps accessible.

And when it comes to Android music downloader apps, there aren’t many people who don’t enjoy them. 

People enjoy looking for alternative music, downloading mp3 files, and listening to music either offline or online.

Previously, obtaining free mp3 songs from free mp3 streaming sites was a time-consuming process that required you to first download the music to your computer and then transfer the mp3 songs to your Android smartphone, tablet, or another device. 

Here are the top Free Music Download Apps for Android

  1. MP3 download player
  2. iTube Mp3 Music Download
  3. Free Music – Free song player
  4. Napster Music
  5. Omega MP3 Download free
  6. 4Share music
  7. Tunee music downloader
  8. Download MP3 music
  9. Hungama music
  10. Gaana
  11. JioSaavn
  12. Wynk music
  13. Spotify Music
  14. Google Play Music

What Are the Best Android Music Download Apps?

You may not have given it much thought, but music has now become an important commodity to all of us who appreciate sinking out all the sounds of our surroundings with spectacular melodies, and beats.

When you’re on the go and likely not near a Wi-Fi hotspot, you may choose not to play music and podcasts using your mobile data, which is why I’ve compiled this list of the best digital music apps for Android devices. 

When it comes to the best song-downloading apps for Android, my personal favorite is the Spotify Music app.

The music-downloading app provides free music downloads for Android, PC, Mac, and iOS devices. 

How to Get MP3s from Google Play Music on Your Android Phone?

Many people know Google Play Music as one of the greatest music players for Android, but few realize it is also one of the best music downloading apps for free music downloads on Android

However, it is only available as a premium mp3 audio downloader for Android. Even if you have a premium Google Play Music subscription, you favor listening to music on the internet rather than downloading it to your Android phone. 

You’ll need to do the following steps to download the music from your Google Play account/ app store:

  1. On your pc or Mac, go to
  2. Go to My Library, which will be in the left-hand bar.
  3. You will now be on the artist panel, however, you must first navigate to the Songs panel.
  4. Tap on the first song in your library, browse to the bottom and click on the last item on your list while holding Shift. By doing so, you’ll be able to choose the first and end song and all the music in between.
  5. You should notice a gray toolbar and 3 vertical dots at the upper right once you’ve selected everything.
  6. Choose to Add to Playlist > Choose New Playlist by clicking on the dots. Create a playlist and name it whatever you like. Now you may use your Android phone to launch the Google Music app.
  7. To open the menu, tap the headphone symbol in the upper left and select Playlists. When you see On Device instead of All Music in the Playlist heading, press on it to change it.  
  8. Browse for such a playlist you made earlier and choose it. Look for the pin icon and tap it; it should turn white, then gradually orange.
  9. Once the pin has becomes orange, the song is downloaded to your music library. You’ll be able to view the status of the music download while it’s going on.

If you wish to see the downloads, go to the Settings menu and select Download Queue.

Downloading through Wifi is a good idea because it will result in a very big phone bill at the end of the month.

That’s how you can get Google Play Music music on your Android phone. 

However, Google Play Music isn’t the only app for downloading music on Android. In reality, there is a slew of different free Android apps for downloading Mp3 music. You can download them from the google play store. 

The Best Music Downloader Apps for Android Phones to Download Free Music

There are numerous music-downloading apps for Android, some of which are also linked with the Android music player.

Some of the top Android applications for downloading mp3 music have in-app purchases, while others are completely free music downloaders.

 Check out these finest free mp3 music downloader applications for Android users to download free music if you’re looking for such fascinating Android apps. 

Using the finest mp3 music downloading applications for Android, you can now download practically any music for free on your Android devices.

1. Mp3 Download Player

MP3 Download Player is an Android songs app that helps users find the song they are searching for. It allows you to listen to and preview songs before downloading them to your Android device.

It is a simple-to-use music for-free download software that allows the user to search for songs by using a topic or artist as a query and then download mp3 files to your Android device with a single tap.

2. iTube Mp3 Music Download

iTube Mp3 Music Download is a free Android music downloader that allows you to download music for free quickly.

They allow you to get music from public domains on Android because they do not own any copyrights.

It, like many other top free music downloaders for Android, allows you to search for and download free music in two easy steps: search for mp3 and tap to download.

3. Free Music – Free Song Player

According to its creators, Free Music is the best music streaming and offline listening program. You may listen to and download any music tracks from SoundCloud using the Free Music app. 

There is no need to subscribe to this app, and the number of downloads is unlimited.

You can create playlists out of millions of tracks or listen to your favorite song, regardless of whether it’s rap, rock, or classical music.

Its music player has an intuitive and consumer-friendly interface with several settings such as repeat, mix, and fast-forward. 

Like most other music streaming apps, the app also supports background playback.

4. Napster Music 

Napster app interface Free Music Download Apps for Android

Rhapsody International’s Napster Music is an internet music service. Subscribing to their services grants you access to over 30 million tracks. It allows you to take advantage of a 30-day free trial before they begin billing you.

Napster Music is a user-friendly, ad-free audio software that allows users to download unlimited songs and playlists and listen to them offline whenever and wherever they choose.

You can also listen to the music collections of other people who share your musical tastes.

5. Omega MP3 Download Free 

Omega MP3 Downloader is a simple program with a minimal user interface for searching for music.

This free music-downloading program is simple because it allows users to search for songs by title or artist. After you’ve found your favorite, you can download mp3 files to your Android device with a simple tap.

