6 Fixes For Flash Not Working In Chrome Incognito Mode

Google Chrome’s incognito mode is quite a helpful tool. It helps you boost privacy and keep secure browsing. You can do almost anything that a typical Chrome tab supports. But, there are often some limits.

One such limit is when Flash Not Working In Chrome Incognito. It is a common issue in Incognito Mode. Mainly because you have to enable the plugin or extensions manually.

This guide helps you learn to fix the issue. You will also learn about Flash Player and its use in Google Chrome. Should you use it anymore? Let’s find out.

Flash Not Working In Chrome Incognito

Solutions Of Chrome Incognito Not Working With Flash

  1. Access The Website Settings
  2. Use HTML Over Flash Preference
  3. Update Your Flash Plugin
  4. Update To The Latest Chrome Version
  5. Try Reinstalling The Plugin
  6. Use A Different Web Browser

Fix In A Flash Not Working With Chrome Browser Incognito

1. Access The Website Settings

Secure Lock on Google Chrome to access Site Settings For Youtube

There’s a manual way for you to activate Flash Player and other options for the website. You still get the Secure Lock Icon when you open Google Chrome in Incognito. This icon ensures the best safety for your browsing experience. You can:

  • Click on it. It is located at the Address Bar, on the left side of the website name.
  • Upon left-clicking it, you will see the ‘Site Settings’ option. Access it.
  • If the Website uses or requires Flash support, you will have an option to toggle it.
  • Now, check if “Flash Not Working In Chrome Incognito” is fixed or not.

This is the best-known method to enable Flash player in Incognito mode. But remember that you will have to do it each time you visit a new website or relaunch the incognito mode.

2. Use HTML Over Flash Preference (Experimental Features)

Experimental Features in Google Chrome to activate Flash over HTML

You won’t find a solution for this issue even if you contact Adobe support. Adobe doesn’t officially support Flash Player anymore. Thus, they won’t help you with the issue. But where the support fails, the internet community thrives.

In other words, online users have found a way for you to fix the problem. If you follow these steps, you can enable Flash content on Google Incognito:

  • Close your Google Chrome and launch it usually. Don’t use the incognito mode.
  • You’re going to change some preferences. So, go to the Address Bar. Type the following: chrome://flags/#prefer-html-over-flash.
  • Once you hit enter, you will enter Chrome’s deep-rooted settings. Now, you will see a toggle for the ‘Prefer HTML Over Flash’ option. Toggle it off. Disable it or uncheck it.
  • Once done, relaunch Google Chrome.
  • Now, check if “Flash Not Working In Chrome Incognito” is fixed or not.

If you can’t find the option, you might have the latest Chrome version. There’s nothing you can do then.

3. Update Your Flash Plugin

List of components on the latest Google Chrome version

You can try and manually download the latest version of Flash Player. But, if you can’t find it, there’s another way to update the plugin:

  • Open your Google Chrome browser.
  • Go to the Address bar and type: chrome://components/
  • Hit enter.
  • Next, check on the list if you can find the Flash Player. If there is a component for it, click on ‘Check For Updates.’
  • If there is any latest version available, this method will download it.
  • Now, check if “Flash Not Working In Chrome Incognito” is fixed or not.

If you can’t find Flash Player on the list, you might not have it anymore. The latest Chrome version doesn’t need the Adobe Flash Player.

4. Update To The Latest Chrome Version

Google Chrome Settings and About information for checking the latest update

The latest Google Chrome version doesn’t need the Flash Player to work. This also applies to almost any latest web browser. Almost any Chromium web browser won’t support the Flash Player. So, if you want, you can check for updates.

Why update Google Chrome if it doesn’t support Flash? Because the latest integrations like HTML5 are compatible with Flash Player. In short, you will still be able to play and use Flash content.

To check for Google Chrome updates:

  • Launch your Google Chrome.
  • Go to the top-right corner and open the Menu Bar (click on the three dots). Select Settings from the list.
  • In the settings, find the ‘About’ at the left panel. There, you will find the info on the latest Chrome Version.
  • If the browser is not up to date, you can check for updates and download it.
  • Now, check if “Flash Not Working In Chrome Incognito” is fixed or not.

5. Try Reinstalling The Plugin

Adobe connect latest updates and installation home page

This is an unofficial solution, something many users find workable. You can download a plugin for Flash Player for unofficial web platforms. Remember, this will be at your risk. We are not responsible for anything you come across.

You can also try and download The Adobe Connect tool. It helps many users get compatibility for Flash Player on their web browser.

You can also access Google Chrome’s settings and disable hardware acceleration. For some reason, it tends to work for Flash player content. Now, check if “Flash Not Working In Chrome Incognito” is fixed or not.

6. Use A Different Web Browser

Internet explorer settings for security

This is not a fix but a suggestion. If you can’t make Flash Player work on Incognito mode, it is time to try a different browser. Now, check if “Flash Not Working In Chrome Incognito” is fixed or not.

There aren’t many web browsers available for you to use Flash Player on. If you genuinely want to access the older options, you can use Internet Explorer. You might find Flash Player working there.

There are a few other browsers like those, like Opera Mini. You can try and see if the Flash Player works there. If you genuinely want to, you can use an outdated computer and system. Download Flash there and use it. But as mentioned in the previous step, you won’t find it on the official websites anymore.

Conclusion – Flash not Working In Chrome Incognito

Now you know how to fix the “Flash Not Working In Chrome Incognito”. mode. As you can see, Adobe itself has discontinued supporting Flash Player. You can find the End Of Life certificate if you click here

The glorious days of Adobe Flash Player are over. But we’ve tried to bring you the best solutions we could find. So, go ahead and give these a try. If they help you fix the issue, we are glad. Otherwise, it is time to move on. 

FAQs – Fix Flash Not Working With Chrome Incognito Problem

Why Isn’t Google Chrome Supporting Flash Player Anymore?

Adobe Flash player was once an ace in the world of web browsers. But with the advent of HTML5, WebGL, and other similar platforms, it has lost its relevance. Flash Player didn’t evolve with time. Ergo, there was no need to keep supporting it. Not just Google Chrome, Adobe itself is not supporting the Flash Player.

Is Adobe Flash Player Useful For Anything?

There’s no need to use Adobe Flash Player anymore. The latest web browsers and apps come with self-sufficient additions and plugins. But, if you want to use older Flash Player games and videos, you will need it. That’s all Flash Player is suitable for. 

What Is Chrome Incognito Mode?

Chrome Incognito mode allows you to browse the internet without keeping records. It won’t store any cookies or appear in your history. Initially, it was a way to make web browsing private. It hasn’t worked that well in the field, but it is still valid. “Flash Not Working In Chrome Incognito”

Should You Use Flash Player In Chrome’s Incognito Window?

It all comes down to your requirements and preferences. If you have older websites that you want to browse, go ahead and use them. There are plug-ins and extensions available that will help you access Flash content. But, if you stay up to date, you might not need the flash player anymore.?