How To Find A Lost Android Phone That Is Turned Off ? 5 Ways

Losing your phone can be challenging, mainly when you can’t track it. And if by any chance your phone is turned off, the task only becomes tougher. But there is nothing to worry about. Here’s everything you should know about how to find a lost Android phone that is turned off

There was a period when searching down someone’s location required a significant effort. It isn’t as tricky as it formerly was. Instead of a government entity, it might be an ordinary person with good computer software and an understanding of modern technology.

Lost your phone and wondering how you can recover it? This blog is for you! We’ve covered effective ways in which you can track your phone down, even if it is turned off.

Is It Possible To Find A Lost Android Phone That Is Turned Off? 

Google Find My Device

If fortune is on your side, your phone is switched on and has an active connection. You can find out your phone’s whereabouts through Google’s Find My Device app via a friend’s device. 

You will need to open the app and, when indicated, sign in to your Google account. Make sure the credentials and the ID of your account are of the one that is linked to your lost device. 

As explained above, you won’t be able to monitor your phone’s real-time position if it is switched off or runs out of battery power. 

However, the “Send Last Location” option allows you to check your phone’s last location before shutting it off. You may also enable the “Notify When Found” function, which will send you an email when your phone is turned back on.

After this, an exhaustive list of the devices linked to your account will be displaced. You can click on the missing device and find its location on Google Maps. You can do various things with your phone, such as ringing it, switching it off, or even erasing the device. 

I’ve Lost My Android Phone. What Should I do?

If you’ve lost your phone, you’re panicking and taking every possible measure to get it back. However, in this frenzy, there are things that most people forget or aren’t aware of, which will aid in finding your phone. 

When you first realize you’ve misplaced your phone, it’s vital to take measures to assess the entire missing device issue.

  • When you initially detect your gadget is missing, find a phone and call it to see if you can hear it and retrace your actions.
  • If you can’t hear the phone ring, presume that the device’s last known position is further away. As a result, you should utilize the following strategies to assist you in finding your missing phone.
  • If it’s not nearby, use a phone or computer to lock your phone as quickly as possible. It would help if you also placed it in lost mode or changed your passwords and logins to secure your personal information.

Now that we’re clear with the initial steps let’s look at what will help you find your lost phone back.

How To Find A Lost Android Phone That Is Turned Off?

If you have lost your Android device and are wondering what to do next to get it back, here are the 5 best tools/resources for your rescue. 

  1. Use Find My Device
  2. Use Google Maps
  3. Use IMEI Number
  4. Use Google Timeline
  5. Use Google Photos Location Info

Let’s discuss each of these resources in detail below. 

1. Use Find My Device

Google Find My Device

Even while it is much simpler to find your phone when it is turned on, there are ways to do so when it is turned off. The position you’ll get is the phone’s last location before being switched off. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Launch the “Find My Device” app on your mate’s Android phone or go to android.com/find.
  • The program will allow you to track the position of the phone you misplaced using the device of a buddy.
  • Login to your Google account (the one connected to your device).
  • Click the missing device from the list that appears, displaying its last position.

Even while it may not appear to be much, collecting the last position of your device may turn out to be an incredible lead in some circumstances – given it was not picked up or stolen.

Tip: You all must have the Find My Device app installed on your handset. 

2. Use Google Maps

Google has many features that enable its users to locate and retrieve their devices. Google Maps has a timeline that traces wherever your phone has been. You can find your phone via Google Maps by: 

  • Opening Google Maps on a PC or an Android device. 
  • Log in to your Google Account. Do so in Incognito mode if you use a public PC or a PC that other individuals frequently use. 
  • Go to the Menu. 
Use Google Maps
  • Go to the Timeline section. 
  • Type the date on which your phone was misplaced.
  • You can observe your phone’s movement on that particular date. 
  • The Timeline also displays the routes to where Google Maps last tracked your phone. 

3. Use IMEI Number

IMEI Number

If you cannot find your missing mobile phone using the methods listed above, you are left with just one option: trace it using its IMEI number. However, you will need assistance from the local cops to execute this solution and find an Android phone that is turned off

The abbreviation IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, a 15-digit unique number provided to each mobile phone. You may find it on the back of the phone and in its packaging. This number is not affected by the SIM card or network connection. You may use the IMEI number on your smartphone to trace it.

You must register a lost, missing, or stolen mobile phone complaint with your local police station. The authorities will then use your device’s IMEI number to trace it down and block it through the network operator. 

Several apps and software promise to trace your cell phone using its IMEI number; however, they’re all fake. Only the authorities and network providers may use an IMEI number to track a device.

4. Use Google Timeline 

You may use Google Timeline to locate a misplaced Android device switched off. To do so, ensure that your device is linked to your Google account and has or has had a connection to the internet before being switched off. You must also ensure that Location Reporting and Location History are enabled on your Android device.

If you use this tool to find your lost Android, you will utilize Android’s location data. Assume your misplaced Android is switched off. If this is the case, you can utilize the location history data to determine the last recorded location. As a result, you have a better chance of finding your misplaced Android.

Follow these steps to utilize this tool to discover your missing Android that has been switched off. 

  • Navigate to Your Timeline and ensure the current day is selected in the calendar. 
  • Alternatively, you may go directly to Google Maps, open the sidebar, and select Timeline. 
  • A detailed timeline of that day, with the names of all documented sites, may be seen on the left sidebar. You can see all the sites represented on a map on the right.

