17 Fixes For Amazon Firestick Won’t Turn On

When it comes to streaming content to your TV, the FireStick is quite simple to operate. One of the concerns people encounter when utilizing the Fire TV Stick is that it does not turn on.

When you try to turn on your Firestick, Firestick Won’t Turn On. You won’t always see this warning on the screen because there are times when the TV won’t show anything after you’ve hooked it in.

17 Best Ways To Fix Firestick Won't Turn On Issue In Amazon TV

A problem with your power adapter could cause the problem, or the power cord could be improperly plugged in. In such circumstances, the power cord or power adapter is to blame.

There’s also the possibility that the problem is caused by your TV, in which case you’ll need to conduct a hard reboot on your device.

Why Does My Amazon Fire TV Stick Not Turn On With TV?

  • Router Error Occurs

When it comes to your fire stick, a router is crucial. It has several internal settings about which you must be well-versed. If it doesn’t, the router isn’t functioning correctly., and Firestick Won’t Turn On.

  • Compatibility Issues Come

Sometimes, a compatibility issue prevents your Amazon Fire Stick from turning on. It’s important to remember that any device you’re using with a stick is installed correctly.

  • Broken physical connections

If this physical connection is destroyed somehow, your Firestick Won’t Turn On. You must complete all of the connections one by one. Physical connections that have been broken must be reinstalled.

  • Firestick remote damaged

If there is an issue with the Amazon Fire Stick Remote that causes issues, the remote is the most used device. Then you’ll want to acquire a new remote because you’ll be using it to issue many commands.

  • Due to black screen issues

Due to a lack of sufficient connectivity, the firestick black screen error can appear on your device and remain visible on your screen. In this case, some fire tv systems fail and stop working.

  • Poor Connection Request

High-speed internet is required to run any streaming device. If you have not taken a high-speed internet connection, your amazon fire tv won’t turn on properly.

  • Major Power Issues

Sometimes we are unable to see and understand things in a hurry. You have to keep in mind that you have to keep the power source running whenever you use a firestick. 

  • Using Damaged Power Adapter

The power adapter is a hardware device, but occasionally it gets internal problems. Replace it with a new power adapter, and check if Firestick Won’t Turn On is fixed.

  • Broken Physical Connections

There are many other reasons, and now you know how to overcome the problem of the fire stick won’t turning on at all and its proper steps.

How To Fix “Firestick Won’t Turn On”?

  1. Restart Router Or Modem
  2. Hard Reboot Fire TV
  3. Check Wi-fi Signals
  4. Problem With Physical Connection
  5. Check Power Adapter and HDMI Source and Ports 
  6. Check Faulty Power Button
  7. Check The Firestick Setup
  8. Faulty Motherboard
  9. Firestick Audio Issues External Speakers
  10. Check Loose Connection
  11. Use New Sockets
  12. Check Power Adapter, Cord, And Power Source
  13. Replace With Splitter
  14. Replace Batteries On Amazon Fire TV Remote
  15. Plug Fire Stick Directly Into Tv’s HDMI Ports
  16. Unplug Power Cord
  17. Firestick Remote Having Low Battery

1. Restart Router Or Modem

Restart Router Or Modem

Your router or modem isn’t working correctly, and as a result, your fire stick isn’t working correctly.

  • You must ensure that router or modem is compatible with the FireStick device.
  • Reset it like N, B, and G routers on 2.4 GHz and input the incorrect specification.
  • Disable the wifi connection.
  • After that, it must connect to your fire stick directly.
  • Now you must restart the first device as well as your router.
  • After the router completes its task of selecting an internet connection, your Fire Stick will begin to work normally.

2. Hard Reboot Fire TV

Hard Reboot will remove any cache files that the TV has stored, and you’ll be good to go.

  • First and foremost, make sure that the television is turned on.
  • Remove the TV from the wall outlet. After that, unplug the Firestick from the HDMI port on your television.
  • Press and hold the power button on the television for 30 to 40 seconds.
  • Connect the Firestick to the HDMI port once more, and then plug your TV into the outlet.
  • You can now turn on your television, being careful to select the correct HDMI input channel for your Firestick.

3. Check Wi-fi Signals

Check Wi-fi Signals

Restarting your phone can assist in reconnecting it to Wi-Fi and resolving any issues. It’s time to reboot your phone if it still won’t connect. In the Settings app, go to “General Management.” From the drop-down option, choose “Reset.”

If your Fire Stick doesn’t connect to wifi, it could be due to inadequate power interruptions, attachments, setup, or password failure.

  • Ensure your modem or router is compatible with the Fire Stick.
  • Your modem should be 2.4 GHz and BN < G.
  • Replace the modem or combine it with your internet service provider.
  • If the problem persists, utilize the network use function on the Firestick (go to settings, then click on the play/pause button).
  • The tool appears on the screen and performs a variety of checks. If any issues are discovered, they are displayed on the screen.

4. Problem With Physical Connection

With the remote, the Amazon Firestick will not turn on. You should opt for an HDMI cable hub due to the lack of physical connection. Because a low battery can cause connection issues, you should have your remote’s battery replaced if it isn’t getting enough power.

The physical connection should be tested regularly. When your TV can’t detect your firestick, you’ll get a physical collection error.

You’ll need to double-check that your Fire Stick is connected to the correct HDMI or port and that the connections are secure. Check if Firestick Won’t Turn On Issue is resolved or not.

