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10 Fixes For “Kernel Data Inpage Error 0x0000007a” in Windows

10 Fixes For "Kernel Data Inpage Error 0x0000007a" in Windows

What Does The Kernel Data Inpage Error Mean?

A corrupt or missing page of kernel data within a Windows page file causes the kernel data Inpage error, a Windows Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error code. If your computer receives this type of stop code, it will begin gathering diagnostic data. Also, it restarts and displays the error message again if the main problem persists.

BSOD error codes appear when systems are unable to cope with crippling hardware or software difficulties. The operating system of your device will essentially force stop, displaying the error message.

The stop code 0x0000007a is frequently associated with the kernel data Inpage error.

The Cause Of Kernel Data Inpage Errors

A variety of issues can cause “kernel Data Inpage error.” It comprises gear that has failed or is old, as well as virus or malware infections. There are loose or broken cables and connections and incorrect BIOS settings, among other things.

Its error message may be accompanied by specific codes that can be linked to a particular problem of computer:

Because of the severity of the kernel data Inpage fault, it can put your data and storage disc at risk far more than any other Blue Screen Of Death issue. Unfortunately, these errors are caused by problems that are not lost causes. Instead, they necessitate thorough troubleshooting and particular solutions for your gadget to resume typical performance.

When Does This Error Happen?

After rebooting a device from sleep mode, the majority of kernel data Inpage errors occur. The display of the error message indicates that your system cannot cope with the issue and will crash as a result. Kernel Data Inpage error isn’t to be taken lightly, especially as they can have a significant impact on your computer’s functionality.

Any BSOD problem has the potential to cause data loss. Any documents or files that were being used or updated at the time of the crash could be permanently lost or corrupted.

If your device displays this error message, you must troubleshoot and resolve any issues.


Make a backup of your data out of an abundance of caution. The kernel data Inpage error could be caused by various problems, some of which could end in losing all data on your hard drive.

Make copies of any important documents, images, or other things you can’t afford to lose, and put them on an SD card, USB drive, or cloud storage service.

Multiple Ways To Fix Kernel Data Inpage Error Windows 10/8/7

  1. Run Antivirus To Fix Kernel Data Inpage Error
  2. RAM Check with Memory Diagnostics Tool
  3. Fix 0x0000007a Kernel Data Inpage Error with System Log 
  4. Fix Kernel Data Inpage Error With Chkdsk
  5. Check Hardware Connections
  6. Update Device Drivers
  7. Uninstall Incompatible Software
  8. Run SFC and DISM scan
  9. Reboot Windows In Safe Mode
  10. Restore BIOS Settings to Default

1. Run Antivirus To Fix Kernel Data Inpage Error

File corruption and the Kernel Data Inpage error can also be caused by viruses or malware infection. You can use the Windows Defender tool. It’s a built-in antivirus program in Windows. It detects and removes any potential viruses or malware from your computer. 

A deep virus scan can also be performed using a third-party antivirus application. Kernel Data Inpage Error in MS Windows 10/8/7 may be fixed with this.

Windows Defender application may do virus and malware scans. Third-party antivirus software can usually perform more thorough checks on your PC.

2. RAM Check with Memory Diagnostics Tool

If the Kernel Data Inpage Error happens frequently. If executing CHKDSK in Windows 10/8/7 does not solve the error. You should check your computer’s RAM.

If it finds no problems, you may rest assured that Your computer’s RAM does not cause kernel Data Inpage Error.

However, if it detects faults, it suggests your computer’s RAM is faulty. Therefore, a new RAM module is required.

3. Fix 0x0000007a Kernel Data Inpage Error with System Log 

You can also use the Windows Event Viewer program to determine which device, application, or event is causing the Kernel Data Inpage Error.

4. Fix Kernel Data Inpage Error With Chkdsk

The CHKDSK application in Windows can check the integrity of a file system and scan for and correct different file system issues. For example, a faulty sector or file system problem causes the 0x0000007a error. On Windows 10, you can use the CHKDSK command line to fix the Kernel Data Inpage Error. Check out the steps in detail below.

When the procedure is complete, restart now and check if the error reappears.