Your Timeline uses cell tower IDs and WiFi location detection to obtain location data. As a result, the amount of precision might vary. However, this tool might track your phone’s position regularly over time. Assume your phone has been stolen. You may use Timeline to find frequently frequented areas that could be the thief’s home or office.

5. Use Google Photos Location Info

Google Photos Location Info

To the surprise of many users, you can also track down a stolen device by Google Photos. 

To track down your phone using this method, there are some things you need to ensure beforehand. Your device should have access to the internet, and you must enable the Backup and Sync option in Google Photos.

Now, if your thief starts taking photos with the lost device, you can track them down. 

When a device uploads a picture to Google Photos, not only does the picture get uploaded, but critical pieces of information such as the location where the picture was taken get uploaded. 

Now, whenever you open your Google Photos, you can select the photo that was not taken by you when you had the device and find the location of the picture. Using the last known location will significantly narrow your search to finding the thief. 

How To Find A Lost Cell Phone That Is Turned Off Using Prey Anti Theft? 

You can also use third-party software to find a lost Android phone that is turned off. One software particularly effective in this regard is Prey Anti Theft. You can track up to 3 devices through a single Prey account. 


The software gathers an extensive range of information about your stolen device. You can access IP addresses, the location of your device on Google Maps, and most importantly, an image taken from your device’s front-facing camera.

You can also initiate an alarm on the stolen phone in an attempt to deter the thieves from keeping the stolen phone. The ringing alarm is reminiscent of a police siren to distress the thieves. 

Prey’s commands are not dependent on the internet. Instead, they use the phone’s text messaging feature. This is quite nifty as you can trace your device and adjust the tools even when it is not connected to the internet. 

You can also allot a contact that receives an SMS when the SIM card of the stolen device is being stolen. 

Lastly, the interface for this software can be camouflaged to resemble that of a video-game login page. This camouflaging is so the thief can dismiss the software as a video game and is less likely to uninstall or remove it.

You can easily install the Prey Anti-Theft app from the Google Play Store. 

How To Use Dropbox To Find Your Lost Phone? 

Suppose the Camera Uploads option is set to “On,” Dropbox can assist in the recovery of a lost phone device. The software will link every photo shoot to the Dropbox Cloud to approximate where your smartphone is based on its location history.

If you are traveling or fear your phone has been stolen, using Dropbox to locate it based on its location data is a smart alternative. When you or a prospective thief snap a photo, it will save it to the Cloud and the real-time location that the app associates with the shot.

However, another method necessitates the use of an internet connection. If you can’t view photographs, wait until the phone links to the internet through WiFi or data connection and check if any appear.

How To Find A Samsung Phone That Is Turned Off?

Find My Mobile

Many app developers have produced apps to assist consumers in finding missing phones. Because many such programs required root access to function correctly, they were never widely adopted. While some of these applications are still available, major smartphone makers have built their tracking sites.

Samsung leads the Android pack with its Find My Mobile service, which offers a few valuable choices in the event of a lost or stolen handset.

Find My Mobile is a service available with a Samsung account on a PC or (other) mobile device. After registration, customers can find, remotely backup, and erase data on their linked Galaxy smartphone.

To enable Find My Mobile, complete these instructions on your phone:

  • Open Settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom and select Biometrics and security.
  • Select the Find My Phone option (not the toggle yet).
  • Set the toggle to “on” from this menu.
  • You may also activate Remote unlock and Send the last location.

Ensure you have all Find My Mobile standards in place in case of a loss. Verizon mobile devices do not support Find My Mobile.

If you’ve misplaced your phone or tablet, you may use Find My Mobile to track it down.

  1. Navigate to findmymobile.samsung.com to trace a phone or device.
  2. Confirm your Samsung login details after selecting Sign in. It must be the same Samsung account linked to the phone or tablet. Alternatively, it must be an account that has been designated as a guardian.
  3. Then, click SIGN IN.

If the system is turned on and linked to Wi-Fi or mobile data, its most recent known position will be displayed on a map. Additional features include a “Ring” function to find the device near the user, a lock screen capability, and the help to avoid powering off and display a contact message.

It is important to note that Find My Mobile will only function if the lost smartphone is turned on and linked to the internet.

As a result, Samsung has a function that allows users to remotely modify power options to prolong lost devices’ lives and give users extra time to locate them.


These are your alternatives for locating a misplaced cell phone that has been turned off. The range is restricted, and it all depends on your luck. 

Anything else you encounter on the Internet that claims to be trustworthy and to use modern technology to assist you in tracking down your misplaced gadget is simply a scam. Please don’t spend your time giving them another opportunity.

We hope this information has assisted you in preparing for or avoiding a worst-case scenario. We wish you the best if you come here seeking a lost phone or another item.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I locate my device if someone changed the Sim card? 

Even if someone changes your sim card, you should still be able to track your phone with your Google account. You can easily log into your Google account on another phone or use a tracking device to help locate your sim-less phone.

Can I track my lost phone if someone made a factory reset? 

Yes, your lost Android may be tracked even after it has been factory reset using the IMEI number of your phone. Whether factory or hard reset, the IMEI number remains the same between situations. Call on your given IMEI number receiver, and it will display your IMEI on the screen.

Is it possible to find a lost Android phone that is turned off?

If your phone runs out of battery or gets switched off, there is a chance of tracking it. However, in this case, you will most likely receive the last known location of your phone instead of real-time data.

Can I track a phone without a data connection? 

Yes. Despite having no data or WiFi connection, you can still manage to locate your phone. You can do this using various mapping applications, primarily GPS, and locating the device in real-time if switched on.