5 Easy Ways To Find IP Address On Android And iPhone

How to find IP address on Android? Or how can you find it on an iPhone? Knowing your IP address can help you with a lot of things. For instance, you can access Network Settings and configure it better.

Usually, you don’t need to learn it. But we are curious creatures, and it doesn’t hurt to know about it, especially since it can lead to some exciting things.

This guide will cover the basics of finding IP addresses on your smartphone. You will also learn what IP address is and the difference between some of them.

Furthermore, you will also get some tips to keep your IP address safe in case you feel like there’s a security issue. So, let’s begin without further ado:

Instructions To Find Phone’s IP Address

  1. For Android Phones On Own Network Connection
  2. For Android Phones Connected To A Wi-Fi Or HotSpot
  3. For iPhone Device (Wi-Fi)
  4. What’s My IP?
  5. Using Router Settings On Phone 

1. For Android Phone On Own Network Connection

The first step is finding the IP address for the Network Connection the device is currently on. You can use these instructions to find your mobile’s IP address, whether you use cellular or Wi-Fi.

Follow these steps:

  • First, go to the Settings of your Android OS Device.
  • Next, find the About Phone option from the list.
About phone
  • Then scroll and try to find the Status option.
  • In the Status Option, you will see an IP Address.
  • It will show you both IPV4 and IPV6 addresses.
  • They don’t have a dedicated IP Address field. But, the first one (Shorter) is IPv4, and the second is IPv6. 

2. For Android Phones Connected To A Wi-Fi Or HotSpot 

Another way for you is by going to Network & Internet Settings or Wi-Fi Settings. There are different names for it, but it is for in case you’re connected to a Router.

So, if you have a Wi-Fi Network:

  • Slide Down the Widget options. The quick shortcuts and see the Wi-Fi option. It should be active and connected to the network.
For Android Phones Connected To A Wi-Fi Or HotSpot
  • Long-press on the Wi-Fi Icon. This will open the Wi-Fi Settings.
  • You will see the Wi-Fi connection you’re connected to.
  • Tap on it, and it will show you all the information available and the frequency, among other things.
  • Scroll down to Network Details. You will see an IP Address there. If you scroll down further, you will see IPV6 Address, as well.

The long way is:

  • Go to Settings of your Android Phone
  • Then find the Wireless & Network / WLAN option.
  • In some devices, that might not be available. You will have a Network & Internet option.
 Network & Internet
  • Go in there and find the Wi-Fi. Make sure it is toggled on.
  • Tap on it, and you will have your details.

3. For iPhone Device (Wi-Fi)

Finding IP Address for Wi-Fi connection on iPhone is the same as it is on Android:

  • Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi.
  • Then go to the Settings App of the iPhone.
  • Find Wi-Fi from the list. Then go to the Local Wi-Fi Network.
  • Tap on that option and select the network’s name that is connected.
select the network
  • You will find the information there.

Remember that you will need the password of the Wi-Fi to connect with it. Only then can you access the local IP Address and other information. This applies to WIFI networks for any device. 

4. What’s My IP? 

What’s My IP is a quick prompt that works on Google Search Engine. 

  • All you need to do is visit Google.com on your device. You can use any device for it.
  • Then type: What’s My IP and click OK or hit enter.
What’s My IP
  • This will tell you all the information about your ISP’s public IP Address. 
IP address
  • You won’t get access to the private IP From this. But the best part is that you can use it on any device. 

5. Using Router Settings On Phone

Another way to find everything about your IP and connection is through Router settings. You will have to learn about your Router’s static IP. Usually, it is one of the two:

enter IP address
  • This will lead you to the login Menu. You will need Admin credentials. So, you will have to read your router’s manual for Admin access and password.
  • Once you are in, you will have a set of advanced options.
Using Router Settings On Phone
  • Different routers have different interfaces. But you can find information on the gateway, DHCP, more quickly.
  • Usually, in the connection status, you will find the Network IP option. You can check it out there.
  • This option also works for macOS, Windows PC, and other devices.

What Is An Android Device IP Address?

