13 Best Ways To Fix High Ping In Online Games

If you are experiencing latency in your online game, you are most likely experiencing a high ping issue. The High Ping problem, also known as the Latency problem, causes various in-game issues. 

Problems such as Game Freezing, other online players disappearing/appearing, and so on may occur. Even if you have a fast internet connection, you may have excessive ping in online gaming. 

So, how to fix high ping in online games so you can play without lag? Ping can be reduced in online games in a variety of ways.

What is Ping?

The network latency between your gameplay server and gameplay device is called ping. It’s also referred to as lag. It all boils down to how much time your machine takes to send and receive signals from network servers. Ping is a term that refers to a delay in any signal. It is not restricted to networks. There are two types of ping: high and low.

You’re probably wondering what the terms “high ping” and “low ping” signify. Low ping occurs when the frame rate (fps) is around 20 ms or slightly higher. High ping is a frame rate of roughly 150 milliseconds or more. Regarding regular ping, the frame per second rate is between 75 and 100 ms.

Reasons Why your Ping is High: 

When the ping is excessive, there is a lag in the game. The high ping could be due to a variety of factors. The most important ones are listed below:

  1. Due to a slow internet connection.
  2. There is a conflict with a third-party antivirus program.
  3. Perhaps your router is too far away from your machine.
  4. It’s possible that the router type is to blame.
  5. Unnecessary gadgets are linked to a single Wifi network.
  6. Connection settings in Windows are incorrect.
  7. Graphics drivers that are out of date or defective.

Whatever the cause, the good news is that the problem can be resolved. Several workarounds can be used to resolve the high ping issue.

Solutions To Fix High Ping In Online Games

The following are simple but efficient methods for resolving why my ping is so high while playing online games on the desktop. You do not need to test all of them; instead, navigate your way down until you find the best solution for you. Without further ado, please read the following solutions:

  1. Use Ethernet Cable Instead Of WiFi to Improve Ping Speed
  2. Bring Your PC And Router Closer to Fix High Ping In Online Games (only for WiFi users)
  3. Close Websites & Programs Running in Background
  4. Limit The Number Of Devices Connected to WiFi
  5. Connect To Local Server in Online Games
  6. Stop Downloads on PC to Improve Ping Speed in Online Games
  7. Check Your Internet Speed
  8. Restart Your Router to Fix High Ping In Online Games
  9. Upgrade Your Router to Improve Ping Speed in Online Games
  10. Use VPN to Fix High Ping In Online Games
  11. Use Reduce Ping Software
  12. Whitelist Game In Antivirus/Firewall
  13. Optimize Game Graphics

1. Use Ethernet Cable Instead Of WiFi to Improve Ping Speed

ethernet cable image

Mostly every online gamer recommends connecting your computer to the Internet through Ethernet cable rather than WiFi. If you use WiFi to access the internet, this could be the cause of your high ping speed.

If you’re unsure how this works, let me describe it to you in a few words. Attach your router to your PC with an Ethernet connection that is long enough. Connect one end of the Ethernet wire to your router’s output port and the other to your PC’s Ethernet port. 

Laptops usually have a built-in Ethernet port, although computers may or may not have one. You will need to install an Ethernet Network Card in the CPU if you use Desktop and it does not have an input Ethernet port. 

Additionally, CPU cabinets have space for an Ethernet Network Card, so adding one should be simple. You may also need to install the Ethernet Network Card Driver on your computer; a CD containing the driver software is normally included with a new component. The ping speed will probably improve if you start utilizing Ethernet to connect to the internet.

2. Bring Your PC And Router Closer to Fix High Ping In Online Games (only for WiFi users)

This is a general suggestion for lowering ping in online games. And this only applies to WiFi users who cannot connect to the internet through an Ethernet cable. Bringing your PC and router closer together will significantly reduce your ping time.

This would not be a problem if you used a laptop. However, in the case of desktop computers, you may encounter certain difficulties. Also, remember that obstacles in the way of your PC and the router, such as walls and rooms, can significantly increase the game ping speed. So, when relocating your PC and router, consider all these considerations. 

Looking for the WiFi signal strength on the far right side of the Taskbar is one approach to see if you’re getting enough WiFi signal. It goes without saying that if the signal strength is poor, the ping speed will be high. 

As a result, it is recommended that you move your computer closer to the WiFi until you have a good signal from your WiFi. However, if a wall exists between your network and your PC, even a strong signal may be ineffective in lowering your ping speed in online gaming. To fix latency in online games, keep all the above principles in mind.

