Fire Stick Remote Blinking Orange: 7 Best Solutions

Orange or red is definitely not a happy color when you see it on electronic devices. This can get worse by persistently blinking while we wonder what could have gone wrong. We noticed a blinking orange light on my Amazon Fire Stick remote, which was concerning until I remembered reading about this issue. 

Fire Stick Remote Blinking Orange

I designed this article, exclusively, so that people facing the same issues with their Amazon Firestick remotes. You will learn why we see the orange light on your Fire Stick and what has to be done if you are looking to fix it without professional help. 

Why Do I See The Fire Stick Remote Blinking Orange?

When you see a steady orange light on your Fire Stick remote, it means that the remote is in discovery mode and is ready to be connected. However, if the orange light keeps blinking continuously, it means that the remote is stuck in the Fire Stick discovery mode and is making attempts to connect with a television. 

This could be a temporary occurrence but when this persists, this could be an issue. Unless this is fixed, you won’t be able to use the Fire Stick with the television. The recommended solution for this is to reset the Fire Stick itself but we discovered that there are a few other workarounds. 

Amazon Fire Stick and Remote

The workarounds and alternatives, that are in the following sections will help you fix the blinking orange light error on your Amazon Fire Stick. In the situation that they do not help you, we have also mentioned the steps to reset your Fire Stick easily. 

Workarounds For The Fire Stick Remote Blinking Orange Issue

  1. Verify the connections
  2. Check for interferences from other apps
  3. Check for remote battery life
  4. Check the FireStick Remote range from the TV
  5. See if there is more than one Fire Stick connected
  6. Disconnect and Reconnect all existing Bluetooth connections
  7. Download Firmware Updates

Fixing The Fire Stick Remote Blinking Orange Issue

Verify The Connections

The first procedure that we have to carry out is to make sure that all the connections are intact. A loose contact on the devices could be the reason why your Fire Stick remote is not able to pair with the device. The following are the points of connection that you have to check – 

  1. Power outlet
  2. Power Adapter
  3. HDMI Port, that hosts the Fire Stick
HDMI Extender

You can also try connecting the Fire Stick with different HDMI ports or a HDMI extender if you think this could be a problem. 

Check For Interferences 

The Fire Stick goes in the television’s HDMI slot, which is typically on the back or side panel of the TV. The connection between the Fire Stick and the remote can have disturbances, considering its position. 

This could be because of some decorations placed on the side of the television, that cover the HDMI Fire Stick. This can also occur when you are using the remote from behind a solid barrier between the Fire Stick and the remote. 

The only solution to this is to remove the object in front of the stick. If relocating the television, to a position where the stick would be more visible to the remote, is an option, you can also try that out. 

Check For Remote Battery Life

The Fire Stick remote uses two AAA batteries to function. These batteries should last for an average of a week to run out of charge on an Amazon Fire Stick. The remote might also show the blinking orange light when the battery is low. This weak battery factor makes it unable to connect with a display. 

AAA Duracell Battery

If you have a voltage indicator, you can check the available charge on the batteries. If the battery is low, it is time for you to change them. You will just have to open the small battery panel on the remote’s back and replace the existing AA batteries. 

Note: The Positive ends of the AAA batteries always face upwards, facing the upper part of the remote. 

Check The Firestick Remote Range From The TV

A Fire Stick and the remote can have a distance range from 10 to 15 feet, depending on the number of obstacles in between. The remote is designed for use from a couch distance from the television and not any longer. 

Amazon Fire TV Remote

Solving this issue is easy; You just have to move the remote closer to the television. If the remote is in a different room or far from the stick, it will not work. It is also recommended by Amazon to set the Fire Stick remote at a distance from the television or any other device with Bluetooth connectivity enabled. 

See If There Is More Than One Fire Stick Connected

Your TV or display can already have an Amazon Fire Stick inserted in one of its HDMI ports. This means that the remote can have difficulties connecting with the display. This is also possible when there is more than one television with a different Fire Stick connected to it. 

