2 Best Ways To Find Archived Orders On Amazon

It is impossible to remove the order history, although it can be archived. Find archived orders on Amazon. Orders that have been archived are not removed from your account, but they remain associated with it. When you put an order on Amazon, it is logged in your account history. Orders from the past can be readily found and reordered.

How To Find Archived Orders On Amazon?

Now, you know how to find archived orders on amazon will come in handy if you ever need to reorder from them. Unfortunately, they are not available on Amazon. Fortunately, getting to them is relatively straightforward; simply follow a few basic steps. Here’s how to look through your Amazon orders that have been archived.

What Are Archived Orders?

If you made a gift buy for someone who has access to your Amazon account, archived orders are a great way to keep your purchase history hidden. Simply doesn’t erase the information and history, but it moves it to a less visible location. Find archived orders on amazon in a few steps.

You can’t make the archiving process automatic, and you can’t set it up. You may, however, do it manually, swiftly and efficiently. A complete description will be provided later.

If you own a business and make many purchases, this function will come in handy. It will be easier for you to navigate the history of recent orders if you archive your orders. Keeping track of your purchases will be much easier.

It’s also a wonderful touch that helps you preserve your personal space and privacy. To keep your search history private, don’t forget to delete it from Amazon.

There’s no need to be concerned that you won’t be able to get your order back into history because archived orders can be unzipped at any time. You will know how to find archived orders on amazon.

How To Hide Amazon Orders?

It is a quick and easy way to hide previously ordered products. There are alternative ways to ask Amazon to delete your account information permanently. The company will either offer you account details or allow you to remove some information permanently.  There are several ways to hide an order, but let’s start with the most basic: Find archived orders on amazon.

  • Sign in to the Amazon account and proceed to the homepage if you’ve already placed an order.
  • Follow these steps to archive a previous order:
  • Log in to your Amazon account.
  • In the upper right-hand corner, select Returns & Orders.
select Returns & Orders
  • Search through your orders until you discover the one you want to keep.
  • Next to the order in question, click Order Details.
click Order Details
  • Then select Archive Order.
  • Click Archive Order once again to confirm.
Click Archive Order
  • Now, you know how to find archived orders on amazon.

How To Find Your Archived Orders On Amazon

Even if you delete your Amazon account, your archived orders will remain.

scroll over the Accounts & Lists
  • From the dropdown menu, choose Your Account.
  • In the Ordering and shopping preferences subsection, click the Archived orders button.
click the Archived orders button
  • Simply click ‘Unarchive Order’ in the lower left-hand corner to return your order to the usual orders page.
click 'Unarchive Order' in the lower left-hand corner
  • There’s no need to confirm; your order will return to its proper location on the orders tab after selecting the choice.
  • Now, you know how to find archived orders on amazon.

How To Hide Your Amazon Search History

While the procedure described above will remove your orders from the list of your recent orders, your Amazon browsing history will still reveal your searches, making it easy for someone to look into your orders.

  • Log into your Amazon account, then look for the ‘Browsing History’ option towards the top-right of the Amazon homepage to delete your Amazon history.
  • If you can’t find this link, use Ctrl + F and type the terms ‘browsing history’ into the search box on the current page.
 Ctrl + F and type the terms 'browsing history
  • When you select this button, a list of recent searches appears.
  • The menu options may not appear until you select ‘Manage History’ in the right-hand corner.
  • Select’ Remove’ from the display for each thing you want to remove from the search history.
  • Toggle the Browsing History link from orange to grey to turn it off.
  • Now, you know how to find archived orders on amazon.

How To View Amazon Archived Orders?

On A Computer:

  • If necessary, go to the Amazon website and log in.
  • Click Orders while scrolling over the Account and Lists tab.
  • Select Archived Orders from the drop-down menu next to X orders placed.
  • On the Archived Orders tab, you’ll also find the option to un-archive orders.
  • Now, you know how to find archived orders on amazon.

On The Amazon Mobile App:

  • You cannot archive an order on the mobile app, but you may view your archived orders.
  • If necessary, open the Amazon app and log in.
  • To access the menu, tap the three-line icon.
  • Choose from Your Orders and Orders.
  • Select Archived orders from the Filter menu.
  • Now, you know how to find archived orders on amazon.


Amazon is a terrific site to shop, but it will appear in your history after a while if you make any purchases. And maybe you don’t want your complete list of purchases preserved in your history for whatever reason.

Users of Amazon have the option of simply archiving their purchase history. This is quite useful because you can access your history at any time and return to a specific retailer or purchase an item. After reading this article, you know how to find archived orders on amazon.


Can You Hide Orders On Amazon App?

Sign in to the Amazon app on your smartphone or tablet. Go to “Your Orders” and find the item you’d like to hide. To hide it, tap “View Order Details” and then “Archive Order.” Find archived orders on amazon in a few steps.

Can You Hide Order History Amazon Prime?

You can archive orders you don’t want to reference anymore or hide them from the default order history view. To save an order, follow these steps: Locate the order or item you want to archive in Your Orders. Choose the order of the archives.

How Do I Delete My Order History On The Amazon App?

In the Amazon App, go to My Account. After selecting Orders, press Edit Order History. You’ll notice a list of all your previous purchases, with the option to Delete this Order next to each one. Simply check the box next to Delete this Order and confirm your decision.

Why Can’t I Hide Orders On Amazon?

Only when surfing Amazon on a computer or using your phone’s web browser in desktop mode, will you be able to archive an order. This function cannot be performed via an app or an Alexa device. Select “Returns & Orders” from the drop-down menu.

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