 3. Close Websites & Programs Running in Background

task manager interface

Closing all open websites in your browser and background processes can reduce ping speed in online games. Running websites and programs uses not only processing resources but also use internet bandwidth.

High RAM and processor utilization by programs other than the game will leave the game with less processor memory, increasing delay. Additionally, additional internet bandwidth programs will increase ping time during online gaming.

While online gaming, you can close any open apps or browsers you aren’t using. It would help if you also took care of non-essential apps running in the background. You may do this by going to Task Manager and closing them. Follow these steps to do so:

Step 1: Hold down the Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys simultaneously. The Task Manager will be launched as a result of this.

Step 2: Navigate to the Processes tab and search the list of unnecessary processes for application names. To close an unwanted process, select it one at a time and click the End Process option.

Note: Only terminate the processes of generic software that you are familiar with, such as Chrome, BitTorrent, and so on.

After you’ve shut down the software, check the Task Manager’s Performance tab to see if the CPU and Memory usage are low. 

 4. Limit The Number Of Devices Connected to WiFi

If your router has many devices connected to it, whether PCs, mobile devices, or other devices, the ping speed will be high. This is true even if you’re using an Ethernet cable to connect to your router.

With a larger number of devices connected, bandwidth distribution will be more evenly distributed, resulting in faster ping times for your PC.

So, how do you deal with high ping in an online game? You may always filter out gadgets linked to your computer that aren’t necessary. You will not need your mobile device when online gaming; therefore, it may be turned off.

Similarly, turn off all gadgets that aren’t in use right now. It is one of the most effective strategies to eliminate latency in online gaming by lowering ping speed.

 5. Connect To Local Server in Online Games

It is always a smart option to play online games on a local server. If you are in the United States and wish to play on a server in Europe, you will experience lag because the ping speed in Europe is much higher than in the United States.

To get the lowest ping speed, consider playing the online game on a local server or the server closest to your location. If playing an online game on a distant server is required, there is a solution for that as well. In such cases, a VPN can be used. More detail on this can be found in Method #10.

6. Stop Downloads on PC to Improve Ping Speed in Online Games

It suffices to say that downloading something on your PC will eat a significant portion of your internet bandwidth if not all of it. In this instance, the ping speed of the game will undoubtedly be high. As a result, while playing an online game, you must keep an eye on downloads.

Allow the download to finish if you’re downloading something crucial. Alternatively, suspend the download if it can wait. If you use either, keep an eye out for downloading software or torrent clients on your computer. Check if something is being uploaded or not while monitoring any active downloads in the Torrent client. 

Stop the uploading as well if this is the case. Check to see if anything is downloaded or uploaded on other connected devices. If that’s the case, you’ll also need to cease it if you want to enhance your ping speed in an online game.

7. Check Your Internet Speed 

internet speed graphic image

One of the most important elements that affect the ping speed of online gaming is your internet speed. It suffices to say that if your internet connection is slow, an online game will have a high ping speed, making your game lag. 

Check your internet speed if you haven’t done it already. Several online programs can help you with this, such as this connection speed test tool. If your internet connection is slower than usual, you should notify your Internet Service Provider and express dissatisfaction.

 In the meantime, try these techniques to boost internet speed in Windows 10. You can upgrade your internet plan to receive a faster internet speed if you have a basic internet package. With increased internet speed, slow ping speed in online games will almost certainly be resolved. 

8. Restart Your Router to Fix High Ping In Online Games

Restarting your router, as simple as it may seem, might sometimes help. If your Router has been on for an extended period, rebooting is always a good idea to reset the download speed and reduce ping in online gaming.

This isn’t going to be a short restart. Remove the router’s plugs, leave it unplugged for about half a minute, then plug it back in. Check to see if the restart fixed the excessive ping speed in the online game.

9. Upgrade Your Router to Improve Ping Speed in Online Games

 Routers have their bandwidth capacity, and, like all electronic devices, they become obsolete as technology advances. As a result, check to see if your router and internet connection are up-to-date.

Users’ routers were frequently outdated, resulting in poor internet bandwidth and excessive ping speeds in online games. If your router needs to be upgraded, you can contact your Internet Service Provider, who can provide you with information. It’s a simple procedure that will improve the internet’s quality while lowering ping in online games.

