7 Best Ways To Find Hidden Apps On Android Device

Android has various options for hiding apps, which can be done for various reasons. If you want to keep an eye on your phone’s activity, you might be curious to learn how to find hidden apps on android.

7 Best Ways to Find Hidden Apps On Android Device

Suppose you’re unsure how to find hidden Android apps on your or another person’s phone. There are seven common approaches you can take. Keep reading to learn about all the techniques and how to use them.

Why Does Android Hide Apps?

You must be aware that every Android phone includes a collection of secret apps pre-installed. The same reason you don’t have root access on your Android phone also explains why you can’t see all apps. It safeguards your device from being handled improperly.

  • Numerous apps that are by default hidden are simply running in the background and engaging in any manner with them. 
  • Your entire device may become unusable if you disable or remove them entirely.
  • These applications are essential to your phone’s and operating system’s smooth operation. 
  • Malicious programs like keyloggers or remote access trojans can also be present.
  • Another thing to remember is that Android phones are generally pretty similar. The Android version is the most important. 
  • A one-plus handset running Android 10 and an Asus phone will be very similar.

Pros And Cons Of Hiding Apps On Android Phone

Like any other technological software, hidden apps offer benefits and drawbacks. The advantages and disadvantages of using hidden apps are listed below.


  • It’s now quite simple to use mobile devices and the Internet.
  • An Internet victim could be a mobile user ignorant of these hidden apps and their features.
  • Most hidden apps are made to assist users in hiding personal media files, private conversations, and information from prying eyes.
  • Children use hidden apps to hide their activities from their parents, making it challenging for parents to watch over their children.
  • A healthy relationship with your partner and your loved ones can suffer if you frequently use hidden applications.
  • It increases kids’ awareness of things they may be hiding and their phone usage.


  • The kids’ browsing history and social media accounts are also accessible to parents.
  • Parents can keep an eye on their young children and monitor their smartphone usage by using hidden apps.
  • Use the hidden app to keep objectionable chats and other media from children’s and other people’s screens.

List Of Methods To Find Hidden Apps On Their Android Phone

Here’s how to find hidden apps on android devices

  1. Apps In Android Settings
  2. Find Hidden Apps In Your File Manager
  3. Find Hidden Apps With a New Launcher
  4. Using the Play Store
  5. Use The parental Control App
  6. Find hidden Apps in the App Drawer On Android Phone
  7. Perform A Antivirus scan

Find Hidden Apps On Android Using These Methods

1. Apps In Android Settings

The first place to seek answers to “How do I identify hidden apps on my phone?” is in your Android settings. Learn the fundamental procedures to display it since every device has a complete list of its apps.

The Settings app on an Android device gives you access to the full list of available apps. The processes are largely the same but may vary depending on the brand and model of the device.

  • Launch the Settings, which has a gear-shaped symbol.
settings app
  • Then scroll down and tap the “Manage applications”s or “apps and notifications” option.
apps and notifications
  • The whole list of apps on your smartphone is displayed in the following screen’s All tab.
  • You can see the system files and applications necessary for Android OS to function properly.
  • This is one of the easiest methods to find hidden apps on android.

2. Find “Hidden Apps” In Your Android File Manager

Using the file manager on your phone is another option to browse the apps. This capability ought to be available on all Android smartphones in some capacity. Typically, it will be a “Files” icon.

  • Tap the appropriate file Files icon to view a list of tools and categories.
files application
  • You may access Apps to examine all the installed software and Android Package Kits on your device (APK).
  • You may manage every item from this page, from sharing to uninstalling.
  • The system apps necessary for the device’s fundamental operations aren’t always visible in the file manager.
  • If you want to locate hidden apps that the user or manufacturer downloaded, only utilize your file manager.
  • The Safe folder in the file manager is another feature to be aware of.
  • A PIN or unlocking pattern is required to access this safe storage location for files. Although it doesn’t deal with apps, it’s a fantastic place to hunt for hidden data.
  • Check if this method helps to find hidden apps on android.

3. Find Hidden Apps With Third-Party Launcher

Find Hidden Apps With Third-Party Launcher

Most gadgets come with a customized Android operating system. The Hide apps aren’t in your Android’s default app drawer. I’ll deceive your phone into allowing us to access this feature because Android does indeed have it.

  • Install a custom launcher if you haven’t already, and try using it to access any hidden apps on your mobile.
  • Ensure to carry out the first configuration procedures after installing the new launcher on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • To prevent compatibility issues and action key conflicts, replace the default launcher with the newly installed one.
  • You may easily browse the list to see if any apps on the phone have previously been hidden.
  • Third-party launchers are a simple way to find hidden apps on android.