Amazon Fire Sticks and remotes

It is very important to make sure that the wrong remote is not paired with the Fire Stick. It is recommended that both the remotes and Fire Sticks are placed at quite a distance from each other. If you have only one Fire Stick and remote, you can move to the next step. 

Disconnect And Reconnect All Existing Bluetooth Connections

One of the methods of troubleshooting the connection between your television and Fire Stick is to unpair the Bluetooth connection. This cannot be done with the Fire Stick interface or your television settings but through the Alexa application.  

You will find the following steps useful to unpair and pair the remote on your smartphone or tablet. 

  • Open the Fire Stick settings from the home screen window. 
  • Choose the Controllers and Bluetooth Devices option from the Settings page. 
  • Locate the Amazon Fire TV Remotes and select this option. You should be able to see all the remotes to which your Fire Stick is connected.
  • From the list of remotes, click on the remote you want to disconnect. 
  • Select the hamburger menu and choose the remote(s) you want to be paired with your device.

The above steps will unpair your troublesome remote for you. Next, we’ll proceed to pair the remote again with the steps below – 

  • Switch your Fire Stick off and turn it on again. This will prompt the home screen to load and the process should take a few seconds.
  • Sometimes the remote automatically gets paired to your system and you wouldn’t have to connect it manually. If this is not connected, push the HOME button and hold it for around 20 seconds. 

When the remote gets connected, you will see a dialog box announcing the connection of the remote and the Fire Stick. You should now be able to use it without any issues. 

Download Firmware Updates

Fire Stick receives regular updates from the developers, and they need to be up-to-date. This will fix any bugs in the current version of the stick’s firmware. Here’s how you can download the latest version of the Fire Stick firmware:

  • Open the Settings window on the Fire TV main screen.
  • Go into the My Fire TV section and choose the About option.
Check for Updates option
  • Select the Check for System Update option. The device needs to be connected to a network. 
  • Now, open the Settings again and go to the Controllers and Bluetooth Devices section.
  • Choose the Amazon Fire TV Remote and the active remote from the list. In this option, you should be able to download your updates.
  • Return to the main window and push your Home button on the remote. Keep holding it for about 10 seconds and you’ll see the orange light blinking. 

How to Factory Reset an Amazon Fire Stick Remote?

If none of the above workarounds help you, your last resort is to reset the Fire Stick. This will bring all the settings back to default and delete all the saved information from your Fire Stick. 

For those who aren’t familiar with the steps that Amazon meant for you to reset the system, you will find them below – 

  • Push the Back, Menu, and Left Navigation circle buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.
Back, Menu, and Left Navigation circle buttons
  • Remove your fingers from the buttons and set the remote aside for a minute.
  • Now, open the back panel on your remote and take the batteries out. 
  • Disconnect the Fire Stick and the power adapter from the television. 
  • Wait for a while and put all the components where they belonged in the first place. 
  • Connect the Fire Stick with your television and the power adapter. 
  • It can take a few minutes for your TV to initialize the stick and the Fire TV menu should be displayed on your screen. This is your cue to insert the batteries into your remote. 
  • Push the Home button for about a minute to re-connect the remote with the Fire Stick. 

Alternative: The Fire TV App

If the above methods did not help you, you might have to use a new Fire Stick remote. As a temporary alternative that can help you navigate the Fire Stick’s features. You just have to ensure that the mobile phone and the Fire Stick are connected to the same wireless network.

Once this is checked, use the procedure below to use your smart device as a Fire Stick remote: 

  • Download the Fire TV application from the Google Play Store or the Apple AppStore
  • Ensure the device is connected to the same network as your Fire Stick and launch the Fire TV application.
  • Choose the active Fire Stick and follow the instructions on your screen.

This will give you options like a keyboard, navigation interfaces, and a few other options to access the Fire TV Stick. 

You need to know everything about the Fire Stick Remote Blinking Orange issue on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Contact the Amazon Fire Stick customer support line or email for more information.