7 Fixes For Final Fantasy 14 FFXIV Fatal Directx Error

The game is well-designed, and the servers are constantly updated. It ensures that gamers enjoy a fantastic gaming experience. Gamers have complained that the DirectX Fatal error in Final Fantasy XIV appears on their screens. It causes disruptions and even kills the game.

Final Fantasy 14 FFXIV Fatal Directx Error

The majority of random players have no idea how to repair it. Several methods have been attempted and tested. This post will explain to you some of the best practices used by players worldwide to solve this problem.

Why Does a Fatal Directx Error Has Occurred In FFXIV (V 2019)?

Final Fantasy XIV is a viral online game among gamers all around the world. It contains character customization options. Also, an interactive capability for interacting with other players. It is a well-known truth that consumers frequently experience fatal errors.

The message “A Fatal DirectX error has occurred. (11000002).” It appears out of nowhere is a gamer’s worst fear. Just before the error message appears, the screen briefly freezes, and the game crashes.

Researchers have suggested many reasons for the Fatal DirectX Error in various conditions. So many gamers regularly reported this error.

  • This issue could be generated by an outdated version of your graphics card driver.
  • This problem can occur if you’re playing a fullscreen game using DirectX 11.
  • If the game rejects the SLI feature, an error message appears on the screen.

What Happens When This Error Occurs?

You may encounter the DirectX Fatal error in Final Fantasy XIV. A seamless game transition will become an inaccessible screen. A pop-up message stating “A fatal DirectX issue has occurred” displays for the majority of users. It causes the screen to halt for a short period before turning black. Finally, the game crashes, forcing you to restart it from the beginning.

Methods to Fix FFXIV Fatal Directx Error

Using DirectX 11 in fullscreen games is the most common source of the problem. It appears to be a problem with some graphics cards and settings. Alternatively, running the game in a borderless window and then switching back to fullscreen after a while should work.

Check to see if your drivers are outdated or if a new driver has caused problems. You can remove the present one and then try a variety of others to see if any work. Because using SLI technology has always caused the game to crash, you should disable it fully when playing the game.

  1. Run In Windowed Mode To Fix FFXIV Fatal Directx Error Fullscreen
  2. Update Your Graphics Card Driver
  3. Change SLI Settings
  4. Run FFXIV Using Directx 9
  5. Disable AMD Crossfire To Fix FFXIV Fatal Directx Error
  6. Disable Audio/Sound Enhancements
  7. Add Directx9 To Steam

1. Run In Windowed Mode To Fix FFXIV Fatal Directx Error Fullscreen

The problem is that you’re playing in full-screen mode. You can prefer to play the game in a window with no borders. It will allow you to transition to full-screen mode without the error dialogue box appearing. Within the game, switching to a borderless window is not possible.

Changes to the source files are required. To change to a borderless window, follow the instructions below:

  • File Explorer can be launched by clicking its icon on the Taskbar or by hitting Windows Key + E simultaneously.
  • After that, go to Documents.
  • Now go to the game folder and double-click it.
  • Look for a file called FFXIV.cfg on your hard drive. Right-click the “file” and then “Open with” then “Notepad” to edit it.
  • By hitting the Ctrl + F keys together (or) by clicking Edit from the ribbon and then selecting the Find option, you may access the Search box.
  • Type “screen mode” into the search box and hit the Find Next button. Replace the number next to ScreenMode with 2.
  • Close Notepad and press the Ctrl + S keys together to save the changes.
  • To see if the FFXIV Fatal DirectX problem remains or has been resolved, restart the game.

2. Update Your Graphics Card Driver

A malfunctioning or outdated graphics card driver might potentially produce this message. As soon as you have the opportunity, you should replace it. Two more scenarios could have happened.

You may have updated your drivers, and the issue began to appear, or you may not have updated them in a long time. You can choose your drivers in either case!

