Flex Correlation

Flex Correlation

Flex is a cross platform framework for creating rich internet applications. LoadRunner can be used to record flash applications using flex protocol. There are various steps involved in correlating dynamic values generated in flex scripts.

Please follow the below process:

1. Open the script in VuGen in script view

2. Select the value that you think as dynamic (for example DSId)

3. Go to Generation Log tab

4. Search for the first occurrence of the dynamic value

5. Make sure that the dynamic value falls under Response Body

6. Press F3 to check for the next occurrence and make sure that it is under AMF Response XML

7. Check for the snapshot file detail in the previous “Add to Transaction” part and go to script view.

8. Search for the same snapshot file name in the script view and identify the function where it falls.

9. Go to the tree view

10. In the right column, select the response tab

11. Search for the dynamic string in the tree view

12. Identify the string and right click to select “Save value to parameter”

13. Give a XML source name

14. Navigate to the script view and you can find that Response Parameter value has been created for that function.

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