10 Fixes For Fallout: New Vegas Crashing/Freezing In Windows

One of the most innovative first-person firing role-playing games is Fallout New Vegas. The majority of players consider it to be the best Fallout game. However, the game Fallout: New Vegas Crashing becomes problematic on the PC, and the port seems to be incorrect for specific users.

While playing, the Crash notice shows. Immediately after, the game crashes. While the name implies that the PC being used does not have adequate dedicated graphics card memory, this is not the case. Users with gaming PCs saw the error as well, even though they were not experiencing any problems.

Solutions To Fix Fallout New Vegas Crashing On Windows 10, 8, 7 Desktop

  1. Install Anti-Crash Mod To Fix Fallout New Vegas
  2. Update Drivers
  3. Run Fallout NW In Compatibility Mode
  4. Change Game Options
  5. Reinstall Game
  6. Fallout New Vegas Low FPS
  7. Verify The Integrity Of Your Game Cache
  8. Clean Your Registry
  9. Edit The Fallout.Ini File
  10. Perform A System Restore

1. Install Anti-Crash Mod To Fix Fallout New Vegas

Mods for video games can improve your gameplay experience. They include new gaming elements, high-definition textures, models, and even characters in the game.

Although the bulk of these mods provides new functionality, some were made to repair flaws and incompatibilities.

For this issue, there is a mod called New Vegas Anti Crash (NVAC). If you’ve had several crashes in the game and nothing appears to work, you can try this mod. You will require to install NVSE on the game to utilize this mod.

After that, go to the New Vegas Anti Crash mod page to download the mod and install it according to the developers’ instructions. Hopefully, this will resolve the crashing issues in Fallout New Vegas.

2. Update Drivers

Your device drivers haven’t been updated in a long time. It could be the cause of the frequent crashes in Fallout New Vegas on Windows.

When your device, such as your graphics card and chipset drivers, are updated. You’ll be able to avoid a slew of computer problems. Your favorite video games may get the blue screen of death faults or even crash.

You can use the Device Manager to try to update each of your devices. I recommend that you utilize a driver updater to save time.

Update The Device Driver.

  • Enter device manager in the taskbar’s search box, then pick Device Manager.
  • Choose a category to display device names, then right-click (or press and hold) the one you want to change.
Update The Device Driver.
  • Select Automatically search for new driver software.
  • Update Driver is the option to choose.
Select Automatically search for new driver software
  • If Windows cannot locate a new driver, go to the device manufacturer’s website and follow their instructions.

Reinstall The Device Driver If Necessary.

  • Enter device manager in the taskbar’s search box, then pick Device Manager.
  • Select Uninstall by right-clicking (or pressing and holding) the device’s name.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Windows will reinstall the driver.

3. Run Fallout NW In Compatibility Mode

Bethesda only gave one fix, which you may see on their help page. This solution entails enabling Fallout New Vegas’ compatibility mode.

  • Select the Fallout: New Vegas shortcut on your desktop and right-click it.
  • Select Properties from the menu that appears.
  • Move to the Compatibility option in the Properties.
  • Select the option to run this software in compatibility mode from the menu.
Run Fallout NW In Compatibility Mode
  • Finally, select Windows 7 from the drop-down option below.
  • To save your modifications and launch Fallout New Vegas, click Apply.
  • Hopefully, there will be fewer crashing issues while you are playing this time.

4. Change Game Options

You haven’t been able to resolve the game’s crashing difficulties. You can try changing various Fallout New Vegas settings.

Disabling some effects, decreasing the resolution, and using windowed mode. These are options for improving the game’s performance.

  • Open the Launcher for Fallout New Vegas.
  • Select “OPTIONS” from the drop-down menu.
  • Check the option for Windowed mode after you’ve arrived.
  • In the Screen Effects section, select None from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, click OK after decreasing your resolution.
  • Now begin the game to see if the crashing issues have been resolved.

5. Reinstall Game

When all other options have failed, this should be the last choice. In this scenario, you must uninstall the game from your computer.

