Fortnite Rule 34: Codes Of Conduct Explained

Fortnite Rule 34 is one of the many unwritten Fortnite regulations that have been formed for the game’s players online. Users must follow these rules and guidelines and the usual community rules and guidelines, or their account will be banned.

Explained: Fortnite Rule 34 | Other Code Of Conduct Rules In Fortnite?

I’ll go over Fortnite rule 34 and all other unofficial regulations that players must follow. If you’re not sure what the Fortnite rules are, I’ve put them in this guide so you can stay informed and avoid getting reported.

What Is Fortnite Rule 34, And How Is It Related To The Game?

The Fortnite rule number 34 dictates that there is adult material related to the game circulating online. Rule number 34 appears to be allowed inside the Epic Games content guidelines and is not only related to Fortnite but also every other video game.

  • Rule 35 is connected to Fortnite Rule 34 in Fortnite. If you see rule 35, while Fortnite Rule 34 is not applicable, it will be shortly.
  • Fortnite’s unwritten rules are an unofficial set of principles that Fortnite squad members must follow to keep the game’s culture within the code of conduct of respectfully enjoying the game.
  • It’s critical to understand Fortnite’s primary regulations and what they imply so that you can stay inside the game’s parameters as a player. It will keep you from getting disqualified and penalized.
  • Fortnite Rule 34 applies to all games, not just Fortnite. As the internet has grown, it’s realistic to presume that all forms of content have previously been created. Anything you can think of has already been done on the internet.
  • This also indicates that pornographic content has already been developed around it if it exists. If there isn’t any explicit material on the site right now, it will be added following Rule 35.
  • Fortnite Rule 34 can be applied to a wide range of characters and storylines, regardless of how this adult entertainment’s themes are usually portrayed.
  • It doesn’t matter whether the themes of this adult content are traditionally viewed in an erotic light. Fortnite Rule 34 applies to a wide range of non-erotic personalities and subjects.
  • To summarize, yes, pornographic videos based on the setting and characters of Fortnite exist. If you’re a minor, I advise you to avoid looking into it right now. 
  • If you’re an adult, you can technically do whatever you want, but keep in mind that you won’t be able to undo what you’ve seen.
  • Much of this artwork is fan art done by Fortnite players, and none of it is endorsed by Epic Games, the game’s developer.

What If Someone Report You On Fortnite?

If you or any player violates Fortnite’s community guidelines or rules, Epic Games will action against your account. Epic Games will take action against your account depending on what you’ve done. If you have been reported breaking their rules, your account may be temporarily or permanently suspended.

  • If you break the rules in a competition, you may receive a temporary ban for 30 days. 
  • Each scenario will be different, and it will change depending on what you do.
  • If you’re a first-time offender, you might only get a warning if you’re flagged for something minor.
  • Permanent ban: If you have received numerous reports or have been detected cheating, you will be banned for an extended period. 
  • You’ll still be able to play other Epic Games like Kingdom Hearts 3 if you’re banned from Fortnite.

If you need assistance reporting another user, you may find step-by-step instructions here.

  • Click the menu icon in-game.
  • Select REPORTING/FEEDBACK from the drop-down menu.
  • Select REPORT PLAYER from the Feedback Type drop-down menu.
  • Choose why you’d like to report the player.
  • Choose the name of the player you want to report.
Choose the name of the player you want to report
  • To send the report, select ACCEPT from the SUBMIT tab.
  • Select SEND REPORT from the drop-down menu.

What Are The Fortnite Community Rules?

What Are The Fortnite Community Rules?

Apart from Fortnite Rule 34, general rules in the Fortnite rule book have been established to ensure proper and courteous behavior among Fortnite Battle Royale participants. Even though they are unwritten regulations, they are adhered to, and if they are not, participants will suffer the consequences.

Fortnite Rule Number 69

This rule number will appear throughout the tournament to remind participants to answer politely. The Fortnite Rule 69 can be found on a multitude of social media platforms in addition to the game.

Fortnite Rule Number 64

Users should be aware that there are other versions of Fortnite games available online, according to Rule 64. It’s feasible that we’re in a parallel universe to this one.

Fortnite Rule Number 63

According to this regulation, the characters in Fortnite have a gender-swap version of every male and female character. Fortnite characters may conduct a “Floss” celebration during the game. This dance has been banned at one English primary school because it is perceived as a celebration of mass murder in the game.

Another gamer may have created Blue Squire’s female counterpart and posted it publicly.

Fortnite Rule Number 37

Someone else may have had a worse experience than you, based on Fortnite Rule 37. This can happen if your Fortnite server connection drops and you lose a fight despite your best efforts due to a slow issue.

Fortnite Rule Number 33

As a result of this restriction, players are advised to refrain from providing offensive comments throughout a game. So that others are not hurt or offended by nasty remarks.

Fortnite Rule Number 32

Players must follow Fortnite rule 32, which states they must produce documentation to back up their claims if they want to brag about a big headshot or multiple kills in a single game. Evidence can be in a screenshot or a video of gameplay. It’s wiser not to say anything in the absence of proof.

Fortnite Rule Number 31

Players must be at least 13 years old to compete in competitive tournaments and invited matches. The implications for a player under the age of 13 were discovered during a competition.

Fortnite Rule Number 30

It is another rule like Fortnite Rule 34. The goal of this ban is to prevent women from playing online games. Because so many women play Fortnite, Rule 30 is not followed.

Fortnite Rule Number 24

It is up to each individual to determine whether or not to intervene. This might happen in the middle of a gunfight. Even if they are in full health compared to everyone else, no ill will should be directed at anyone who joins a shootout near the conclusion.

Fortnite Rule Number 23

The team must first approve all suggested activities due to this regulation. A decision to punish a player, play in a specific mode, or a specific location may be made here.

Fortnite Rule Number 13

Rule 13 in Fortnite advises players that whatever they say could become a meme, similar to rule 12.

Fortnite Rule Number 12

The game chat of Fortnite’s 12th rule is that whatever people say can be used against them. This is intended to urge gamers to breathe before making an in-game chat or verbal statement.

What Are The Fortnite’s Community Guidelines?

What Are The Fortnite’s Community Guidelines?

Aside from the unwritten rules like Fortnite Rule 34, the game has a set of community guidelines that players must follow to avoid suspension or permanent bans. The Fortnite Code of Conduct outlines how players should engage in-game to ensure each user’s safety and respect across the platform.

  • Personal Information And Data: You are not permitted to disclose the personal info of other users. It’s only possible to use display names. Also, refrain from sharing any users’ personal information.
  • Discrimination and intolerance: Discrimination and hatred towards others are not accepted.
  • Harassment and Bullying: During discussion, combat, and creation, you must show respect towards other players.
  • Impersonate: You are not allowed to impersonate another user. You can’t claim credit for something that was created by someone else.
  • Trolling and cheating: Play honestly and don’t advertise cheats or bugs.
  • Illegal Activities that are dangerous: You should avoid engaging in risky or unlawful activity. Gambling, drug use, and phishing are just a few examples.
  • Scams and Deceptive Practices: It is not acceptable to take advantage of other players or gamers.
  • Inappropriate Content: Avoid uploading unsuitable stuff that will make it difficult for them to have a good time.


Many portions of the internet have been ruled by Fortnite Rule 34. Fortnite is only one of the game’s many well-known victims. But what is Fortnite Rule 34, and where did it originate? After reading this in-depth look at Fortnite’s unwritten rules and community norms, I hope that you have a better grasp of Fortnite Rule 34 and the other unwritten rules and that you can continue to play without fear of getting banned.