How to fix Windows Update Error 0x800705b4 on Windows 10

Microsoft is known for releasing constant updates for Microsoft products such as Windows 10 across all major versions that bring new features, security improvements, and bug fixes.

However, sometimes these updates aren’t stable and cause windows issues in the user’s system.

The error code 0x800705b4 is a hexadecimal data format error that occurs when the Windows update or Windows Defender Antivirus Service runs into a problem.

Why Windows 10 Error 0x800705b4 Occurs

Getting constant updates from Windows is essential for your system to protect against errors, crashes, and other attacks or problems.

Sometimes, these updates come with a bug of their own such as the 0x800705b4 error code, which can cause the system to fail or crash.

Some of the common reason for error 0x800705b4 are:

  • Hard disk errors, lost files due to operating system crashes, program conflicts, corrupted windows system files, any virus or malware attack.
  • Duplicate or invalid keys and subkeys in the Windows registry.
  • Incomplete or incorrectly installed updates.
  • Abnormal, incomplete, or incorrect system configuration settings and data values.

How to Fix 0x800705b4 Error Code in Windows 10

There are many ways to fix the Windows 10 error code 0x800705b4, but before we get into fixing this, you should back up your data to prevent any possible data loss.

Case 1: Windows Update Error 0x800705b4

If the message with the error code 0x800705b4 is related to the Windows update, then it is possible that the latest update of windows isn’t installed correctly or is faulty.

You might get a message specifying a problem with the update and the windows update error code 0x800705b4. 

Causes for Windows Update Error 0x800705b4

Some possible causes for the windows update to fail are:

  • You have not configured automatic updates or other update services.
  • The operating system failed to update.
  • The system is under a virus or malware attack.
  • There is an error in the registry files.
  • The system files stored in Windows are corrupted or damaged.

Steps To Fix Windows Update Error 0x800705b4 

The error code 0x800705b4 is critical and should not be ignored by Windows users. We have listed a few fixes which will help you resolve this error.

Fix 1: Run SFC Scan

A System File Checker (SFC) scan is a great way to start fixing this error. It enables users to find corrupt Windows files and repair them.

Step 1. Press the Windows key and search “cmd” in the Search box to find the command prompt. Press enter.

command prompt

Step 2. Open it as administrator. Right-click on the tab and choose “Run As Administrator.”

Step 3. In the Command Prompt window, type: sfc /scannow and press Enter.

Step 4. Wait for the SFC scan to complete and then close command prompt window. It will repair the system files, but sometimes you may receive an error message for Windows resource protection unable to operate.

Step 5. If all goes well, restart your system.

Fix 2: Update System to Latest Version

Sometimes Windows doesn’t install the latest update by itself even though the automatic update is turned on. You may need to change Windows update settings to fix the Windows 10 update error 0x800705b4.

Step 1. Simultaneously press Windows + I key together to open the Settings app.

Step 2. Navigate to the Update and Security setting and click on the Windows Update settings.

Check for update

Step 3. Click on the “Check for updates” button. 

Step 4. If there are no updates available, head to the “View update history” option to check for the available updates:

Step 5. Note the Windows Update version that is available in the system. The version code will be written at the end of the update in round brackets “(update_version).”

Step 6. Open Windows Update Catalog page that enlists a vast catalog of windows cumulative and significant updates for you to install manually.

Step 7. Search for the Windows update version that you noted in step 5 in the search bar.

Step 8. Choose the suitable update based on your system, x86 or x64, and click on the Download button.

Step 9. A pop-up menu will open with a link in it. Click on the link to begin the download successfully.

Step 10. Follow the instructions, if any, and allow the installation to complete.

Step 11. Restart the computer to apply the update.

Fix 3: Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Windows offers a Troubleshooter for windows updates to fix most of the update issues such as 0x800705b4.

Step 1. Simultaneously press Windows + I key together to open the Settings app.

Step 2. Navigate to the Update & Security option and go to the Troubleshoot tab.

Step 3. On the troubleshoot page, click on the Windows Update option. If you cannot find this option, click on Advanced troubleshooters and then click on Windows Update from the list.