5. Check Power Adapter and HDMI Source and Ports 

Check Power Adapter and HDMI Source and Ports 

If you want to connect the device to the TV, ensure the HDMI connection is turned on.

  • To do so, go to Settings > Display Entries > HDMI Connection. If it isn’t already, enable the HDMI connection.
  • You must ensure that your HDMI is correctly linked from both hands.
  • Demand that another HDMI cable be found.
  • Controls for changing the resolution.
  • An issue with HDMI Cable
  • Update your firmware.
  • The audio receiver supports HDR.

6. Check Faulty Power Button

Check Faulty Power Button

Your Fire Stick control is in good working order, but some buttons aren’t responding. You must take your remote to your nearest fire stick retailer and show it to the employee.

The fire stick experts will replace that button after the problem has been identified. You must switch on your fire stick and verify that the remote is compatible.

7. Check The Firestick Setup

The first step is to double-check the Firestick’s setup to ensure everything is working correctly. Although it may seem self-evident, an unresponsive device in one HDMI port on your TV may operate in another.

If you only have one port and are sure it works, try touching the connector and seeing what happens. You should also double-check that the gadget is turned on.

If it doesn’t have enough power, you’ll need to connect it to a wall outlet or power strip. To guarantee that the gadget receives enough power, use the original power adaptor.

While it may seem enticing to use a spare USB port on your TV as a power supply, USB connections rarely offer enough juice to keep the Firestick running. The device might not turn on at first, and if it does, random boot loops or restarts aren’t out of the question.

8. Faulty Motherboard

Faulty Motherboard

Although motherboard difficulties are uncommon with the Fire Stick, they do occur. A Fire Stick’s problem is most likely caused by overheating.

If you’ve determined that your Fire Stick’s motherboard is faulty, your only option is to replace it. You can also replace the motherboard, which requires sending your fire stick to a service center.

9. Firestick Audio Issues External Speakers

If your Firestick would not turn on, there is probably an audio issue with the device. You’ll need to look at the settings and then make the necessary changes, which are as follows:

If you believe your external speakers aren’t working with the Fire Stick, you’ll need to reset your audio settings to default. If the audio settings on your Fire Stick have been blocked or if it has been done automatically. 

  • To enable Dolby Digital Output, go to the settings option and select it.
  • If you believe your external speaker is functioning correctly, you can test it by connecting it to another device.
  • If you think it’s alright, you should replace your fire stick right away.
  • Check if Firestick Won’t Turn On Issue is resolved or not.

10. Check Loose Connection

Check Loose Connection

The Fire Stick will not switch on if the USB cable from the device is not ideally linked to the power outlet and there is a loose connection between wires. All of the connections are in place. 

You can have an Amazon expert come to your house to check for a faulty connection or a fire identifier. It is a lot easier to address the Amazon firestick 4k, not turning blunder. If you think it’s alright, you should replace your fire stick right away.

11. Use New Sockets

You’ll need a new socket to replace your existing USB port. It also prevents the firestick from overheating, and you’ll notice that your first stick begins to work again. Check if Firestick Won’t Turn On Issue is resolved or not.

12. Check Power Adapter, Cord, And Power Source

Your Firestick may not turn on due to a malfunctioning power adaptor. You can rule out any power adapter-related issues by double-checking that the power adapter is plugged incorrectly.

Ensure you’re using the original Power adapter which came with the Fire TV Stick rather than a third-party adapter.

13. Replace With Splitter

Replace With Splitter

If you have an older Firestick, it will not work with the new HDCP. If your firestick cannot communicate with other devices, you may need to purchase a new splitter; alternatively, you may use your original software and upgrade it.

14. Replace Batteries On Amazon Fire TV Remote

Replace Batteries On Amazon Fire TV Remote

The Fire Stick controller will malfunction due to a low battery issue. You can press the remote buttons all you want, but if the battery level on your Fire TV control is low, nothing will happen.

Unfortunately, some customers are unaware of this issue and incorrectly believe their Fire Stick gadget has entered a permanent sleep state.

Ensure your TV remote has enough battery power to fix your “Fire TV not turning on” problem. If the remote continues to be unresponsive, replace the batteries right away.

15. Plug Fire Stick Directly Into TV’s HDMI Ports

The Fire TV Stick comes with a bit of HDMI extender that fits your TV’s HDMI port. The Fire Stick is linked to the extender’s HDMI connection, which is connected to the power adapter.

If your Fire Stick won’t switch on, simply remove the extender and put the Fire Stick unit directly into the HDMI port on your TV. The extension can sometimes be a problematic link, which you can rule out by deleting it.

16. Unplug Power Cord

Allow your Fire TV Stick to cool down by disconnecting the power cord to fix the problem. Here’s how to unhook your Fire TV’s power cord correctly and fix the problem:

  • Remove the power adapter from the wall.
  • Disconnect the adapter’s cord.
  • Allow 30 seconds for cooling down.
  • Reconnect the adaptor and the cord.
  • Turn on your television as well as your Fire Stick.
  • Check if Firestick Won’t Turn On Issue is resolved or not.

17. Firestick Remote Having Low Battery

Low battery is a common cause of your remote not responding to the TV. Your firestick will also stop operating after a while due to this issue.

You may believe that the fire stick is broken, but always use the correct battery. If the battery in your remote is old, you can replace it with a new one, and your fire stick will begin to work correctly after some time.


If your “Firestick won’t turn on” problem persists, it’s critical to find a solution. To resolve this problem, follow all of the provided solutions. If the Amazon Firestick doesn’t switch on, you should also check for a connection.