Forms Designer ‘Output Conversion’ property work for Export To Text/Excel

In Forms Designer there is a Property named “Output Conversion”. When used it can change the display of data in the GUI (i.e. display just the date of a record instead of the full date/time). However, the parameter will not extend to exporting the data of the Service Manager record to Excel or Text.

This property is used by RAD subroutines that mask the display of data on an output field, or check and validate the entry of data into an input field. If specified, the routine is called at runtime to convert the contents of the field before it is displayed on the screen. This only works within the client and does not extend to the export of data feature.

Note that at the time of this writing Enhancement Request QCCR1E137853 exists within Development to look into extending the capabilities of this Property to the Export To Text/Excel feature

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