Solution to fix Windows Update Error C0000034

Keeping your operating system up-to-date is an essential habit to maintain when it comes to computers and other electronic devices. The operating system of computers works efficiently when they are synchronized with the latest software.

Some of the several benefits one can enjoy by windows update are:- windows update fixes any prevalent bugs which make newer software incompatible, windows update firewall database to prevent any harmful malware from attacking your loved personal computer, increase the stability of the computer, brings more energy-efficient software.

When you are doing any update, there are possibilities of many known errors to occur; these errors could occur in many known and unknown circumstances. If any of the error occurs while performing the update, do not frighten-up or become worrisome. Here we provide solutions for one of the most standard errors that may arise “ Fatal error c0000034.” Here is some information about error c0000034 and its remedy. 

What are the root causes of the “Fatal error c0000034” in Windows 10 or any other OS?

This error usually occurs when you are updating your operating system and your system shutdown unexpectedly. Other possible reasons are frequent updates installations that come with every newer version of the service pack. Also, when updates get installed in any system, it requires several restarts, but sometimes restart ends up with the shutdown, causing partial installation and a fatal error c0000034. It is very important to fix the fatal error c0000034 applying update operation so the window can run smoothly.

Here are some ways to fix this Error C0000034

There are multiple ways to fix fatal error c0000034 applying update operation. Some of the remedies are given below.

  1. Clean up your Windows Registry
  2. Launch Startup Repair for windows 10.
  3. Make use of the Troubleshooter for Windows Update
  4. Refreshing the elements of your Windows Update

A step-by-step guide to performing the above corrective actions to fix Error C0000034

Clean up your Windows Registry

One of the primary and easiest ways to prevent this error is to clean up your system’s windows registry. It is seen in some of the cases that repetitive entries or invalid entries in the Windows registry may cause a fatal error c00000034 applying update operation. You can clean it manually, which is a tedious task to perform and requires lots of time and energy. The better way is to perform this task by using some software which is designed for this purpose only, some of them are mentioned below: 

  1. Iolo System Mechanic.
  2. Advanced SystemCare.
  3. CCleaner.
  4. SysTweak RegClean Pro.
  5. Auslogics Registry Cleaner.
  6. Wise Registry Cleaner.
  7. JetClean.

To perform it manually.

  • Go to search box in the taskbar, type Regedit on it. Then, select the top result that appeared for Registry Editor (Desktop app).
error c0000034
  •  Press or right-click the Start button, then select Run. Enter regedit in the new  Opened box and select enter.
img 617dd1cf18a9d

Once the registry window is open, do the following steps

I.  Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, then software, and delete as per the requirement.

img 617dd1cf425fc

Launch Startup Repair for Windows 10

Startup Repair is one of the many recovery tools in the System Recovery Options menu in window 10. It allows you to fix specific system errors/problems that might prevent Windows 10 from booting/loading successfully. This utility tool is designed to fix only issues to a certain extent, such as damaged or missing system files needed to load the operating system. Startup repair will fix error fatal c0000034 applying update operation.

  1. To start startup repair, begin by rebooting your computer. While it’s starting up, restart it again.
  2. You will see an error report will come on screen  and will be prompted to “Launch Startup Repair.” 
  3. If you do not get this program installed on your personal computer, use the Windows OS installation disc (window file). Boot from the CD or flash drive and continue the process from there.
  4. Once the Startup Repair starts to run, click the Cancel tab.
  5. When you click Cancel, a dialog box will pop up. Click Don’t Send and then click the hyperlink, which says, “View advanced options for recovery and support.”
  6. A new window will open up. At the bottom of that window, you will find the Command Prompt option.
  7. In the Command Prompt, copy or type the following command “%windir%system32notepad.exe” (no quotes) and hit Enter.
  8. By running this command in the command prompt, you will be able to open the Notepad file. In Notepad, go to File and click Open.
  9. Go to the list of files that Notepad can view and change it from .txt to All Files.
  10. In the file explorer, follow the following path: C:WindowsWinsxs (or replace “C” with the drive you have installed window OS).
  11. Inside the Winsxs folder, search for the “pending.xml” file and copy it.
  12. You need to paste the file in the same folder itself to make sure that you’d still have a safe copy if something happens to the original pending.xml file.
  13. Open the original pending.xml file. (it may take several minutes to open due to its humongous size.)
  • On your keyboard, type Ctrl +F (this will open the find tab) and search for the command “0000000000000000.cdf-ms” (only text, no quotes).
  • Delete the text below:


<DeleteFile path=”SystemRootWinSxSFileMaps_0000000000000000.cdf-ms”/>

<MoveFile source=”SystemRootWinSxSTempPendingRenamese56db1db48d4cb0199440000b01de419._0000000000000000.cdf-ms” destination=”SystemRootWinSxSFileMa_0000000000000000.cdf-ms”/>

  1. Save your file and close the Command Prompt.
  2. Restart your computer.

Most probably, the problem will be resolved. In case it doesn’t, then follow the given steps.

Make use of the  Windows Update Troubleshooter

There are many chances of technical errors that may affect the windows updates and software. If you encounter technical issues that may be affecting the OS, you can expeditiously troubleshoot them. There is an inbuilt program in the windows 10 made for this type of specific problems, this tool helps to troubleshoot any error, and the tool itself called as windows update troubleshooter. Use your Windows Update Troubleshooter to fix any update error or specifically the fatal error C0000034 applying update operation. 

Following are the steps to perform this action. 

Follow the path below:

First, go to settings of the window either from the start alternatively, you can 

Search on the search bar of windows 10, “Settings.”

img 617dd1cf7e163

Go to  Updates & Security and then Troubleshoot. Last is to go to Windows Update

img 617dd1d05dcdf

Click Run the Troubleshooter.

This will analyze your system software and show any errors that may prevent Windows from updating.

The program will diagnose the problem and provide a suitable solution automatically.

It is also recommended to update all your system drivers. For this, you need to check the websites of specific drivers or go to the computer’s parent company website for updates.

Refreshing the elements of your Windows Update

If none of the given methods resolved your issue of fatal error c0000034 applying update operation, then there is another method to fix the fatal error. Always create a backup point before applying any method given below. By doing this, you still have a chance to restore the file in case of mishappening or window corruption.

First, go to search or start and open Command Prompt. In the run window, type cmd

 Right-click on the command prompt to run it as an administrator.

Now enter below given commands below step by step and also make sure to smash “enter” after every command. Also, please wait until the previous command completes its execution.

  1. Enter the commands below. Ensure you hit Enter after every command and wait until each task is completed before you enter the next command.
  • “net stop cryptsvc” 

after this

  • “net stop bits”


  • “net stop appidsvc”

And finally

  • “net stop wuauserv”

Clean boot your computer

Many third-party app or programs may be interfering with your windows updates. The below solution would fix the problem.

  1. Go to the Search bar and write” System Configuration” and Enter.
  2. On the Services tab on top, go and select the “Hide all Microsoft services” check box and finally click Disable.
  1. On the Startup tab, click on Open Task Manager. Or press ctrl+shift+esc simultaneously.
  2. On the Startup tab in Task Manager, select all items, then click on Disable.
img 617dd1d181f6f
  1. Close the Task Manager and,
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Try to install the problematic updates again.

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