26 Best Free Audio Recording Software

You never know when you need to record an audio clip on your computer. You could be giving a voiceover to a video; Making a cover of your favorite music track; Producing the raw material for your podcast. You do not need a professional recording studio or expensive software to make the best audio-recorded clips on your computer.

There are several free options for you to consider if you are someone who wants to record and edit something on your computer. We made a chart containing a list of the best free audio recording software that the internet offers to you for no price. You can find it below in the following article.

Factors To Check Before You Download An Audio Recording Software

If you are looking to use the services of the audio recording tool, there are some factors that have to be taken into account. This will give you a better experience and also eliminates the need for another application that has the feature not available in the initial tool.

Ability to Import and Export several audio formats

The audio recording tool must be able to work with and save the recorded audio clips in a lot of formats. This can turn out to be very helpful when some websites or even editing tools do not support certain formats.

The higher the number of formats you are able to export the clip in, the better as it can be accessed through more tools for post-production work.

Options to adjust audio bitrate

The quality of an audio file is measured in bitrates (KBPS), just like a video resolution is calculated in pixels (P). When the audio you record is exported, it is ideal if the sound recording tool allows you to change the quality of the output.

This can give audio with different file sizes and different sound qualities. This can be helpful when there are limitations or requirements in where you are uploading or publishing the audio file.

Features to modify volume while recording

It is an added bonus if the application you use for recording allows you to make changes in the recorded audio. If it allows you to make small changes like adjusting the volume, clipping out unwanted parts and modifying more minor aspects of the audio file, it is a good application.

Good user reviews

Checking the user reviews about the product you are about to download is always a good idea. You will find both the best parts of the application and also the issues people have experienced while using it.

Choosing an application with high ratings should not go wrong. A sizeable section is allotted in the platform or website where you downloaded the audio recorder tool from.

Best Free Music Recording Software

These are some of the best music/audio recording software available on the digital market for free. Personally, we tried using some of these applications and they are very good.

  1. Xbox Game bar
  2. Free Cam
  3. DVDVideoSoft’s Free Screen Video Recorder
  4. GarageBand
  5. Avid Pro Tools FirstAudacity
  6. EaseUS RecExperts
  7. Ardour
  8. Zynewave Podium Free
  9. ShareX
  10. CamStudio
  11. Ezvid
  12. TinyTake
  13. OBS Studio
  14. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder
  15. Debut Video Capture
  16. Screencast-O-Matic
  17. iSpring Suite
  18. Camtasia
  19. Filmora Scrn
  20. Movavi Screen Recorder
  21. My Screen Recorder Pro
  22. FlashBack Express
  23. QuickTime Player
  24. Monosnap
  25. Jing
  26. VLC Media Player

The Finest Free Audio Recording Software For Windows And Other Operating Systems

Most of the applications that we have collected and listed below are tools that also record video along with the audio. We suggested such applications because you will have additional tools in these applications to save them as audio formats. The list given below is arranged in no particular order but the sequence in which we tested these software out, on different systems.

Xbox Game bar (Windows)

Xbox Game Bar overlay on a Windows PC

The Xbox game bar is not an application that has to be installed from the internet. This is a tool that comes with the Windows Operating System (OS). One of the many features of this tool is that it allows you to capture a video and picture of a window that is open on your computer. This is mostly used for capturing game highlights and gameplay.

The best part of this application is that it does not have to be downloaded and installed on your system, and can be brought up with the Windows + G keyboard hotkeys.

The only setback of this tool is that only a video can be recorded, with the included option of letting the user record their voice, by opening the Xbox game bar overlay and enabling the Microphone option.

Free Cam (Windows)

Free Cam interface menu window

Free Cam is an open-source video cum audio recorder utility. It allows users to record high-quality audio without any ads or time limitations. Several audio files can be exported out of this tool and uploaded directly into YouTube from your channel, which is an advantage. There are also new sound effects that can be included in the audio you recorded.

The only output format that this tool produces is the WMV format. This isn’t a huge disadvantage as this format can be used in several audio-related tools. You can definitely opt for this application if it fits your needs.

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DVDVideoSoft’s Free Screen Video Recorder (Windows)

DVDVideoSoft Free Screen Recorder tool bar

Several forums reported that the DVDVideoSoft Screen and Audio Recorder tool was highly helpful while recording Skype video calling sessions. We noticed that this free tool not only allows you to capture audio and video but also screenshots. The interface has unique modes for screen recording and video recording.

But you will be able to record sound only when a microphone is connected to the computer. Since we are prioritizing audio, audio clips will only be saved in the AVI format. Since it is a free tool, we can expect a lot of ads. If you can overlook this, you can be working with an excellent application.

