One aspect that can ruin your browsing experience is a set of error messages that can pop up when you are trying to visit a website in the Chrome browser. This article is about a similar error message – the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error.

What is the “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” message on my browser?

When you try to access a website through a browser, the browser requires access to an internet connection. If a steady connection between the browser and the internet is not firmly established, a network connection reset will take place and you’ll see the following message on your web browser window. 

Connection Reset error message in Google Chrome version 24

This site can’t be reached.

The connection was reset.


  • Checking the connection
  • Checking the proxy and the firewall
  • Running Windows Network Diagnostics



  • Check your internet connection
  • Check any cables and reboot any routers, modems, or other network devices you may be using.

Factors that can be responsible for the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error message

The connection reset issue is quite common and not dangerous in any way. It can happen in any browser, and not just Chrome. This error code is thrown at your screen for the following reasons – 

  1. Your network cables are loose/damaged or the LAN pin is not connected properly.
  2. A network proxy or a VPN is running.
  3. Your network DNS server address is blocking you from accessing the website.
  4. An antivirus program or the Windows Firewall is blocking the site from being opened through the active network.
  5. Network Adapters’ driver software is old and/or damaged. 

Steps to get rid of the “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” error in Google Chrome

There are a whopping 15 possible solutions to the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error in Google Chrome. Be careful while following these instructions as you might end up changing the network configuration and will have to start from scratch once again. 

  1. Check the network cables and your Router
  2. Update the Google Chrome browser
  3. Switch to a different DNS Server
  4. Reset the network settings configuration
  5. Reset the network IP Address
  6. Download Network Adapter driver updates
  7. Alter the network MTU
  8. Turn off the Proxy Settings
  9. Deactivate the AppEx Networks Accelerator
  10. Turn your WiFi Miniport off
  11. Disable the Antivirus and Windows Firewall temporarily
  12. Clear the Browsing Data in Google Chrome
  13. Use the Chrome Cleanup utility
  14. Troubleshoot your Network Connection
  15. Boot up the system in Safe Mode

Can the Fixes for ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Issue also Help with Discord Freezing?

Yes, the fixes for ERR_CONNECTION_RESET issue may also help to fix Discord freezing issue. You can try clearing your browser cache, resetting your network settings, or disabling your browser extensions to fix discord freezing issue.

How to solve the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET issue on your browser?

Check the network cables and your Router

A loose or damaged cable and an improperly connected router cannot provide good service. Check if the cable connections are tight and if the router is properly plugged in. Try resetting the router by poking the reset button with the help of a thin object. Contact your internet provider to see if they are having problems on their side. If they do, you will have to wait for them to resolve them. 

Update the Google Chrome browser

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser and click on the three-dot menu at the upper-right part of the window. 
  2. Click on the Help menu and choose About Google Chrome.
About Chrome page in the Google Chrome Settings window
  1. If you have a pending update, download it and then, click on the Relaunch button, when the download is complete. 

This will close the Chrome browser and reopen the recently downloaded version of the browser.

Switch to a different DNS Server

  1. Launch the Control Panel window and open the Network and Internet settings.
  2. Choose Network and Sharing Center and click on the Change Adapter Settings link from the left panel.
  3. Right-click the connected network and click on the Properties option in the context menu.
  4. Check the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) check box and click on the Properties button.
Internet Protocol Version 4 checkbox in the Network Properties window
  1. Open the General tab in the Internet Protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4) Properties dialog box. Here, you’ll find options to change the IP address and the DNS servers.
  2. Click on the Use the following DNS server address radio button and type this DNS server address in: (Preferred) & (Alternate)
IPV 4 properties window with Google DNS
  1. Click on the Ok and Close buttons when you finish.

Reset the network settings configuration

  1. Open the Command Prompt tool with System Administrator privileges. To do this, type in cmd in the search space and choose Run as Administrator from the search results.
  2. Execute the following commands in the respective order, one at a time. Press Enter to run a command.

Type the following command lines

  • netsh winsock reset
  • ipconfig /release
  • ipconfig /renew
  • reset ipconfig /flushdns
  • ipconfig /registerdns
  • netsh int ip reset ipconfig
  • netsh interface ipv4 reset
  • netsh interface ipv6 reset
  1. Quit the Command Prompt window and restart your computer to save the changes. 

This operation can take quite some time to complete. Do not interrupt it, under any conditions.

Reset the network IP Address

Every network has a unique IP address, that can be changed anytime. An incorrect IP address could be responsible for the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error in Chrome. Users can try switching their IP address with the help of a VPN-changing application. This will also help you access the website if it was blocked. There is one minor setback, where your location will be changed to a different place. 