Windows Update troubleshooter

Step 4. Click on the “Run the Troubleshooter” button.

Step 5. Wait for the windows update troubleshooting to complete.

Step 6. If the troubleshooter finds any issues with the updates, it will list the problems with their solution. Click on the “Apply this fix” option.

Step 7. Wait for the troubleshooter to complete fixing the Windows 10 update error 0x800705b4.

Step 8. Allow the troubleshooter to complete some additional steps and then close the window. Restart the PC to complete the fix.

Step 9. You can now try to reinstall the updates.

Fix 4: Uninstall Problematic Updates

You can manually uninstall the problematic update or corrupt files from the system to fix Windows update error 0x800705b4.

Step 1. Click the Windows key and type “control panel” in the search bar.

Step 2. In the Control Panel, navigate the “Programs and Features” option inside the “Programs” tab.

Step 3. Click on the “View installed updates” option on the left pane.

Uninstall update

Step 4. Right-click on recently installed Windows updates and select “Uninstall.”

Step 5. You will need admin privileges to Uninstall the update.

Step 6. Once the uninstallation completes, restart the PC.

Step 7. Now reinstall the Windows updates.

Fix 5: Perform System Restore

The system is the most efficient but slightly risky method to fix the Windows 10 update error 0x800705b4 as it will cause data loss if there is no System backup.

Skip this fix if you have never backed up your system or created a system restore point.

Steps to create a system restore point

Step 1. Click the Windows key and type “System Restore” in the search bar.

Step 2. Click on the “Create System Restore Point” option.

Step 3. In the System Properties box, click on the “Create…” button to create a system restore point.

Create system restore

Steps to system restore

Step 1. Click the Windows key and type “System Restore” in the search bar.

Step 2. Click on the “Create System Restore Point” option. 

Step 3. In the System Properties window, press the “System Restore” button to restore the system.

Step 4. In the System Restore window, choose “Recommended restore.” You can also click on “Choose a different restore point” if you have multiple restore points.

System restore

Step 5. Click finish once you confirm your restore point.

Step 6. Allow the system to restore and then restart the PC.

Case 2: Windows Defender 0x800705b4 error

Windows comes with a built-in one of the most potent Microsoft protection tools designed for real-time protection of the Windows systems.

Sometimes the Windows Defender service fails to start or faces some problems. It then generates an error message such as “Windows Defender couldn’t turn on real-time protection. This operation returned because the timeout period expired.” You can click on the “Help” button to know more about the problem.

Causes for Windows Defender Error 0x800705b4

There are many possible causes for the Windows Defender to fail. Some of the reasons are:

  • You installed programs from third-party antivirus software that aren’t compatible with the Windows Defender firewall and have caused conflicts between the two tools.
  • There are Windows system registry errors such as outdated drivers or missing or corrupted files.
  • The Windows update isn’t the latest, or the windows settings are lost.
  • A virus or other Malicious Software has infected your PC, and the Defender cannot turn it on.

Steps To Fix Error 0x800705b4 Due to Windows Defender

Having problematic Windows defender software is a considerable risk to your system as it becomes vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 

Thus, users must fix the error to bring their system back into a secure environment. Make sure to run a full system scan after fixing the error.

Fix 1: Edit Registry Using Registry Editor

Registry settings are crucial to the flawless execution of Windows Defender.

Step 1. Press the Windows + R key to open the run dialog box.

Step 2. Type “regedit” in the search box. Press enter.

Step 3. Click yes to the “Do you want to allow this all to make changes to your PC?” prompt of the User Account Control (UAC).

Step 4. Navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” and then click the left arrow. Navigate to the “Software” option.

Step 5. Click on the left arrow next to Software to go inside the Software list. Find “policies” and click on the left arrow to expand.

Step 6. In the policies folder, find “Microsoft” and click on the left arrow to expand. Click on the Windows Defender folder.

Step 7. Right-click in the blank space on the right pane and click on the DWORD (32-bit) value.

img 617dbee11d7e0

Step 8. In the value name, enter “Disable AntiSpyware,” and in the Value data, enter “0”.