4. Using the Play Store

Using the Play Store to find hidden apps

This covers only Android phones that support Google Services and have Play Store features. You might wish to check it on the Play Store if you’re concerned that you could have downloaded a bogus app on your phone.

  • Many apps advertise doing one thing but accomplish something another. 
  • A scanner app that functions like any other Android scanner is available, except it steals data from the phone.
  • Your device prompts you with an interface where you can control hidden files.
  • You can also use a rooted device to freeze and unfreeze apps.
  • Tap and hold an app’s icon to see the context menu, then choose App Details to discover if the app is indeed what it claims to be.
  • This will take you to the app’s page in the Play Store, where you can find a detailed explanation of the app and its function.
  • Check if this helps to find hidden apps on android.

5. Use The parental Control App

With parental control apps, there is yet another simple method to discover hidden apps on Android phones. You want to keep your youngster safe by learning about hidden apps on their phone. Use a parental control app made with children’s safety in mind.

  • In addition to many other things, it allows you to see their browser history, media stored on their devices, and messenger conversations.
  • You can access Android phones’ hidden apps using parental control software.
  • It makes it easier to determine which apps, including hidden ones, are installed on your child’s phone.
  • Such a hidden app finder has many other functions that let you watch your children and keep them safe.
  • Check if this helps to find hidden apps on android.

6. Find hidden Apps in the App Drawer On Android Phone

Find hidden Apps in the App Drawer On Android Phone

The full list of installed apps is displayed in the App Drawer on your device. You can open the app drawer by clicking the round icon with four or six dots in the lower middle of the screen.

The list of installed apps on your device is displayed alphabetically on an app drawer screen.

On an Android device, the majority of the apps will be visible, but there is a potential that some apps may still be concealed.

Follow the instructions below to reveal these hidden apps on your phone:

  • Go to the section of your app drawer.
  • On the device screen, tap the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Select Settings from the Home Screen. Tap on the Hide applications menu link to be taken there.
  • The hidden apps not shown in the app list will be visible to you.
apps in app drawer
  • There are no hidden apps on your device if the hidden screen doesn’t display any apps or if the Hide apps menu is missing.
  • Check if this helps to find hidden apps on android.

7. Perform A Antivirus scan

You’re concerned about suspicious programs installed on your devices, such as keyloggers or RATs. Use an antivirus program or Google Play’s built-in scanner to run a complete device scan.

Google Play regularly checks its store for shady content and takes any offending apps. This includes keyloggers and other programs that allow for the surveillance of others.

  • You might also conduct a factory reset on your Android phone to remove any hidden apps.
  • Any apps not installed when the device was sent from the factory will be deleted.
  • It’s important to note that some apps can be made persistent on rooted phones.
  • It implies that even after you execute the factory reset, they can still be present.
  • You’ll need to unroot your phone and flash a new OS image on your Android to fix that problem and eliminate any traces of dangerous apps.
  • Check if this helps to find hidden apps on android.

5 Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android (Google Play Store)

  • Nova Launcher
  • Keepsafe Photo Vault
  • AIO Launcher
  • Hyperion Launcher
  • Niagara Launcher

1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a potent, configurable, and versatile home screen replacement. Nova adds cutting-edge capabilities to improve your home screens while continuing to be a fantastic, user-friendly option for everyone. Remodel your home screens entirely or are searching for a simpler, quicker home launcher.


  • You can manage your desktop, dock, app drawer, and folders.
  • Make changes to your device’s icons to suit your preferences.
  • Save and reload all of your customized settings with ease.
  • Launch Nova Actions or Apps quickly from desktop movements like pinching, swiping, or two-finger swiping.
  • Unread notifications or articles are quickly visible via customizable notification badges or dots.
  • With Drawer Folders, you can organize the numerous apps in your app drawer.

2. Keepsafe Photo Vault

Keepsafe Photo Vault

Personal photographs and videos are protected by military-grade encryption, PIN protection, and fingerprint authentication, thanks to Keepsafe. It’s the ideal location for concealing private photos and movies. You can encrypt your photographs, preserve phone space, and safeguard your privacy using Keepsafe.


