How to Fix Roblox ‘Error Code -103’ on Xbox One

Gamers all over the world purchase gaming accounts for a variety of reasons. Some people may not be able to afford to spend endless hours grinding a single object. Others would choose to play with their friends in different parts of the world.

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) platform or service that enables users to create and build games for others. User-created genre games, such as racing games, action role-playing games, simulation games, and so on, are available on the platform. It was first released in 2006 and is compatible with Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Xbox One, Macintosh, and Fire OS. 

Roblox Error Code 103

However, some Xbox console players have begun to complain that they cannot participate in any Roblox games. Find out the steps on How to Fix Roblox Error Code 103 on Xbox One if you’re one of them.

To be more precise, Xbox users are receiving an error message that reads, “The Roblox game you are attempting to enter is currently unavailable (Error Code 103).” 

Although several users have stated that their Xbox account works perfectly on Windows, some have stated that it does not. As a result, having some sort of problem every time is very frustrating for a player.

What is Roblox Error Code 103 ?

A bug may cause roblox error 103 in your Google Chrome browser or a device issue. If you get the Roblox Error Code 103 when using Chrome, it means there’s a dispute between Chrome and the antivirus software on your computer. It can be used in one of the following formats:

‘Error 103 (net: ERR CONNECTION ABORTED): Unknown error’, ‘Error 103 err connection aborted’, or ‘Error 103 (net: ERR CONNECTION ABORTED): Unknown error’ are both examples of ‘Chrome error 103 connection aborted’.

If this is a machine error, it will be displayed in the following format: “The semaphore cannot be set again,” “ERROR TOO MANY SEM REQUESTS,” or “0x67.”

Methods To Fix Roblox Plus Error Code?

  • Creating a New Roblox account (without DOB restrictions)
  • Allowing ‘Content from other people’ on a Child account
  • Forwarding the Ports used by Roblox
  • Performing a Power Cycling Procedure
  • Reinstalling the Game

Method 1: Creating a New Roblox account (without DOB restrictions)

The most common cause of the Roblox Error Code 103 when launching Roblox from an Xbox One console is a date of the birth problem (Date of Birth). Xbox has a layer of privacy settings that can prevent child accounts from being accessed without the required permissions, as many affected users have stated.

Roblox Login Screen
  • Visit Roblox’s account development page from a computer or a mobile device.
  • While inside, go to the top-right corner of the screen and press the Sign-Up button.
  • Pick your birthday within the credential window, and make sure the year will put you over the age of 18. This will prevent the Xbox One’s extra security layer from being enabled.
  • Complete the remaining fields, then click the Sign-Up button to build an account. Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to validate your new account.
  • Return to your Xbox console and select Sign in as your Roblox account once the new account has been successfully established.
  • When you try to enter a world, the same Roblox Error Code 103 does no longer appear.

Method 2: Allowing ‘Content from other people’ on a Child account

Suppose you’re seeing the Roblox Error Code 103 for a Child account. In that case, it’s most likely that you see it because of a privacy setting that ends up blocking content generated by other group members. This is a mandatory function on Roblox when attempting to enter other worlds.

  • Sign in to your Parent account on your Xbox One console and choose My applications & games from the main dashboard menu.
  • Access the Settings menu from the My Apps and Games menu.
  • When you’re in the Settings menu, go to the Family tab and pick the Child account where the problem is occurring.
  • To begin editing the custom Privacy preferences, go to the Child account’s Settings menu and select the Custom template (under Privacy).
  • Then, navigate through the carousel privacy menu until you find the entry for See content created by others.
  • Adjust the status of the ‘See content created by others’ privacy policy to Allow and save the changes in the following menu.
  • To see if the problem has been fixed, restart your Xbox One console, sign in with your Child account, and repeat the behavior that was previously triggering the Roblox Error Code 103.

Method 3: Forwarding the Ports used by Roblox

Any game that relies on peer-to-peer data sharing utilizes specific ports that must be opened to play online. Most router models nowadays can take care of port forwarding by default, but if you’ve made any changes to your router in the past, the function that allows for an open NAT (Universal Plug and Play) might be disabled. So, depending on your router, you have two options for forwarding the Roblox ports:

  • To open your NAT, enable UPnP in your router’s settings.
  • You can manually forward the ports used by Roblox so that you can bind to other people’s worlds.

Method 4: Performing a Power Cycling Procedure

If none of the possible solutions mentioned above have helped you resolve the issue, it’s possible that the Roblox Error code 103 is caused by a temporary file corruption that’s currently stored in the temp folder.

Follow the steps mentioned below to perform a power cycling procedure on your Xbox One console:

  • To begin, make sure your console is entirely powered on and in idle mode.
  • After that, press and hold the Xbox button for about 15 seconds.
  • Please wait 1 minute after turning off your console completely before turning it back on. While you wait, detach the power cable from the outlet to which it is currently attached to ensure that capacitors are cleared fully.
  • After that, switch your console back on usually and wait for it to complete the next startup.
  • Once the console has restarted, open Roblox and try to enter a multiplayer game to see if the problem has been fixed.

Method 5: Reinstalling the Game

If none of the suggested solutions have helped, you’re most likely dealing with an inconsistency caused by a subpar installation. In most situations, this issue is identified when the console is forcibly shut down while the game is being installed (or a game update).

You should be able to resolve the problem by reinstalling the game in this situation. If the Roblox error code 103 is caused by a corrupted game data file, the steps below should help you resolve the issue.

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