Step 9. Click Ok and restart your computer.

Fix2: Disable Third-Party Antivirus Software

Windows Defender is a powerful real-time threat protection tool, and thus, it sometimes runs into conflict with other third-party antivirus or antimalware, or windows firewall tools.

Step 1. Press Windows + S key and type “Uninstall” in the search bar.

Step 2. Navigate to the “Add or remove programs” option.

Step 3. Find the third-party antivirus or windows firewall or malware software and click on it. Choose “Uninstall.”

img 617dbee2055e0

Step 4. Follow the on-screen instructions from the uninstall wizard to complete the uninstallation. Follow these steps to remove other third-party threat protection software.

Step 5. Restart the system once you finish the uninstallation process.

Error 0x800705b4 Not Fixed?

We hope that the above steps would have helped you fix the 0x800705b4 error code. However, if the error persists, here are some more fixes for you to try:

If any external storage devices or other devices are connected to the system, such as printers, webcams, USB flash drives, etc., unplug or disconnect them.

You can back up your data for future data recovery and install a new Windows 10 operating system.

How to Prevent Error 0x800705b4

Now that we have listed the fixes for you to apply and resolve the error in windows updates and windows defender, we will now provide some tips for you to follow that will help you prevent the error 0x800705b4.

1. Before allowing the system to read any external media, allow for the system scan to complete possible virus protection. Make sure Windows Defender “Real-time protection” feature is turned on.

2. Never switch off the system directly from the power source. Always shut it down properly.

3. Ensure that Windows is updated to the latest version.

4. If you have a computer, invest in buying a UPS to allow the proper shutdown of the system.


Microsoft products such as Windows 10 get updates from time to time for various security patches and fixing vulnerabilities. However, sometimes they might not be stable.

You must keep your windows updates and keep a regular system backup to allow data recovery. 

Errors such as 0x800705b4 error can be fixed easily with immediate and appropriate actions by following the above-given methods by using the options and tools provided by Windows

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix error code 0x800705b4?

The error 0x800705b4 occurs when the windows updates or windows defender runs into a problem.
If the error is due to faulty windows updates, then these methods will help:
1. Run SFC Scan by typing “sfc /scannow” in the command line.
2. Update Windows OS to Latest Version from the Windows Update settings window.
3. Troubleshoot windows update using Windows Update troubleshooter from the Settings app.
4. Uninstall Problematic Updates
5. Perform System Restore
If the error is due to Windows Defender, then these methods will help:
1. Edit system registry settings.
2. Uninstall third-party threat protection software.

How do I fix error 0x8024000b?

The error 0x8024000b occurs when the OS cannot access files that are needed to install Windows updates.
You can fix this by following methods:
1. Troubleshoot windows update using Windows update troubleshooter from the Settings app.
2. Reset the spupdsvc.exe file by typing “ren %systemroot%\System32\Spupsvc.exe Spupdsvc.old” in the Command prompt.
3. Delete Windows update cache from C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore.
4. Install updates manually.
5. Update Windows to the latest version.

How do I fix error code 0x801901a?

The error 0x801901a occurs for Yahoo mail users using the Microsoft products such as the Windows mail app. You can fix this error by the following methods:
1. Update Windows to the latest version and the Mail app from the Microsoft store.
2. Try removing and adding your Yahoo mail account.
3. Add your Yahoo mail using the “Other account POP, IMAP” option instead of the Yahoo! Option.
4. Create an app password by navigating to Account Information -> Account Security -> Generate App Password -> Other Apps -> click Generate.
5. Reset the windows mail app to its default settings.

How do I fix error 0x80248007?

The error code 0x80248007 occurs when the Windows update has missing files or cannot locate the Microsoft Software License Terms.
1. Start the Windows Installer service manually by typing “net start msiserver” in the command line. Run the command prompt as administrator.
2. Restart the windows update service by stopping the Services window and deleting the temporary update files from the Data Store folder. Now restart the service.
3. Navigate to the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore and C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder and delete the data from both of them. Restart your PC.
4. Update windows manually. 

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