Amazon Firestick Not Working: 11 Best Ways To Fix This Issue

Amazon Firestick Not Working

Amazon Fire TV Sticks are amazing, till the time they stop working. Are you facing the Firestick not working issue? That is where this blog about its troubleshooting guide will help you.

So, your Amazon Fire TV Stick is not functioning as it should be. Perhaps you have got buffering video, or maybe the remote has stopped working.

Possibly it is just not switching on at all. Thankfully, there are quite a few things you can try to get it working again.

Let’s take a look at what you should do when your Amazon Fire TV Stick stops working. In case you have no solutions, immediately call the service centre for repair.

Solutions For Amazon FireStick Not Working Issue

  1. Check Whether Your Fire TV Stick Is Set Up Properly
  2. Check Batteries Of Fire TV Stick Remote
  3. Try Restarting The Fire TV Stick
  4. Check Internet Connection
  5. Check For Updates On Your Amazon Fire TV Stick
  6. Reset All Fire TV Stick Apps
  7. Check HDMI Connections
  8. Check With Another TV Or Hdmi Port
  9. Clear Fire TV Stick Cache
  10. Check Fire TV Stick Device Compatibility
  11. Watch Out For VPN Issues

Fire TV Stick Not Working? Fix Firestick Won’t Work Issues

1. Check Whether Your Amazon Fire TV Stick Is Set Up Properly

Amazon Firestick TV connection on the backside of the TV

Firstly, please ensure that you have set up your Fire TV Stick properly. It may sound usual, yet cables can easily work their way and lose over time. If the device seems to be completely unresponsive, try a different HDMI port of your TV too.

Moreover, you should ensure that your Stick is powered properly. It must be connected to a wall outlet or power strip. And, you must use the original (Amazon) power adapter if you still have it.

Try to not use one of the TV’s spare USB ports for power. Although, it could be tempting to have one less cable at the back of your TV. They do not always give enough output juice to keep a Fire TV Stick working in a reliable manner.

Even if it does work properly some of the time, random restarts or even boot loops are favorable. See if this solves your firestick not working error. 

If the wires are connected well and the connections do not have any issues, you must look for other issues. Possibly some other issue is causing the remote non-working issue.

2. Check Batteries Of Fire TV Stick Remote

Amazon Firestick TV Remote

It sounds simple! But sometimes it does not strike the mind. Your Amazon Fire TV Stick might be perfectly fine.

It is just that your remote is not responding because of the dead batteries. If it has been a long while since you replaced the batteries, try a fresh set of batteries just to be sure. You do not get an alert about the battery.

So you can get such surprises at any hour of the day. Also, if you use it all the time, the batteries run down faster than you may think. Thus, you should keep an extra set of batteries at home for late-night events.

3. Try restarting the Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is created to be left plugged in and connected at all times. But, you can resolve many problems with the occasional restart. It includes connection issues or failed updates.

There are three different yet effective methods to restart an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

  • Visit the Settings > My Fire TV > Restart. And, then confirm when asked. It is the best option because it will close down all the software well just before restarting.
  • If the Fire TV Stick freezes and you are unable to navigate through the menus to get to Settings. Hold down the Select button and Play/Pause buttons of your remote for almost five seconds or so. This should start an instant reboot without a confirmation screen.
  • If neither of the above works, the final option is to pull the plug from the power supply board. Remove and reattach the power supply to begin a forceful reboot.
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Please note: Do not do this when your device is updating. It can interrupt the update process which can cause issues in Fire TV Stick functioning.

If it does not work, try checking your internet connection. Most of the time Amazon firestick not working issue is due to a poor internet connection.

4. Check Internet Connection For All DEvices

Network connectivity graphic

When you have got a usual sluggish performance, buffering video. Or, if the primary interface is not loading at all. Your internet connection could be at fault. Most of the time the problem is with the smart product. But in reality, most of the time the major cause remains the internet connection.

To check if it is an issue with the product or the internet. Follow these steps:

  • Open Settings, and then tap the Network button.
  • Check that if you have got a Wi-Fi connection. If yes, you can check the signal strength here. If it is poor then you will experience comparatively slower speeds. (Irrespective of the fact that how fast your internet connection is. It can lead to problems such as buffering or a decline in the quality of the picture).
  • A mere trick to solve this is, by moving either the Fire TV Stick or your router. So that they stay closer to each other and have fewer objects blocking the signal between the two.
  • For dropped internet connections or other Wi-Fi problems. Just reboot your router, it can often help too.