GarageBand (Mac)

GarageBand is an iOS tool, that is popular for allowing users to play music with digital instruments. You can also record the voice and also add it to a playlist where you can edit it, add sound effects and add music, and save it in several formats. The best part of GarageBand is that it adjusts the recordings you make depending on a feminine or masculine vocal input.

If this is considered a setback, this application is available only for iOS, iPad OS, and macOS. There are other applications for other Operating Systems, with the same features as GarageBand. You can find them on application downloading platforms.

Avid Pro Tools (Windows & Mac)

Avid Pro Tools has the feature to stream the recorded audio to a lot of platforms. The interface is very simple with the drag and drop feature. You can mute or isolate a track from the recording. Users can work with over 20 unique plugins.

It is available for free only for a short period of time and then, you will buy a premium subscription. You can make monthly or upfront payments for yearly and monthly plans. If you are willing to spend a bit of money, this is a wonderful choice.

Audacity (Windows, Mac, Linux & BSD)

Audacity interface window

Audacity is one of the most popular, open-source sound recording tools that are available for download on the internet. It supports a lot of formats and even different bitrates (16, 24 and 32 bits).

You can gain more access to the elements of Audacity with the help of your keyboard also. A visual recreation of the sound frequency can be seen in the interface. Drag and drop make it easier for the users to work with this tool. Noise Reduction is a huge bonus for a free tool like this.

The only drawback for this is that it has a vintage interface. This makes it difficult for users with experience working with newer sound editing/recording applications. The interface is quite simple so there is not much difference.

EaseUS RecExperts (Mac)

EaseUS RecExperts is an application that is compatible only with the latest version of macOS, preferably version 10.10 or newer. It comes in a very small package while offering a lot of services like scheduled video and audio recording. Unlike other screen recording apps, this one lets you save them as GIF files. You don’t get a watermark with your recordings as an included bonus.

You can use a free trial of this application and if you find it suitable, you can purchase a monthly, yearly, business, and lifetime subscription to the application.

Ardour (Windows, macOS & Linux)

Ardour is a professional sound recording tool that can be accessed for free. Several plugins are available for this tool and the interface is very simple to work with. Users can work with multiple tracks at the same time. Mixing soundtracks is a highlighted feature of Ardour.

There are no disadvantages to using this application if you are okay with installing extra plugins and effects to be added with the audio you are editing. Also, there aren’t many instruments that you can adjust the recorded clip with. There is a free trial you can use before you purchase this software’s monthly or one-time subscription.

Zynewave Podium Free (Windows)

Zynewave Podium main menu window

Zynewave Podium is a free audio recording tool that is popular for recording zoom meeting sessions. The UI is quite simple to understand, even for a beginner. The best plugins that come with this tool are the sound gear and the Virtual Studio Technology, which are unique to very few free audio recording applications.

Unlike many sound applications, you can zoom into the soundwaves, which can turn out to be very helpful. Several users reported that this application gets regular software updates.

The absence of some additional features can convince you to choose another application. You can always download them from the same website where the application was downloaded from. You will need a Windows computer to run this tool. It is very outdated if you prefer working with modern tools.

ShareX (Windows)

ShareX window

If you are looking for ad-free tools to record video and audio, ShareX is a good software. This is open-source and comes with a lot of plugins. You can use keyboard hotkeys to work with this tool while recording minute aspects like a selected region or even freehand selection.

There are several export options, one of them being the feature to share the recordings through a URL of popular sharing tools.

A standard user should find this user interface confusing and this is recommended for professionals. Sound from applications is not as good as you want it to be. Only choose this tool if you are familiar with sound-related tools on your computer.

CamStudio (Windows)

CamStudio Recording window

CamStudio is a small, free tool that can be used to record the screen and also the audio in it. It has a very easy-to-use interface that is apt for users who have no forehand experience working with video and audio files. The output can be easily compressed without seeking the help of some third-party compression tool or website.

There could be some risks involved with this tool as it has been known to spread malware. There are other limitations like output incompatibility, lack of sync in the video and audio, and unavailability of effects and other transitional elements. We believe the risk of getting your system infected in exchange for a tool that gives your system viruses is not something you want.

Ezvid (Windows)

Ezvid application window

The website for Ezvid claims that their application is the “easiest screen recorder and video editor”. We tried using it and it is almost there. This application is sleek and quick. The output can be directly uploaded to YouTube and therefore, a lot of gaming users use this tool to record their streams and upload them directly to the media platform. If you wish, you can add music tracks to the video.