It’s not simply a download manager; it’s designed exclusively for music downloads. Although it may not have all the songs in its inventory, it provides lightning-fast music downloads.

6. 4Shared Music

4Shared Music is a top-regarded Android music downloader app that allows you to search for your favorite mp3 music files, make mixes, add your preferred tracks to the playlists, and then download them to listen to music anytime you want.

You can use 4Shared to find and download your favorite track files to start listening to them immediately. It also allows you to listen to music and watch videos.

So, if you want to explore a range of possible files to download your favorite songs or simply use it as a file sharing and storage program, it comes down to your personal preference. 

7. Tunee Music Downloader

It is a free Android music download software. Smartphone users can get many forms of mp3 music for free from various sources.

Users can utilize the developed search box to find their favorite tunes by album, genre, artist, or name.

There is also a download option in the app. If you like a song and want to save it to your device for later, Tunee Music Downloader makes it simple to do so. The app’s user interface is simple and easy. There are also no hidden fees.

8. Download Mp3 Music

It is a safe and quick mp3 music downloader that lets you listen to and download any song for personal use.

It has hundreds of high-quality mp3 recordings and is billed as “one of the world’s largest mp3 music storage locations” by the company.

You can search for your favorite tracks by album, genre artist, or mood using the search box. With its powerful multithreaded mp3 downloading engine, you may easily download the tracks you want. 

9. Hungama Music

Hungama Music app interface

Hungama is another excellent mp3 downloader for Android that provides a large quantity of free mp3 downloads.

MP3 music from Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, and other regional Indian languages, are available in the app. 

It offers a massive collection of over 3.5 million songs freely available for download, making it one of the greatest apps for listening to and downloading mp3 best free music apps on Android.

Nevertheless, not all songs are available for free download; you must first sign up for a premium subscription, which is also free. 

Here’s a hint: Listen to a lot of music online; when you stream a song, you get extra credits, which you may use to receive a free premium subscription.

10. Gaana

Gaana music app interface

The Hindi word “Gaana” means “song” and references song tracks, mostly mp3 music. That is exactly what the Gaana music downloading program provides. Gaana is a popular Android music downloader. 

Gaana began as a free music streaming app, but then included an mp3 downloading feature that enables users to access mp3 music for free, bringing it to the list of Android music downloader applications.

It’s worth noting that utilizing this Android music downloader app to download mp3 songs is not completely free and requires a subscription. 

It’s worth a shot, given the large collection of mp3 songs accessible for free download and the ability to sync your playlists and music files across numerous devices.

I won’t recommend Gaana if you are a fan of English songs because it is an extremely highly rated mp3 downloader program for Hindi song fans.

11. JioSaavn 

Jio Saavn app interface

This music-downloading software for Android is likely already familiar to you. JioSaavn Music is a great music downloader program that allows you to stream and download high-quality music. It has around 30 million tracks in its library. 

You may get the best cinema music, ghazals, bhajans, pop, bhangra, remixes, and more to download.

Even though the free edition of the song downloader app has in-app advertisements, you’ll like the high-quality music this mp3 downloader software provides.

I’m keeping it on my list of available mp3 downloading applications for Android because of the foreign music it gives and the high quality of music it provides.

12. Wynk Music 

Wynk Music app interface

More good news for Indian music fans: I’ve found another great music downloader for Android that’s quickly becoming one of the top mp3 music downloader apps on the device.

On Android, the music downloader app gives you a month of free music downloads and allows you to download an infinite number of songs. 

Although Airtel customers receive a 6-month free subscription for mp3 downloads, non-Airtel customers must purchase a premium subscription.

This is one of the greatest Android apps for downloading free mp3 songs. One can hear and install music songs from a wide range of genres, including, Pop, Rock, Bollywood, Devotional, Bhangra, Emotional,  Party, and Old Romantic vintage music. 

13. Spotify Music

Spotify music app interface

Spotify is a well-known music app with millions of tracks from all over the world. You may find your favorite songs by searching for them by title, artist, album, playlist, or username of other users who have posted them.

You can even make a playlist and keep your favorite tracks in one place based on your preferences.

Spotify is available in two versions: free and premium. The free edition of the app includes third-party advertisements and does not provide an offline listening option.

The Spotify premium edition allows you to download an infinite number of songs and listen to them offline.

14. Google Play Music 

When you sync and stream audio files, you are technically obtaining them to listen to them.

Google Play Music might become your go-to app for downloading/purchasing songs and listening to them even when you’re not connected to the internet. 

Google Play Music can detect your mood and play the music appropriate for how you are feeling or what you want to hear. You can search for radio stations by genre, mood, decade, activity, and many other factors.

You may listen to them for free on Android, iOS, or the web later. You get accessibility to over 35 million on-demand songs, an ad-free music listening experience, and the ability to download songs to listen to when you aren’t connected to the internet when you subscribe. 

One of the finest material design UIs can be seen in Google Play Music. So, if you’re seeking a nice-looking Android music downloader, this app is for you.


You can’t deny that mp3 music downloading apps are among the top Android apps available if you’re a music lover who enjoys listening to music.

And when it comes to music downloading applications for Android, there aren’t many people who don’t like them. 

People like searching for alternative music, downloading mp3 files, and listening to music on their computers or mobile devices.

Obtaining free mp3 songs from free mp3 streaming sites was a time-consuming process that involved first downloading the music to your computer and then transferring the mp3 songs to your Android smartphone, tablet, or another device.

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