10 Fixes For “iTunes won’t open” on Windows

iTunes is a media player that works on both Windows and Mac computers. It enables you to organize, play, and save your media files on your computer. It also allows you to sync your iOS devices with your computers, such as your iPhone or iPad. The software is generally stable. However, there are moments when it encounters problems and causes an “iTunes won’t open” error.

Why Isn’t iTunes Opening?

The iTunes software on your computer will not open. Many iTunes users have experienced the “iTunes won’t open” problem, and you are not alone. Some of the main reasons to fix “iTunes won’t open” are listed here.

  • One of the most common causes of iTunes not opening is incorrect iTunes installation. 
  • The problem occurs whenever the iTunes app is installed or reinstalled. For example, an incorrect installation or an old corrupted iTunes file causes the “iTunes not opening” error message.
  • Any antivirus or firewall may impose limits on the use of iTunes software.
  • The iTunes won’t open error can be caused by any peripheral device attached to your computers, such as Bluetooth or USB.

Methods To Fix iTunes Won’t Open. 

The measures to fix “iTunes won’t open” on your computer are listed below.

  1. Reboot Your Computer
  2. Delete iTunes Library
  3. Run iTunes As An Administrator
  4. Open iTunes(Safe Mode)
  5. Update iTunes On Device
  6. Disable Automatic Device Sync
  7. Reinstall iTunes On Your Device
  8. Use New User Account
  9. Disable iTunes From Startup Apps 
  10. Disable Links Opening In iTunes

Reboot Your Device

You could try restarting your computer to see if the problem with “iTunes won’t open on Windows 10″ is resolved. The updates for the Windows 10 operating system are frequently downloaded. 

You must restart your computer to apply these upgrades. However, the system will automatically configure the settings, including iTunes settings. 

iTunes will not open on your windows if you do not restart your PC after the upgrade. So, the logical option is just to restart your computer and iTunes application.

Delete iTunes Library

A faulty iTunes library file for the iTunes app on your computer may be preventing the app from successfully launching. You can fix “iTunes won’t open” by deleting the existing iTunes library files on your PC.

  • The procedure is only for Windows users. The iTunes music library files can be found at the following path:
    • C:\Users\(your PC name)\Music\ iTunes Library
Delete Existing iTunes Library
  • Right-click on the iTunes Music Library.xml and iTunes Library.itl files and select Delete.
Delete  iTunes Music Library.xml and iTunes Library.itl files
  • Launch the iTunes program after deleting the files. It will generate a new library file.

Run iTunes As an Administrator

You may want to run the iTunes program with administrative privileges. Then, it has access to all the data and functions it needs to run correctly.

  • Open the iTunes program with administrator access on a Windows PC.
  • Right-click and select “Run as administrator.”
Run as administrator
  • Before the app opens on your machine, you may need to enter your admin password/permission.
admin password/permission

Open iTunes (Safe Mode)

Safe Mode shields iTunes from any third-party external plug-ins that could cause it to malfunction.

To use iTunes in Safe, follow the steps below:

  • Open on Windows 10 while holding down Shift+Ctrl on the keyboard.
  • When you launch iTunes, you’ll get a message that says, “iTunes is running in Safe Mode.” visual plug-ins that you have installed have been temporarily disabled.”
iTunes in safe mode
  • If iTunes runs properly in Safe Mode, all you have to do now is uninstall all non-Apple third-party external plug-ins.
  • Relaunch the software commonly.
iTunes in safe mode

Update iTunes On Device

In most cases, iTunes will notify you when the latest version is there. However, to check manually for updates by following the instructions below:

  • To begin, launch iTunes.
  • Open the menu bar and select the Help option.
Check for Updates
  • Select Check for Updates.
  • If an update is available, a popup notification will appear. Then choose the Download iTunes option.
Download iTunes option q itunes
  • Make sure the box next to iTunes that says “Update” is checked. Then select “install 1 item” and accept If Windows prompts you for confirmation.
install 1 item
  • After that, click “Yes” to restart the computer and install the update when the application is finished.

Disable Automatic Device Sync

When you connect an iOS device to your computer and allow sync, iTunes launches. It’s simple to fix the problem; simply off the auto-sync feature, and you’re ready to go.

  • Open the iTunes app and select Edit, then Preferences from the top menu bar.
  • On the next screen, go to the Devices tab and check the option next to “Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically.”
Disable Automatic Device Sync
  • When you’re finished, click OK.
  • iTunes will not run when you connect your iOS devices to your computer since the automatic sync is disabled.

Reinstall iTunes On Your Device

The most time-consuming method of troubleshooting the “iTunes won’t open on Windows 10″ bug is to uninstall and reinstall iTunes. This strategy may be time-consuming and inconvenient, but it has a high success rate in solving the problem. To restore iTunes and operate it without any issues, carefully follow the procedures below:

  • Go to the Control Panel and then pick Programs. Now, “Programs and Features” from the drop-down menu.
Programs and Features
  • Select Uninstall a Program from the menu.
uninstall iTunes
  • Uninstall/repair iTunes and all of its related software on your computer now.
uninstall iTunes
  • Then, to avoid any problems, follow the on-screen instructions to delete all related software.
    • Apple Software Update
    • Apple mobile device support
    • Apple Application Support
    • Bonjour
    • iTunes
    • Quick time
delete all connected software
  • Finally, enter C drive and delete the following directories in the next order:
    • Boot camp
    • Bonjour
    • iPod
    • iTunes
delete the following directories

You can also empty the recycle bin before reinstalling iTunes software from Apple’s official website. Then go back to Apple’s official website to download iTunes again.

Use New User Account

On your computer, each user has their own set of options and setup. Because the program may be unable to adjust to your preferences, it will refuse to open. 

In this scenario, you can establish a new user account and test whether the app works in that account.

  • On Windows, go to the Control Panel. On Mac, go to System Preferences, 
  • Create a new user account. 
Create a new user account
  • Log in with the newly established account and check to see if the iTunes app launches. 
  • The new user account has no specific settings. However, it will most likely open.

Disable iTunes From Startup Apps 

If you have the iTunes app on your computer’s startup apps list, it will start up every time you turn it on. It’s because your laptop opens all of the apps on your startup list, and iTunes is one of them. So the best approach to avoid the problem is to delete the iTunes app from your app list.


  • Open Task Manager by simultaneously pressing ctrl+shift+esc.
  • Select the Startup tab from the drop-down menu. 
  • Find the app named iTunesHelper in the list of apps, click on it, and then click the Disable button.
Remove iTunes From Startup Apps


  • Go to System Preferences after clicking on the Apple logo. 
  • Pick Users & Groups, then click on your account in the left panel.
  • From the right panel, select Login Items and delete the iTunesHelper entry.

Disable Links Opening In iTunes

The iTunes software is frequently launched on your machine due to links you click on various websites. It’s because iTunes has been configured as the default link opener, and your browser is in charge of doing so.

  • Deactivate this link-opening behavior.
  • Go to your browser’s options panel and change the link settings.
  • No links cause iTunes to launch on your computer.
  • In most recent web browsers on your machine, this should be simple.


iTunes won’t open either a user-specific issue or a system-wide problem. It can be fixed at home without the need for expert assistance. You can choose the way that best matches your needs. I am sure one of these methods will fix the “iTunes won’t open” issue.

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