Fix: Amazon Account Locked Temporarily

Do you want to know how to quickly resolve the issue of your Amazon account is locked? Amazon, for example, is one of the principal online merchants, displaying its products to clients through an integrated website that functions as an e-commerce store where anyone can buy anything.

Amazon Account Locked

Amazon’s service is excellent, and it’s a terrific place to buy and sell items on its site. Some users, however, have reported that their Amazon account is locked on their website or app, preventing them from conducting business on the platform.

Today, we’ll teach you how to unlock your Amazon account and reclaim all of its capabilities using the identical script that walks you through the entire procedure, so make sure to read the whole article to get a real-time solution to your Amazon Account Locked issue.

Why are Amazon accounts locked?

Detection of False Information

Fake information submitted by people is one of the main reasons Amazon account is locked. This could be used to hide a phony identity, shipping address, billing address, or phone number to ship your products to other locations.

Use of Gift Cards in an Abnormally Excessive Manner

Many people try to buy enormous amounts of Amazon gift cards to get various discounts on their products against Amazon’s guidelines. They may temporarily suspend your account, especially if you are a new user of their site.

Amazon Gift Cards

Purchases with high returns

If someone continues to buy and return products, like in any other e-commerce business, the corporation will bear the losses, and the seller will be held liable. To protect themselves from scammers, Amazon forbids people who always return things in bulk.

Logins from many locations

Several people attempt to log in using a VPN service from different regions to obtain a price difference for their product. Because there’s a reasonable probability your account has been hacked and someone else is spending money from your bank, this allows Amazon’s security mechanisms to work on your behalf, locking out your services.

This is a violation of their Terms and Conditions policy

To continue utilizing Amazon’s services, users must adhere to a set of strict rules and regulations. Some individuals are unaware that Amazon tracks patents and copyrights and alerts vendors to any complaints using category-specific criteria.

If you make any mistakes, your account will be revoked, and you’ll have to work out a means to regain access.

How to contact Amazon to unlock your account

  • Log in to an active Amazon account. 
  • Once logged in, contact support via chat.
Chat with Amazon Support
  • Provide verification details when asked.
  • Ask for an account specialist and explain the situation.
  • The account specialist should be able to help you reinstate your account.

How to identify phishing attack so that you can prevent amazon account locked

  • Check to see whether you’re using the proper email address and password.
  • Make sure your password doesn’t have any additional spaces in it. When you copy and paste your password, this can happen.
  • If a Two-Step Verification code is required, make sure you enter the most current code you received; earlier codes will not work. See the Two-Step Verification FAQ for additional details.
  • Try logging in with a different browser or device, or clear your browser’s cookies and cache.
  • Check the Amazon password assistance website to see if the email address you’re using is one that Amazon has on file.
  • Use your new email address and password to log in to Seller Central.

How to handle your account after it’s unlocked

  • Directly upload your documents
  • Contact Amazon services via phone
  • Contact Amazon services via email
  • Use Public’s Forums like Social Media Pages of Amazon

Directly upload your documents

  • The obvious plan for any consumer is to disclose all relevant information in order to clear up any misunderstandings about their Amazon account.
  • To begin, look through your email for any recent order confirmations.
  • To access your account, locate the Amazon order link and click it.
  • The majority of the information that will bring you to the buy now page should be in the details.
  • Most likely, you’ll get a notification that says “Your Amazon account has been locked, and your order has been placed on hold.”
  • Find the “Add Documents” button by navigating through the website.
  • Upload all of your required documents and wait for the Amazon team to thoroughly review them.

Contact Amazon services via phone

  • Contacting Amazon by phone to find out why your account was locked and how to fix it is a better option to fix a blocked Amazon account.
  • If you are in the US, dial +1 (206)-266-2992 
  • Choose option 2 when the answering machine picks up your call.
  • When a team asks for your information, give them all of it.
  • Remember to specify your circumstances and how your account was suspended by mistake.
  • They should be able to either tell you how to fix the problem or fix it for you.

Contact Amazon services via email

Send email
  • Sending Amazon Customer Service an email is another way to get in touch with them and reinstate your account if it has been suspended.
  • Keep in mind that because this approach receives many emails every day, it may take weeks to fix your issue.
  • Open the menu on the Amazon homepage.
  • At the bottom of the list, select the customer service option.
  • Select the can’t sign in to my account link under your account area.
  • Send a message outlining your issue in detail.
  • Send the application to your official email address.
  • Within a few days, you will be contacted at the same email address that was used.

Use Public’s Forums like Social Media Pages of Amazon

  • Use public forums, such as Amazon’s social media pages.
  • This is the final option for connecting to Amazon using social media forums to resolve your Amazon account lockout.
  • All you have to do is go to one of the postings and leave a comment describing your problem, as well as your email address, which they can use to track you down later.

 This should only be used as a last resort because it can take a long time to resolve your issue. If this doesn’t work, you’ll have to start over with a new Amazon account because there’s nothing else you can do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when your Amazon account is locked?

When orders are placed in your account from several IP addresses, Amazon suspects that your account has been stolen or hacked, and your account may be frozen to verify that it belongs to you.

What happens if your Amazon account is frozen?

When your account is suspended because it is linked to another seller account that isn’t actively selling on Amazon, it means Amazon has identified that it is sharing information with a suspended storefront.

Will I be charged if my Amazon account has been locked?

Yes, even when your account is locked, your premier membership is not suspended; thus, you will continue to be charged.

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