Fortify Static Code Analyzer – Troubleshooting Accessing Log Files

Accessing Log Files

By default, Fortify Static Code Analyzer creates two log files in the following location:

· On Windows: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Fortify\sca<version>\log

· On other platforms: $HOME/.fortify/sca<version>/log

where <version> is the version of Fortify Static Code Analyzer that you are using.

The following table describes the two log files.

Default File NameDescription
sca.logThe standard log provides a log of informational messages, warnings, and errors that occurred in the run of sourceanalyzer.
sca_FortifySupport.logThe Fortify Support log provides:

· The same log messages as the standard log file, but with additional details

· Additional detailed messages that are not included in the standard log file

This log file is only helpful to Micro Focus Fortify Customer Support or the development team to troubleshoot any possible issues.

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