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There are some bugs that have to be fixed with this application, without which Ezvid would be on top of the charts. The emergence of reported crashes and inconveniences also makes this tool hard to work with.

TinyTake (Windows & Mac)

TinyTake is popular for its sharing features. It allows sharing recorded material in a large amount with the help of the cloud gallery, which can also be used for file storage.

This tool takes keyboard hotkeys one step ahead by allowing users to set their own keyboard shortcuts. If you wish to watch the videos on your handheld device, you can always view it as the video player works with mobiles and tablets also.

There is a very short trial period of 5 minutes if you wish to record videos. There is a monotonous output format (.MP4) and there are minimal editing elements on this tool.

OBS Studio (Windows, Linux & Mac)

OBS Studio main window with recording screen

OBS Studio or Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) Studio is very popular among the streaming community. You can not only record the video and audio but also stream them to popular platforms like Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and more.

In fact, people who are familiar with the functioning of the OBS Studio or any other broadcasting software should know that this tool is overqualified to just record video and audio.

There are no visual or audible watermarks on the output of this tool and your device storage is the limit for the recorder in this application. Emphasizing audio, this tool has a semi-advanced audio mixer that is still quite sufficient for users to make adjustments as they record their content.

If your device is not suited to run this application, you may face several complications and can experience random crashes. The interface is quite old and the configurations are very complicated.

It can take quite some time for the users to master it. We highly recommend this tool if you are looking to record a lengthy video or audio, this application is an excellent choice.

Apowersoft Free Screen Recording Software (Windows, macOS & Linux)

Apowersoft’s screen recorder can be your best tool if you wish to capture a demonstration of a digital element of your computer. The developers of this tool give you two options.

You can use the browser version or download the application and use it on your computer. You will get a small command bar to control the recording process. You can not only record full-resolution videos but also small portions of the screen.

It supports computer and audio recording and also, intakes sound from an inserted microphone.

The only disadvantage that this tool has is that it is small and takes more than the required resources to produce an output to compensate for the small package. It is a relatively smaller tool with lesser features than the ones previously mentioned.

Debut Video Capture (Windows)

Considering the Debut Video Capture tool for recording audio? It is a good tool as the scheduled recording feature has been a huge hit with the users. There aren’t many features that you can work with through this application and its outdated user interface.

If you only wish to record the screen, you can use the Debut Video capture tool. The beta applications can be downloaded from the website for testing if you wish.

Screencast-O-Matic (Windows, macOS & ChromeOS)

Screencast-o-Matic is a browser application that allows users to record an infinite number of video and audio clips. These clips can be edited and exported to the PC, uploaded to a website, or stored in a cloud storage unit online.

The free version of this tool does not have many features to work with. If you consider upgrading to a premium subscription, you get extra plugins.

If the premium subscription is not available, you will see a software watermark. Since we do not want a visual output and only the audio output, you can overlook this drawback and download it without further doubt.

iSpring Suite (Windows)

iSpring Suite extension in the MS Powerpoint window

iSpring Suite has an amazing tool to record two video sources at the same time if you have a Web camera. It allows users to record a voiceover clip to be placed on the video.

This can be recorded without having to record the screen or the web camera input. You can work with more than one video and audio track. There is no end to the clip you are allowed to record through this application.

If you can work with an interface that hasn’t got a lot of features, iSpring Suite is an excellent option. There are not many formats to work with on this application. There is a free trial available for this website and you should be able to work with it for 30 days, before having to purchase a subscription.

Camtasia (Windows & Mac)

Camtasia allows the users to work on the audio track, video file, and ever the movement of the pointer by letting them adjust them, individually. Each frame can be easily accessed and edited with this utility.

You can not only record the audio but add them as an overlay to your video. Camtasia has several copyright-free music tracks and audio effects that can be used along with your audio.

When you are done with the free trial of this software, you will have to get a really pricey subscription to use it more. If your file is large, the application can reportedly take a long time or even crash while rendering an output. Even though there are several tracks for you to work with, the interface makes it quite hard to work on it.

Filmora Scrn (Windows & Mac)

Filmora is popular for the video editor, WonderShare. The Filmora Scrn application that is developed by the same developers is becoming popular among those who wish to record their gameplay or any other part of their display. This tool offers more features for visual recording rather than capturing the audio output from the computer.

Though the interface looks modern, it is not easy to work with and lacks certain features that are offered by free tools. When this app is running, either in the background or foreground, there are chances of both the computer and the application being recorded to lag in performance or crash.

