Fortify Static Code Analyzer – Troubleshooting Configuring Log Files

You can configure the information that Fortify Static Code Analyzer writes to the log files by setting logging properties. You can configure the following log file settings:

· The location and name of the log file


· Log level


· Whether to overwrite the log files for each run of sourceanalyzer


Command-line option: -clobber-log

Understanding Log Levels

The log level you select gives you all log messages equal to and greater than it. The log levels in the following table are listed in order from least to greatest. For example, the default log level of INFO includes log messages with the following levels: INFO, WARN, ERROR, and FATAL. You can set the log level with the property in the <sca_install_dir>/Core/config/ file or on the command-line using the -D option.

Log Level Description
DEBUG Includes information that could be used by Micro Focus Fortify Customer Support or the development team to troubleshoot an issue
INFO Basic information about the translation or scan process
WARN Information about issues where the translation or scan did not stop, but might require your attention for accurate results
ERROR Information about an issue that might require attention
FATAL Information about an error that caused the translation or scan to abort

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