  • Hide and guard personal belongings. Utilize cloud storage to backup your images.
  • You can manage your desktop, dock, app drawer, and folders.
  • Make changes to your device’s icons to suit your preferences.
  • Save and reload all of your customized settings with ease.
  • Launch Nova Actions or Apps quickly from desktop movements like pinching, swiping, or two-finger swiping. Gestures under Settings.
  • Unread notifications or articles are quickly visible via customizable notification badges or dots.
  • With Drawer Folders, you can organize the numerous apps in your app drawer.
  • Save on phone storage. Invite friends to shared, password-protected albums.

3. AIO Launcher

AIO Launcher

Not your typical home screen, AIO Launcher. It lacks numerous animation effects and bright icons. It does not gather any private data. AIO Launcher, on the other hand, shows you the most crucial information using screen space.


  • The UI of the AIO Launcher is clear and practical; it lacks flashy icons and pointless motion.
  • Almost all of the interface’s components can be changed. The widgets’ design, colors, text size, and more are all editable.
  • Weather, calls, SMS, mail, news, exchange rates, and other information can all be shown via AIO Launcher.
  • More than 20 built-in widgets in AIO Launcher present a wide range of data.
  • Additionally, you can use plugins to add more widgets.
  • In addition to the pre-installed plug-ins and widgets, AIO Launcher offers the installation of common Android widgets via Google Play.
  • The icon pack that you prefer can be used to display any icon on the screen.

4. Hyperion Launcher

Hyperion Launcher

According to Hyperion, everyone should access an attractive, feature-rich launcher. They desired that it maintain a steady pace of updating with the best features that Google offers. They created a cohesive experience by combining the greatest elements of other launchers available on the market.


  • You can swipe up to open or hide a folder’s main icon for folders.
  • You can immediately see your icon pack modifications without stopping what you’re doing.
  • Overview menu items: Make the desired adjustments when you long-press the home screen.
  • App launch locking won’t stop launches from other locations.
  • Desktop security (includes temporary unlocking).
  • Icon colors for the status and navigation bar (Wallpaper/Dark/Light).
  • Gradient tweaks for wallpaper.
  • In dark mode, the wallpaper on the home screen dims.
  • The dock and Drawer are blurred, and the navigation bar is visible.
  • Keeping track of the position and closing of the app drawer.

5. Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher

The simple Niagara Launcher lets you concentrate on what matters while making everything reachable with only one hand. When phone screens were smaller than a credit card, the conventional home screen as we know it today was developed. While smartphones grow, your fingers do not.


  •  Other Android launchers utilize a hard grid layout, while Niagara Launcher’s list may be customized to meet your needs.
  • Reach every app quickly without even opening an app drawer.
  • Not merely alert dots: Right from your home screen, read and reply to notifications.
  • Your home screen is cleaned up, there are fewer distractions, and it’s really simple to use, thanks to the streamlined and minimalist design.
  • Ads don’t make sense on a clean-cut launcher intended to reduce clutter. The complete edition, including the free one, is ad-free.
  • One of Niagara’s most crucial characteristics is its fluidity and minimalism. All phones have a flawless operation of the home screen app. No space is wasted because it is only a few megabytes in size.
  • To concentrate on your important programs, hide any pre-installed bloatware and rarely used apps.


On their Android smartphones, people adore hiding apps for their usage, including those for messaging, chatting, and watching films. You must be able to check for hidden apps on your Android phone or find those already there.

Smartphone users can hide apps they don’t use or don’t want others to see, but many system programs are also hidden from view by devices. There are seven common methods you can use if you’re wondering how to uncover hidden Android apps on your phone or someone else’s.


How To Discover Hidden Apps On Android?

To find hidden spy apps on Android, go to the home screen and look for any hidden files or secret apps. If you find any, open them and look for anything that looks like a spy app. If you find one, tap on it and see if any options exist to hide it. If so, tap on the option and select “Hide app.” This will hide the app from your home screen.

How Can I Find Hidden Apps On My Android Phone?

Tap the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen to access the app drawer. Select Hide applications. The list of apps that are blocked from view appears in the app list. No apps are hidden if this screen is empty or the Hide apps option is absent.

How To Locate Hidden Apps On Android?

Go to the Applications area of your Android phone’s menu after clicking Settings if you want to uncover any hidden apps. View the two navigational buttons. Press Task after opening the menu view. Select the “Show hidden apps” checkbox.

What Do Hidden Apps Look Like?

A scrollable list of apps appears when you slide on your phone’s home screen or hit the app drawer icon at the bottom. Some Android systems allow you to hide and reveal apps from this location by pressing the menu button. Typically, it appears as a gear icon or as three dots.

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