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Movavi Screen Recorder (Windows & Mac)

Movavi is well-known for its motion graphics templates and other animation transitions. The screen recorder tool developed by the same developers lets users record HD resolution videos and also record audio from the webcam & the computer source also. There are several compatible formats for editing and output. You can set a time for recording the screen or application window.

If you are using the trial version, you will only be able to record up to 5 minutes. A lot of application crashes have been reported by the users. If you wish to process the video or audio, you will have to use a third-party editor tool.

My Screen Recorder Pro (Windows)

My Screen Recorder Pro is a screen capturing tool that is famous for allowing the system to record video and audio from the system’s web camera, attached mobile screen, and the computer desktop.

WebM format files are supported by this tool and scheduling a recording session is available for use on your computer. The recording interface is completely hidden while the recording is in progress. This is recommended for users who need the application to get material for uploading to their websites.

There are very few options for editing before you get the output from your computer. This application has a free demo for a short period of time. Once the trial has ended, the subscription can be purchased for $129.95 from the website.

FlashBack Express (Windows)

The highlight of the FlashBack Express screen recorder is that if you have more than one monitor, all of them can be recorded at the same time. Customized watermarks can be inserted into the video and audio.

This application has access to YouTube and cloud storage, which makes it easier for it to be exported, that too in Mp4, GIF, WMV, AVI, and Flash player formats.

Only files in the FBR format can be imported to the application. Processes that are running in the Windows computer cannot be monitored through the computer. A one-time purchase can be purchased for $49 after a 30-day free demo.

QuickTime Player (macOS)

If you are a Mac user, you can use the QuickTime Player to record the screen on your Mac devices. It can also be used to convert the video you recorded into several different formats. It also acts as a tool for saving videos from a website. There are some features for editing the videos on your computer.

Only a few minutes of recording time is provided to the users. If we are looking to mainly record the system audio, you do not need this application as it does not support this feature.

Monosnap (macOS, Windows & ChromeOS)

When you use Monosnap, you will realize that you are working with an application without any compromising of the features. Computer sounds are clearly recorded through this application. There are several handy tools that can help with the easy navigation through the interface, on and off the record.

This application is not for you if mobile devices’ screen recording is also something you are looking for. There is no feature of editing the recorded output on your device, through the Monosnap application. As a new user, you get 30 days of free access to all the elements of the tool.

Jing (Windows & Mac)

The Jing screen recorder’s interface is quite easy to master as all the accessible elements of the application are very easy to work with. The crosshair capturing feature helps focus on the highlighted parts of the screen.

You can use the monitor for other purposes and access parts of it with the help of a tiny icon, that appears on the screen when a recording is in progress.

The only downside to the Jing tool is that it can only be used for 5 minutes before you have to start recording it again.

VLC Media Player (Windows & macOS)

VLC media player window

Every one of us is familiar with the VLC media player and we have used this tool to play music or stream offline videos. Not everyone knows that this software is also an excellent video and music recording tool for both Windows and macOS.

You will be able to capture the audio that is streaming on your device but not individually, like having an external microphone as hardware for recording audio and voices.

If you are looking to record screen audio, the VLC media player is a good choice as it is also a media streaming utility that is available for no cost.

These are some of the screen cum audio recording software that we tested and provided our honest opinions on. There are respective links to the sites where these applications can be checked out and downloaded. Happy Streaming!


What Is The Best Recording Software For Pc Free?

There are several great recording applications for your system like –
– Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder
– CamStudio Debut Video Capture
– Ezvid
– OBS Studio
– Screencast-O-Matic
– TinyTake
– iSpring Suite

What Is The Best Free Audio Recording Software For Windows 10?

If you are using a Windows 10 computer, you can use these applications –
– Camtasia
– DVDVideoSoft’s Free Screen Video Recorder
– Filmora Scrn
– FlashBack Express
– Free Cam
– GarageBand
– Monosnap
– Movavi Screen Recorder
– My Screen Recorder Pro
– QuickTime Player
– Xbox Game bar
Some of them are open-source software while the rest have premium subscriptions to be purchased for use. You can have a go at these premium applications with the free trials these websites provide.

Is Audacity The Best Free Software?

A lot of users reported that Audacity was an excellent tool for recording content on your computer screen. The interface of the application might seem a little rusty but the application itself has proven to be very effective while recording a video along with the synced audio track. There are also a number of features to edit the recordings that you made through this application. The best of all is that Audacity can be downloaded at no cost from the manufacturer’s website.

Is Audacity Really Free?

Yes, Audacity is a free screen and sound recording tool that is available for download in macOS, Windows, Linux, and BSD-based computers.