How to Forward Text Messages to Your Email

Text messages are the classic way to talk to people over a distance. In fact, modern texting applications like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, and more were based on text messaging. Texts used to be sent to a phone number. But now, the same phone number is used to register for messaging applications. 

Tech giant Apple Inc has also designed a messaging application, inspired by text messages. iMessage has been around for about ten years now. It is exclusively for iOS users. If you are a person with an iPhone, trying to figure out how things work, you are at the right site. If you are looking to know how iMessages, specifically, work, this article is for you.

How To Forward Text Messages To Your Email

Why does one need to forward their text messages to their email? Because email is way better than text messages. Email is faster to type in and offers more characters. Email is more organized and looks more professional.

Some phones may have a limit on how many messages can be received or sent before one has to delete them to receive and send further messages. Email is much more secure than text messages. It is pretty simple and a necessary procedure. This is more like backing up your texts to your email address.

Forwarding text messages to email

Text message forwarding is quite simple. There are a few ways to send your text messages to your email account. You can send them yourself one by one. Or you can use third-party software to do it for you. There are also different ways for every Operating System (OS). We’ll go with the popular ones; iOS and Android.

The most basic way to do this would be to copy and paste the message, you want to send, on an email compose window and then send it to the email address you want it to be sent to.

How to forward iMessages or text messages via email

The unique Apple operating system, iOS, provides users with the feature to share their texts to their email accounts. Thus, giving the users the feature to access their mail through another phone, Mac, iPad, or other iDevices.

How to Forward a Text Message to Email on iPhone

Android devices have plenty of applications developed to meet the needs of the users. This isn’t the same with iOS. iDevices do not have a lot of applications. You cannot expect to find apps that forward text messages for you.

So, you will, probably, have to do it yourself. There are two ways you can forward text messages to your email address. In one method, you have to send it from your messaging application to your inbox. And in the other method, you change the location where the message is received.

Forwarding messages from Messages to your Email Address inbox

  • Open the Messages app.
Forward Text Messages to Your Email
  • Navigate to the conversation thread, in which the message, you want to forward, belongs. Tap on the thread.
  • Locate the message you want to forward, and tap and hold the message.
  • A pop-up options bar appears on the lower part of the screen. And circles are displayed by the messages.
  •  Check the circles around the messages that you want to forward.
  • Touch the forward button. The forward button is an arrow turning right. The new MMS composition window opens, with the message to be forwarded already in the text box.
  • In the recipient box, enter the email address in which you want to receive the text messages that are sent to your contact number.

Finding the text you sent as mail on iPhones

If you are looking for the text-mail, you sent from your iPhone, you just have to log in to your email address and search for it. This should be the format of your search, when you are trying to locate the text you forwarded to email-


Let us assume that a person with the phone number, 666-577-1534 is provided cellular service by Verizon and has sent a text to their email from this number. When they search for that mail, it has to go


Sending messages to email using an Android device

The conversation, you want to send, can be forwarded to an email account with an android device. The UI of every android device permits the user to share text messaging to email accounts.                         

How to Forward a Text Message to Email on Android

There are many an app, to get this done for you, on android devices. But If you don’t feel like using the third-party app, you can send them, manually.  This is how you do it. 

  • Tap on the envelope or text bubble icon on your phone to open your default messaging app
The Messaging App for MIUI 12
  • Choose the conversation with the person, who sent you the texts that you want to forward.
  • Press and hold the message. A pop-up message, providing you with a number of options, appears.
Press and hold the message
  • Tap Forward. A compose message window opens.
Tap Forward
  • The message you have to tap forward is already typed in the blank space, where you usually type your message. Now, tap on the email address, to which you want to forward the text message.
Enter email address
  • Tap send button.

The message will be converted into an MMS before it is sent. You will require an internet service to send an MMS.

Both these processes involve the step ‘tap and hold‘. But it is, really, the difference in the devices and interfaces that matter. Either way, you get this done.

Using an iOS device to forward an iMessage to an Email

An iOS device (iPhone or iPad) has the default message application and the message application that you can download from the  AppStore, iMessage. The text message forwarding feature has to be set up by the user, on an iOS device. This is how you set up text forwarding in iDevices (iPhone or iPad) that can share and get texts.

  • Open the phone Settings, and in the list of options, find Messages.
  • In the Messages window, tap the Text Messages Forwarding menu.
  • You’ll see a list of all the devices connected with your Apple ID. Tap on the device you want to forward the message to. Select all the devices you wish to access the messages in.
  • Once you’re done, your iMessages can be accessed on devices other than your iPhone.

When these steps are done, you can get your iMessages on your Mac or iPad and also your iPhone.