Even after determining that your hard disc is in good working order, you may still encounter this error message.

5. Check Hardware Connections

Check and replace (if necessary) the IDE/SATA cables if you see a loose line or a hard disc issue code. Detaching, reattaching, or switching the RAM to another slot may also be beneficial. Then, after analyzing your computer, reboot it to determine whether the issue message remains.

If you hear any loud clicking noises, it could be a sign of a failing hard drive, which is one of the many reasons for the kernel data inpage problem. This option entails replacing the hard disc after backing up your data to a secure, off-site location.

This error message could be caused by hardware or peripheral devices. First, make sure your computer is turned off and that all hardware peripherals are plugged in. If your device does not crash after rebooting, reconnect each device one by one. If a specific device appears to be the source of the problem, unplug it or replace it.

If, after rebooting your device, the hardware doesn’t appear to be the source of the problem, rule out this possibility and proceed down the list.

6. Update Device Drivers

If you keep getting the Kernel Data Inpage Error, the issue could be with your drivers. Obsolete or corrupted drivers can cause this issue, so updating all of your drivers is recommended to resolve the problem.

To update your chipset drivers, go to the website of your motherboard’s manufacturer. For your motherboard, get the most recent chipset drivers. Check if the error persists after updating your chipset drivers.

Other drivers may be creating this issue, in which case you should update all of your PC’s drivers to resolve the problem. The problem should be settled once you’ve updated all of your drivers.

7. Uninstall Incompatible Software

The Kernel Data Inpage Error 0x0000007a may occur if some freshly installed software or third-party programs are incompatible with the PC. To check if the Kernel Data Inpage Error may be resolved, uninstall the suspect applications.

To find out which software is causing the Kernel Data Inpage Error, uninstall recently installed software one at a time.

8. Run SFC and DISM scan

The Kernel Data Inpage issue might be caused by file corruption, and you’ll need to run a few scans to fix it.

SFC scans are frequently sufficient to resolve file corruption issues. To run an SFC scan, go through the steps below:

If the problem persists after doing the SFC scan, I recommend running a DISM scan as well. Follow these steps to do so:

9. Reboot Windows In Safe Mode

Safe Mode in Windows is convenient for troubleshooting computer hardware and software issues. If none of the preceding solutions successfully resolve Kernel Data Inpage Error Windows 10/8/8.1/7, consider the following tips.

Using the Start menu, start Windows in Safe Mode:

Using MSConfig, start Windows in Safe Mode:

Using the F8 function key, start Windows in Safe Mode:

10. Restore BIOS Settings to Default

Kernel Data Inpage Error can also be caused by BIOS changes, misconfiguration, and improper settings. To see if BIOS settings are the source of the error, perform the following procedures to restore default BIOS settings:


Kernel Data Inpage Error is a BSOD error code caused by corrupt hard disc and RAM issues. When not appropriately resolved, it can result in severe data loss.

I hope the ten remedies presented in this post might assist you in resolving the Windows Blue Screen problem.

You will be able to fix the Kernel Data Inpage Error with the given remedies. If so share our page to fix Kernel Data Inpage faced by others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kernel_Data_Inpage_Error?

A kernel panic (abbreviated as KP) is a safety measure adopted by an operating system’s kernel. It detects a fatal internal error from which it cannot safely recover. Continuing to run the system will result in a higher chance of severe data loss.

Why does my computer keep getting a blue screen?

Problems with your computer’s hardware or issues with its hardware driver software are the most common causes of blue screens. For example, when Windows meets a “STOP Error,” a blue screen appears. Windows will crash and stop running as a result of this severe failure. At that moment, the only thing Windows can do is restart the computer.

What causes Kernel_Data_Inpage_Error?

If your Mac restarts unexpectedly, it’s because of a kernel panic. You’ll receive a notification stating that your machine restarted due to a problem. Faulty software is the most likely cause. Damaged or incompatible hardware, such as external devices connected to your Mac causes a kernel panic.

What does kernel error mean?

A BSOD (blue screen of death) error is Kernel Data Inpage Error. The requested page of kernel data from the paging file was not read into memory, as indicated by this bug check. In plain English, this means that Windows is having difficulty reading from memory.

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