  • Simply tap the first result from the list of available results by clicking the Start menu in the lower-left corner of the screen. 
  • Put in “Device Manager” and choose it from the list of available results by tapping the first one.
  • Open the Run dialogue box by holding the Windows Key + R key combination. In the box, type “devmgmt.msc” and then press OK.
Device Manager run command
  • Right-click on the video card, then pick Uninstall Device from the menu next to the arrow next to the Display adapters section.
Update driver option for the GPU
  • Confirm any notifications that ask you to confirm the removal of the current graphics device driver.
  • Now go to the manufacturer’s website and hunt for your graphics card driver. AMD, NVIDIA.
  • Follow the instructions on the website if they are accessible. After searching for your card, OS, and CPU architecture, you should test a variety of drivers, starting with the most recent.
  • Save the installation file to your machine and execute it from there.
  • After running the game, check to see if the FFXIV Fatal DirectX error message shows.

3. Change SLI Settings

SLI is an NVIDIA technology that allows several graphics cards to be used in the same system. It’s a fantastic feature for people that are concerned with performance.

Many games and configurations appear to reject this feature, which causes a slew of problems. If you’re getting the Fatal DirectX error, you should seriously consider turning off SLI.

  • Right-click on the blank side of your desktop without any icons.
  • From the context menu that appears, select the NVIDIA Control Panel option. If you see the NVIDIA icon in the system tray, you can double-click it.
NVIDIA Control Panel option
  • NVIDIA Control Panel can also be found by switching to the Large icons view and then looking for it in the standard Control Panel.
  • Tap on the Set SLI setup option in the 3D settings menu on the left side navigation panel.
Left panel on the 3D settings window
  • To confirm the modifications, select the Disable SLI technology option and then hit Apply.
Set the following section
  • Relaunch Final Fantasy XIV and see if the same error appears.

4. Run FFXIV Using Directx 9

If DirectX 11 isn’t able to run the game (which is set as default by Windows). You could try switching to DirectX 9 and then running the game. Users have also claimed that switching from Directx 11 to DirectX 9 fixed the fatal issue.

DirectX 11 can also be disabled in-game by going to Settings > System Configuration > Graphics tab.

Enable Direct X 9

  • Double-tap the Steam icon on your desktop, or use the Taskbar search to find Steam.
  • The Library will then appear at the top of the Steam window. Then, from the game list, scroll down to find Final Fantasy XIV.
  • Simply right-click the game and select Properties from the drop-down menu.
  • Set the Direct 3D 9 (-dx9) as the default by pressing the SET LAUNCH OPTIONS button.
  • To finalize the changes, simply press the Ok button.
  • If you don’t see the above option, right-click the game and select Properties from the menu.
  • To save your changes, put “-force -dx9” (without quotes) in the LAUNCH OPTIONS window and dismiss it.
  • The game will now run on Directx 9, which should fix the FFXIV Fatal DirectX problem.

5. Disable AMD Crossfire To Fix FFXIV Fatal Directx Error

Search results for AMD Radeon Settings
  • Simply select the Gaming tab from the AMD window.
  • Then, to see other settings, tap on Global Settings.
Tap on Global Settings
  • Toggle off the AMD Crossfire option to disable it and resolve the fatal problem.
image 232

6. Disable Audio/Sound Enhancements

It may not appear to be very fulfilling, yet it works in a variety of scenarios. To disable audio/sound enhancement, follow the procedures below.

  • Right-click the sound symbol in the taskbar. Select Sound from the drop-down menu.
image 233
  • Select the headphone you use when playing FFXIV in the Playback tab.
  • After that, select Properties.
Properties option for microphone
  • Go to the Advanced tab, then Enhancement Window now.
  • Select the Disable all enhancements checkbox next to it.
Enable audio enhancements checkbox
  • Apply the changes.

7. Add Directx9 To Steam

  • To begin, launch the Steam client software.
  • To access the Properties menu, right-click Final Fantasy XIV on Steam.
  • Then select Set Launch Options from the drop-down menu.
  • A fatal DirectX error has occurred (FFXIV). Press the Set Launch Options button and type -dx9 in the Launch Options text box.
  • Then press the OK button.


The deadly DirectX error in Final Fantasy XIV is terrifying. It causes the game to crash and the screen to become unusable. It occurs for some insignificant cause that we frequently overlook. The methods listed above can aid you in resolving the fatal DirectX problem.