Download Network Adapter driver updates

  1. Open the Quick Link menu (Windows + X) and select Device manager from this pop-up menu.
  2. Navigate to the Network Adapters section and click on it to expand it.
  3. Right-click on the Network Adapter device you want and select Properties from the context menu. This will launch the Network Adapter driver update wizard.
Update driver option for Network Adapter driver
  1. Select the Search automatically for drivers option to start scanning for available Network Adapter software updates.

Alter the network Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)

The maximum Transmission Unit is the measurement unit for the number of data packets that a device can accept when being connected to a network. They are measured in bytes. If the MTU is low, problems can arise regarding your network.

This is the procedure to increase it.

  1. Launch the Run tool with the help of your Quick Link menu or by pressing the Windows key plus X together.
  2. Execute the ncpa.cpl command in the Open space by pressing Enter or clicking on Ok. Check which connection is currently connecting your device to the internet. It has to be a wireless or an Ethernet connection.
  3. Now, open Command Prompt as the system administrator and run these commands, depending on the type of connection your device has. 
  4. Ethernet users, run this line:

netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface “Local Area Connection” mtu=1472 store=persistent

  1. Users with a Wi-Fi connection, this command is for you:

netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface “Wireless Network Connection” mtu=1472 store=persistent

  1. Restart your computer after this, to keep the changes you made.

Turn off the Proxy Settings

  1. Launch Chrome browser on your PC and type in chrome://settings/ to open the Settings window. You can also open the three-dots menu and select Settings. 
  2. Locate the System section and select Open proxy settings.
  3. Windows users have to choose LAN settings and uncheck Use proxy server for LAN. macOS users should uncheck the proxy protocols.
The LAN settings dialog box

Deactivate the AppEx Networks Accelerator

  1. Open the Run utility and execute the ncpa.cpl command.
  2. This will open the Network Connections window. Right-click on the active network and select Properties.
  3. Uncheck the AppEx Networks Accelerator checkbox and click on the OK button to save this.

Turn your WiFi Miniport off

  1. Run the Command Prompt script window as the computer admin, in order to make changes. 
  2. In this window, run these two commands:
  • netsh wlan stop hostednetwork
  • netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=disallow
  1. Then, quit Command Prompt and open the Network Connections window (ncpa.cpl command in the Run dialog box).
  2. Now, open the Properties window for the Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport. You simply have to double-click this option.
Ethernet Status dialog box
  1. Turn this network off by clicking on the Disable button.

Connect with the network again to see if this will fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error in your browser. 

Temporarily Disable the Antivirus and Windows Firewall

The antivirus software and the Windows Firewall filter every accessible content and verify if they are safe to view. This is because the internet is one of the biggest sources of malware. If the firewall suspects or detects malicious behavior, you are prevented from accessing the website or page for your own safety. You can turn off the antivirus from its shortcut in the task tray and the Firewall can be disabled through the windows settings. 

Clear the Browsing Data in Google Chrome

  1. Open the Chrome browser and bring down the three-dots menu on the top-right part of the browser window.
  2. Enter the Settings option and the Chrome Settings tab will open in your window.
  3. Navigate to the Privacy and Security section and click on the Clear Browsing Data option. 
Clear browsing data option in the Chrome Settings

Copying and pasting this line in the address bar and running it will also take you to this location: 


  1. Click on the Advanced tab in the clear browsing data dialog box and select Clear data
Advanced tab in the Clear Browsing data dialog box

Use the Chrome Cleanup utility

Google Chrome has an inbuilt tool for detecting malware and cleaning them up. If the mentioned issue is caused by malware in the Chrome files or by a pop-up on a site. The following steps can be used to run this tool on your system.

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your computer and type this in the address bar:


Cleanup tool in Google Chrome
  1. In the Clean up computer section, click on the Find button. The browser will start “checking for harmful software”.

This process will take a few minutes to complete. This will remove every popup and suspicious file from the Chrome browser. The Chrome Cleanup should be done regularly for a hindrance-free browsing experience. 

Troubleshoot your Network Connection

  1. Right-click on the network icon in the task tray or near it. This will open a little menu.
  2. Select Troubleshoot problems and the Network Adapter troubleshooter will appear.
Troubleshoot Problems option in the network icon pop-up menu
  1. Make the correct choices in this window and you will be given the fixes for the problem you are facing.

This is the easiest step to fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error on your computer. Once the troubleshooting is complete, it will fix the detected issue on its own. Sometimes you might have to take minimal steps to correct them. 

Boot up the system in Safe Mode

  1. Hold the Shift key on your keyboard and click on the Power button in the Start menu and choose Restart.   
  2. After the system reboots, it’ll take you to the Advanced Startup menu. Take this path: 

Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart.

  1. Press 5 or F5 to boot up your system with networking. This is important as an internet connection is required to open browsers and access websites through them. 
  2. Try opening the website and check if the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error in Chrome persists.

These are the procedures you can take to fix ERR_CONNECTION_RESET issue in the Chrome browser.