See if this solves the Firestick not working issue. If not, move to the next solution. 

5. Check For  Software Updates On Your Amazon Fire TV Streaming Stick

Install Updates option for Amazon Firestick TV

Not all Fire TV Stick issues are compulsorily unique to your device. There could be bugs in the software that impact how it performs. To get around this, please ensure your device’s software is fully up to date.

Amazon recommends you leave your Fire TV Stick plugged in and it should be connected all the time. This allows updates to happen in the background. And, you do not risk unplugging the Fire TV Stick when one is in progress.

Updates should occur automatically. Yet you can check if any of them are available and start the process manually if you need/wish to.

Visit Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for Updates to look for updates availability.

In most cases, this solution solves the firestick not working issue. 

6. Reset All Fire TV Stick Apps

Reset to factory defaults Amazon Firestick

There are many great apps you should install on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. But often they can stop working properly, or keep crashing suddenly. There are three ways to fix it when this happens.

The first method is to make sure all your apps are up to date. As with the Amazon Fire TV Stick software itself. It should happen automatically, but if you wish you can do it manually.

Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications. Select the apps that are not working properly. You will be able to install an update if there is one available.

If that fails, you can reset the app. From the same menu, choose an app that you want to repair and tap Clear cache. It will delete all the files and other data the app has temporarily saved. And, even the data can sometimes cause problems.

If that still does not fix it. Go to the same menu again and select Clear data. This option will completely reset the app. You just need to set it up again from the beginning, including any login credentials.

Moreover, keep in mind that uninstalling apps you do not use can help to boost up your Fire TV Stick.

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7. Check HDMI  Cables And Connections

Pixahive Common image for HDMI cable

Is your screen blank and that’s the reason for Firestick not working? It could be because your Amazon Fire TV Stick is not rightly connected to your TV’s HDMI port. Make sure that it is correctly fitted and connected to the HDMI port.

If the Amazon Fire TV Stick uses an adaptor, make sure that it is firmly attached. If possible, try to detach the HDMI adaptor/extension. And then, connect the Amazon Fire TV Stick directly to the Television.

Most TVs come with many HDMI ports. You may be connecting your Amazon Fire TV Stick to a non-operating port.

Try to connect it to an alternative port. If the Fire TV Stick still does not work, you will first need to check that not all HDMI ports on the TV are defective.

The easiest way to do this is to connect to another HDMI device. If that device does not work, there could be an issue with the Television. You must report to a manufacturer-certified service person to get it fixed.

If you stay on rent, or the television is acquired on a rental basis. Contact the owner or the rental company to send someone for repair or get it replaced directly.

If you are certain that the HDMI ports on the TV are operational, then the issue could be with your Fire TV Stick. Yet, it may not be mandatorily a hardware fault.

If the fault is with the Fire TV Stick, you should call the customer care executive. They are the only ones who can send help to your doorsteps if required.

8. Check With Another TV Or HDMI Port

Amazon Echo Show 15 Display Netflix app

It is a good way to rule out if the problem lies within your TV or HDMI port. Please note, that this troubleshooting method only applies to Fire TV Sticks and not Fire TVs.

If in case you have two HDMI ports on your TV, disconnect your Fire TV Stick from one port and connect it to the other. If it works fine, your TV may have a bad HDMI port.

You can also try to connect your Amazon Fire TV Stick to another TV completely. This works quite well if you have one HDMI port or are afraid your TV may have issues.

If your Fire TV Stick does not work in another HDMI port or TV, it is possible the Fire TV Stick itself could be bad.

9. Clear Fire TV Stick Cache

Amazon Firestick TV clear cache in Manage installed applications

If you experience streaming issues, buffering, stuttering, and constant app crashes. Clearing your Fire Stick’s cache may help to resolve the issue.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick stores a cache for smooth installation and functioning of apps. Sometimes, Fire Stick’s cache could be over-bloated over time. This may affect your device and slow down or cause malfunction.

To clear your Amazon Fire TV Stick’s cache, perform the following steps: 

  • Go to the Settings from the home screen and tap on it
  • Navigate down until you see Applications option
  • Scroll down and click on Manage Installed Applications
  • Scroll app by app. Select each and tap on the Clear cache option.

Once you are done clearing the cache, we suggest restarting the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove app caches all at one time. You must pay special attention to the screensaver app.

