File record segment is unreadable – Solution

Sometimes you may have come across that when you use or run the CHKDSK command line using the command prompt or Startup; you must have encountered the error text “file record segment is unreadable” in Windows.

If you encounter this message, then it is essential that you take action as there is a risk of losing data or loss of important files if the problems are not solved. To help you out, we have come up with ways to correct the ‘file record segment is unreadable’ error message’.

File record segment is unreadable

File record segments

FRS is short for the term ‘file record segment‘, which is a file system that helps in storing information like the file name, physical address, and data type. This information is about the files that have on your internal and external hard drive, laptops, western digital, SSDs, etc.

The new technology file system (NTFS) helps store all your records in MFT, which stands for the master file table. On the other hand, the file systems like FAT, FAT32, exFAT, and FAT16 stores all your records in FAT, which stands for file allocation table.

Now, in the new technology file system (NTFS), your every file and directory on an NTPS is recognized by a separate file record system (FRS). Moreover, NTFS keeps a record of file record segments that are in use by maintaining a bitmap on the disk. And, there are chances that you may get the error message of ‘File record segment is unreadable because of bad sectors.

Reason for ‘file record segment is unreadable’ error.

The main reason for encountering the error text ‘File record segment is unreadable’ is because of bad sectors which may occur when you execute a chkdsk scan on your windows computer. Windows might also perform the CHKDSK scan automatically if it detects any disk error at the time of system startup.

Bad sector is a bunch of storage blocks on your drive, which might become non-functioning and does not respond to the read or write operations. Therefore, when this sector goes bad or non-functioning at the place where your file records are saved, then the file record segment becomes unreadable.

Ways to fix the ‘file record segment is unreadable’ error on the computer.

To prevent data loss or disk errors, you can try the mentioned ways for correcting the problem. Following are ways that you can try using for fixing file record segment unreadable issue.

Running a CHKDSK command.

For running a CHKDSK command, you will be able to find the built-in tool that is available on windows for checking the disk integrity. This built-in tool helps in examining the disks and correcting all errors. You have the option of running this built-in tool with the help of the command line or by a graphical interface.

We are going to demonstrate how you can try and run the CHKDSK command through the command prompt. If you are having problems starting your windows 10 normally, you can try and start it in the safe mode or even start it through the startup screen.

If you are starting your windows in a safe mode, then the first thing to do is searching ‘command prompt’ in the search bar and then hit enter or click on ‘run as administrator’ in the safe mode. You can have a look at this picture for understanding it better.

img 617dd287394ee

Now, to run chkdsk scan, type chkdsk on the command prompt and press enter. After this, you can type the letter of your computer hard drive and replace it with the ‘c’ letter. This is done when you may not want to scan your C: drive or you have the windows operating system on another drive.

img 617dd28790a5f

After this, you will get the option of restarting your computer so that it can perform the chkdsk scan. You need to type ‘Y’ and click enter. Now you may have to wait for the chkdsk scan to finish and check whether it fixed the ‘file record segment is unreadable’ error message. The chkdsk scan method usually works for fixing the ‘file record segment is unreadable’ error. So this was one solution for fixing the ‘file record segment is unreadable’ error.

Connecting your hard disk to different PC

If your hard disk has physical damages like scratches or other defects and the hard drive is failing or having disk errors because of this reason. Then, you can easily connect your hard drive to another working computer and simultaneously save your essential files to prevent data loss.

However, if you do not have enough technical knowledge of connecting your hard drive to another working computer, then you can always use the help of an experienced technician. This way, you can connect your hard drive to a new computer, and it is going to be visible as an additional drive in the “My computer” or “This PC.

You can now easily copy your files to a new drive or any other external hard drive. Therefore, you can use this method for data recovery when your hard disk is physically or logically damaged. You may now format your damaged drive to reinstall and run windows on it.

If not, you can always get a different drive to replace your damaged drive with a different one. So this was another solution for fixing the ‘file record segment is unreadable’ error message.

Cloning your hard drive

Another way to recover data or to save your files is by using a drive cloning software in order to clone your present drive to a new one. You can easily clone the files if the files are complete. However, there are chances that you might not be able to make full file recovery as you will require a new drive and a drive cloning software.

The clone software is basically used to clone the data for saving your files or data recovery. Also, if you want to save your old hard disk, then you can attempt to format it, but it is going to erase all your stored data and will enable you to use it only if there was logical damage and not physical damage.

So if your hard drive is not excessively damaged without any Physical damages, then you can use the clone software for data recovery and the issue of unreadable file. You can then quickly solve the problem of ‘file record segment is unreadable’ error with the help of chkdsk command line by using the command prompt tool in your windows 10 computer or whichever version of windows you have in your PC.

Using data recovery software for recovering data

This is another solution for fixing the issue of ‘File record segment is unreadable’ which may occur while running the chkdsk command. However, before you get ahead with this method, it is recommended that you must take a backup of all your accessible data.

Step 1- The first step is downloading the stellar data recovery software on your Windows PC.

Step 2- Then, with the help of the USB port of the PC, connect your external hard drive. Moreover, if you get the option of ‘format hard drive’ then click on ‘No’. You can skip this part if you have an internal drive.

Step 3-Now you can launch the data recovery software.

img 617dd287de575

Step 4- After launching the software, you need to check on the ‘All Data’ checkbox that you will find under the ‘Everything’ section, and then enter the ‘Next’ button.

img 617dd28844a35

Step 5- This step involves choosing your affected internal or external drive, and opting for the ‘Deep scan’ option in the down left corner.

Step 6- After the scan is complete, the files and folders that can be recovered will be listed in the left side panel. You can now check the ‘file type’ section for sorting the data.

img 617dd288ace9f

Finally- Now you can quickly recover your files by clicking on the ‘start saving’ button. You can now use this software and easily access your recovered files and folders at your desired location. So, this was another way of fixing the ‘file record segment is unreadable’ issue.


You need to keep a backup of all your important files and folder. This way, you can prevent losing your data if you ever encounter the ‘File record segment is unreadable’ error.

However, if you ever encounter such an issue, then you can always opt for the ways we have mentioned above.