10. Use VPN to Fix High Ping In Online Games

VPN graphic image

Many people find that using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to repair high ping speeds in online gaming is a good solution. This is a solution for those living in a region with no online game server. It can also be useful if you don’t want to connect to a gaming server in your zone but rather one in another.

A person from a European country, for example, wants to play an online game, but the game server is not in his region. He’ll have to play from a different game server, perhaps in Europe, to accomplish this. 

If he connects to the server directly over his internet, there’s a big chance he’ll experience a big ping in online games, even if his internet speed is enough. To do so, the individual can use a VPN to connect to the internet from anywhere in Europe or even the rest of the world.

This also applies to people who live in a country with its server but want to play on another country’s server. Gamers worldwide use VPNs to play on numerous servers without the risk of experiencing excessive ping speeds. If the preceding parameters apply to you, you can also use a VPN to lower ping speed in online gaming.

11. Use Reduce Ping Software

If everything on your PC appears to be in order and there isn’t much you can do about high ping in online gaming, there is another option for you. Reduce ping speed with the software.

There is software that can help you reduce your ping rate and deliver a better overall gaming experience. There are both free and commercial ping reduction software options available. It’s possible that the free ones won’t perform as well as the premium ones. 

Paid ping software, of course, comes with a free trial version, so if you want to invest in one, make sure you try it out first. Haste and Kill Ping are two well-known brands in this industry.

12. Whitelist Game In Antivirus/Firewall 

If you have an antivirus program or a firewall, allow the online game to lower ping speed immediately. Let me explain if you’re not sure how this will help with high ping speeds in online gaming.

If you don’t allow the online game, the data transmission between your PC and the game server will be inspected by both your antivirus and firewall. As a result, the ping speed during games increases. Allowing online games allows data to pass through antivirus and firewall protection, lowering game ping speeds. 

Different antivirus software has different processes for allowing apps and games. As a result, I won’t be able to precisely tell you how to accomplish it. However, it is less difficult than you would think. You can allow your game by searching for it on Google or watching a tutorial on YouTube.

13. Optimize Game Graphics 

Everyone prefers to play games in high-definition visuals with a realistic gaming experience.  But what good are actual visuals if the game is laggy and preventing you from playing properly?

The ping speed of a game is mostly determined by its visual settings. It’s always a good idea to have your game graphics settings tuned to your PC’s specifications. Your ping speed may likely increase if you play the game with higher graphics settings than your PC can handle.

Use more of your PC’s resources when playing higher game graphics settings. 

If the game consumes most of your PC’s resources, the resources available to process data connection between your PC and the game server will be limited. As a result, the ping speed will increase.

Always maintain your game’s graphics settings optimally so you don’t use up all your computer’s resources. This can help you keep things running smoothly in online games by lowering the ping speed.


So, the remedies listed above were some of the simplest and most appropriate for resolving difficulties related to why my computer ping is so high. You can change the ping level with these alternatives in a few minutes. 

Execute the remedies until the issue with the high ping is fixed. For many online gamers, the high ping issue in online games is extremely aggravating.

While most people have this problem due to their internet connection, there are things you can do on your end with your PC to lower ping speed when playing online games. One of the strategies listed above will undoubtedly fix your excessive ping speed. 

However, if you are unhappy with your ping speed, you should contact your Internet Service Provider’s customer service and express your dissatisfaction.


Is 200 Ping Good?

In gaming, pings of less than 20 milliseconds are termed “low ping,” those of 50 to 100 milliseconds are regarded as “very good to average,” and those of 150 milliseconds or more are labeled “high ping.”

Is 100 Ms. Ping Good?

Most broadband connections have ping times of less than 100 milliseconds. In gaming, pings of less than 20 milliseconds are termed “low ping,” those of 50 to 100 milliseconds are regarded as “very good to average,” and those of 150 milliseconds or more are labeled “high ping.”

Why Is My Ping So High But My Internet Is Bad?

You may be experiencing high pings regularly because of a network issue. In the morning or at night, count the number of devices connected. At these times, other devices are most likely consuming the network. A huge number of devices overload your router, causing ping responses to growing.

How Much Does Ping Affect Gaming?

A ping rate of more than 150 milliseconds (ms) causes perceptible lag, which will impact gameplay, graphics, and the ability to stream viewable material to Twitch. Anything below that should suffice. A ping rate of fewer than 50 milliseconds is ideal for professional gamers.