Many times, it has been noticed that it stores the most cache on your device. Make sure to clear it on a regular basis.

10. Check Fire TV Stick Device Compatibility

Amazon Fire TV Device Specification Official Homepage list

This is one of the rare cases which can cause a malfunction in Amazon Fire TV Stick. At the same time, you must know in this case, the Fire Stick is not at fault. It is the television you are using that brought this issue.

You need to ensure that the TV set that you’re using is compatible with the Amazon FireStick TV. For more information, you can contact Amazon Support.

They can give you a better idea about the compatibility. You can also use the FireStick Manual. 

Incompatible devices can lead to interrupted audio issues or even frequent crashes. Though these problems are rare, older TV models tend to have more problems. So, make sure to always check the compatibility.

The truth about streaming media devices is that they are not perfect. Sometimes they crash due to memory errors but mostly work properly.  One solution is to upgrade your internet speed or change your TV to a more recent model.

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11. Watch Out For VPN Issues

VPN List on Firestick TV app

If you are thinking about VPN on Fire TV Stick? So let us clear your confusion. It is possible using a VPN on the Amazon Fire TV Stick. keep in mind that problems can arise. Now, those who use VPN on their Amazon Fire TV Stick.

If you do not know, VPN compatibility is quite important for Fire TV Stick to operate smoothly. There could be a possibility that Amazon has blocked the VPN you are using and won’t allow you to use it.

So, your Fire TV Stick started malfunctioning. The easiest solution is to try disabling the VPN you are using and see if the problems go away.

How To Disable Vpn On Amazon Fire TV Stick?

If you are using a VPN on Amazon Fire Stick, you must have either downloaded its app from the Amazon Appstore. If not, then you sideloaded it from a third-party source. Either way, the only way to enable a VPN on Fire Stick is through its app – and that is where exactly you will disable it, too. All you need to do is:

  • Go to your installed VPN using the remote control.
  • Open it and wait until the app loads up.
  • Look for an off/disable button or switch.
  • Click the option to disable your VPN.

If VPN was the issue creator, you should try a different VPN that is compatible with the Amazon Fire Stick. That means if it is not disabled or blocked by the Amazon community.

Conclusion – Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working

Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the best-selling products on Amazon. But, sometimes it starts giving trouble to the user. Yet the issues are quite generic and can be resolved through the suggestions we gave above.

Hope you find the best solution for your issue. Also, try to do the basic solutions first. If still, the problem persists, you must try advanced solutions. Moreover, if the malfunctioning Fire TV Stick does not resolve with the given methods.

You must call customer care so that they can help you with repair or replacement. Before calling, check the warranty period and mention it on the call. Hope the suggestions work for you.

FAQs – Amazon Fire TV Stick Not Working Issues

What To Do When You Get Firestick Not Loading Issue?

Amazon Fire TV Stick not loading issue is quite common. Usually, it happens due to an unstable internet connection which could be due to many reasons. So there is nothing to worry about. You just need to follow the simple steps to restart your Fire TV  Stick. Press Select and then Play on the remote for 10 seconds to immediately restart your Fire TV Stick. A restart can resolve many loading issues and the black screen bug too.

Is Amazon FireStick A Bluetooth Device?

Amazon’s earlier Fire TV Sticks were not compatible with Bluetooth. The current models of Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube come with a Bluetooth function. It allows you to connect one pair of Bluetooth devices to it. To reach the Bluetooth Options Menu, from the Main Homepage. Go to the Setting> Controllers and Bluetooth devices> other Bluetooth devices.

How To Input Wi-Fi Password In Fire Stick?

First of all, connect the Amazon Fire TV Stick to your TV. Then, go to the home screen. Find and select Settings (far-right of the options). Then, click on Network. Your Fire TV Stick will start scanning for nearby networks automatically.
Choose your preferred network (If you could not find your network name, try Rescan. Once you find your network name, enter your wi-fi password. Your wi-fi will connect in a moment.

What Are The Requirements For Using Amazon Fire Stick?

A compatible Television (any TV that has HD or UHD ). An HDMI port (most TV screens these days have this). A stable wireless internet connection. An Amazon account. Please note, that you do not have to be an Amazon Prime customer to use the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Yet you should have a regular Amazon account. If you do not have one, do not worry, you can create this on setup. Last but not least, you need AAA batteries for your Fire TV Stick remote