What Is An Android Device IP Address

IP stands for Internet Protocol. Let’s keep things simple. An IP Address is your device’s digital address. If your house has an address, you need one for mobile phones and other devices.

When you connect to the internet, your IP address helps you send and receive information. Think of it like a letter, as network connections are two-way streets.

Now, there are things like global IP addresses and static IP addresses. Let’s try to simplify them for you. 

Public IP Address

Public IP Address

A public IP address is a network-specific address. It is related to your internet service provider (ISP). This helps the websites and apps learn which company’s net you are using. Vaguely, they will know which region you belong to. 

Private IP Address

Private IP Address

A private IP address doesn’t have much to do with network information. This is related to your Device and its identification. Each digital device has a unique and different private IP Address. This applies to your connection as well.

Dynamic IP Address Vs. Static IP Addresses

Dynamic IP Address Vs Static IP Addresses

A static IP address is something that doesn’t change for your Device or Router. It is like a personal identification number. Often, if you want to enter IP settings or Network settings of a Wi-Fi connection, you insert static IP in the browser. 

That’s how you will get into router settings for a wifi connection that requires a password. But anyway, the static IP address never changes.

Comparatively, Dynamic IP address changes to keep up with the rest of the internet. Dynamic host configuration protocol ensures that you can have unique identifiers. 

Simply put, it allows you to always have a global IP Address. You can connect to the internet for ease of browsing by using it. 

So, in short, Dynamic IP changes with each connection, and Static IP remains the same for the devices.

IPV4 Address Vs. IPV6 Address

IPV4 Address Vs IPV6 Address

There’s a continuous debate on IPv4 vs. IPv6. Some people believe that you need one of them. Others think that you need to have both of them active. Let’s cut the chase down:

  • IPv4 is a 32-bit address. As such, it has fewer combinations and is outdated.
  • The fewer combinations make it easier to hack into. Similarly, there are fewer IP addresses available for people to access.
  • IPv6 is a 128-bit system. It has many more combinations and more addresses available.
  • Nowadays, most apps, websites, and such use IPv6. But some still use IPv4.
  • It is also necessary for some areas to use IPv4 to access IPv6. So, both are equally important.
  • You could think of IPv6 as an extra security layer that helps mask your IP better.

Tips To Remain Safe 

Tips To Remain Safe
  • Don’t share your IP Address with anyone. 
  • Always use Dynamic IP and make sure that the IP is changing.
  • Make sure that IPV6 is enabled on your device. This will keep your connection safe.
  • Use VPN. Only use premium and trusted VPNs. Third-party VPNs could be risky.
  • Don’t visit or use third-party websites and apps that aren’t trusted or secure.

Conclusion – Find IP Address On Android 

Now this marks the end of this guide for you. We hope you found all the answers and ways to find the IP Address. Remember, never share it with anyone, as it is a crucial part of your device.

Practice precautions and never use untrusted platforms. We hope that your confusion about IP and how to find it has been solved. So go ahead and use these methods.

Remember, Cellular Network will have a different IP than a Wi-Fi network.


How To Find Internet Protocol Address On PC?

Go to Settings > Select Network & Internet. It will show the Network you’re connected to. Click on Properties and Scroll down. You will see all the information for IP addresses and more. You can also use What’s My IP on Google or the Router Settings to find the connection IP Address. 

How To Find A Mac Address For An Internet Service Provider?

The MAC Address has nothing to do with macOS or Mac Systems. For them, you will use the same method as the one you use for any PC.
But, you will find MAC Address in the connection information right where you will find the IP Address. They are often listed together. 

Is Router IP Address Different From Mobile Device IP Address? 

A router’s IP address comes from the service provider. It is often the global IP. Meanwhile, your Device IP address is the private IP. The two will most likely be different for security purposes. Your Router IP will always be different from your Device IP, and there’s nothing to worry about. 

What Is The Difference Between Private Networks (Home networks) And Public Network Configuration?

A private network is often a local network where only a handful of devices can connect. For instance, you connect the printer and other devices to it. For a public network, you will have better security and firewall settings. A public network profile is suitable for using public Wi-Fi or other connections. 

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