  • Press the Start or Home button and type “control panel” into the search box to find the control panel. Now, from the list of options, choose Control Panel.
  • Select Uninstall an application from the Control Panel window.
  • You will now see a directory of programs installed on your computer.
  • Uninstall Fallout New Vegas by selecting it. It will uninstall the game from your computer.
  • You’ll need to enter Program Files and delete the game’s leftovers.
  • You can now reinstall the game through Steam once it has been deleted from your PC.

6. Fallout New Vegas Low FPS

You may experience performance lag if you are utilizing a low-end video device. Stuttering, poor FPS, and jerky frame rate are also present. Set the water multisampling setting to low if you have the same issue. It was discovered to destroy lower-end GPUs, and disabling it resulted in a substantial speed gain.

You can also use Game Booster to upgrade your gaming experience and address the Low FPS issue in Fallout New Vegas.

Run the Game Booster to fix your problem with Fallout New Vegas.

  • It improves the quality of the games.
  • Play the game more quickly than previously.
  • Optimize the PC for a more responsive gaming experience.
  • Improve your FPS rate.

7. Verify The Integrity Of Your Game Cache

If you’re having difficulties with their games, this is one of the first things you should do. When you check the integrity of your game files on Steam, it compares them to the master repository of the files.

It ensures that none of your game files are corrupted or missing. This procedure will attempt to replace any files that are missing or corrupted. It’s done through the Steam application, which we’ll explain to you how to use:

  • Sign in to your Steam account after starting the Steam application on your desktop.
  • Select Library. On the screen (left side), you’ll find a list of the games you possess.
  • Select Properties from the context menu that displays when you right-click on Fallout New Vegas.
  • Verify the integrity of game files. Go to the Local Files option and choose “Verify Integrity of Game Files.” You will now be brought to a window that displays the status of verifying your game files.
Go to the Local Files option and choose “Verify Integrity of Game Files.”
  • Close the window once the operation is finished. You should now receive a notification stating that your game files have been validated successfully.
game files have been validated successfully

8. Clean Your Registry

Crashing games can also be caused by problems with the Windows Registry. As a result, I strongly advise you to address any issues with your Registry. Check to see whether the game is still crashing.

The first step is to make a registry backup. It ensures that you can restore the registry if something goes wrong. To back up your registration, take these steps:

  • To open the Run dialogue box, use the Windows logo key + R on the keyboard.
  • In the search box, type regedit and hit Enter. The Registry Editor will be launched as a result of this action.
  • Now go to the File Menu and pick Export from the drop-down menu.
  • You must store the file in a secure location in the next window.
  • I do not advise users to make modifications to the Windows Registry manually. It may cause permanent damage to your operating system.
  • I recommend that you get CCleaner and install it. This utility will scan your registry for mistakes and correct them. It’s rapid and easy to use.

9. Edit The Fallout.Ini File

On the taskbar, click the File Explorer icon. Go to This PC, Documents, My Games, FalloutNV, and FALLOUT.ini.

  • Using Notepad, open Fallout.ini.
  • In this text, you must exercise extreme caution and avoid making unnecessary changes.
  • To open the Find box, use the Ctrl + F keys together. Press Enter after typing buseThreadeAI.
  • It will lead you to the relevant text entry. You should now see buseThreadeAI=0. Change buseThreadeAI=1 to buseThreadeAI=1.
  • Now type iNumHWThreads=2 and press Enter. Make sure to look at the case of the letters carefully. Save and close the document when you’re finished.

10. Perform A System Restore

System Restore is a utility for resolving issues with your operating system that have unknown origins. Some changes in system files and settings may be causing your game to crash. Your files and folders are unaffected by this procedure. You must have already created restore points in your system.

  • To find Recovery, press the Start or Home button and type it into the search box. From the list of options, choose Recovery.
Perform A System Restore
  • To open the System Restore panel, click Open System Restore in the Recovery dialogue box. To continue, click Next.
  • You will now see a list of restore points to which you can restore your system. Select a time before the crashes started in Fallout New Vegas and click Next.


Errors can occur as an outcome of an issue with your Windows PC. There is a possibility that the game will be halted. These are some faults people have encountered when playing the Fallout New Vegas game. I’ve compiled a list of methods to help you solve these issues so you can enjoy the game.