10 Fixes For Fallout 4 Mods Not Working/Showing Up On PC

The 4th installment in the Fallout game series has to be the most popular creation of Bethesda Softworks, after Elder Scrolls V. Besides having spectacular gameplay and a plot, Fallout 4 allows the players to add mods to the game. This allows them a customized gaming experience.

However, the case is different when the mods cannot be seen in the game, even after they are installed. We used the Nexus Mod Manager and tried fixing it. Because we got positive results, we made this article explaining what to do.

Solutions To The Fallout 4 Mods Not Working Problem

There isn’t much to elaborate about the Fallout 4 mods not working issue. You will be able to play the game, just without the mods you installed. If you are dealing with this issue, these are the methods that we’ll be employing to get the mods up and running on your Fallout 4 game.

  1. Launch The Nexus Mod Manager As The System Administrator
  2. Configure The .ini Format Files For The Fallout 4 Mods
  3. Allow Fallout 4 Through The Windows Defender Firewall
  4. Exempt Fallout 4 From Windows Security Checks
  5. Get Rid Of Corrupt Mods
  6. Update The Nexus Mod Manager On Your System
  7. Check If Fallout 4 Has Updates
  8. Install Windows Updates, If Available
  9. Turn On Multi HD Install
  10. Arrange The Loading Order Of The Mods

Fixing The Fallout 4 Mods Not Working Issue On Your Windows 10 PC

We will be using the help of a tool known as the Nexus Mod Manager, now known as Vortex. This is a very useful tool and allows the modding of over 50 games for your computer. If you used a different approach before, you can install the Nexus Mod Manager from the internet. The below solutions can be of help.

Launch The Nexus Mod Manager As The System Administrator

  1. Go to the installation directory of the Nexus Mod Manager. This tool is generally installed in the C:\Program Files\NMM directory.
  2. In this folder, locate the NexusClient and right-click on it. This will bring the pop-up menu down.
  3. Select the Properties option and in the window that appears, go to the Compatibility tab.
Compatibility tab in the NMM Properties window
  1. Check the Run this program as an administrator option.
  2. Once you click on Apply and then, OK, the NMM will launch with system administrative privileges.
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After these steps are done, launch the tool and check if mods are detected for Fallout 4.

Configure The .ini Format Files For The Fallout 4 Mods

Files of the .ini format can be misconfigured as you run the game and install mods in it. You may have to manually change the configurations again so that you can make the downloaded mods appear or download them, in the first place, through the Nexus Mod Manager. 

  1. Open a Windows File Explorer (Windows key + E) window and go to the following directory –

This PC > Documents > MyGames > Fallout4

Fallout 4 folder in the My Games directory
  1. Here, you should be able to see a Configuration settings file named “Fallout4Custom.ini”. If you cannot, make a new Notepad++ file and give it the fore-mentioned, highlighted name.
  2. Open this file and include the following lines – 




  1. Go back to the File Explorer window and open the Fallout4prefs.ini notepad file.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and enter this line –
  1. Save both the notepad files and launch the game.

Allow Fallout 4 Through The Windows Defender Firewall

  1. Open the Control Panel window and click on the Windows Defender Firewall option. If your view mode is set to ‘category’, you will have to go to the System and Security > Windows Firewall.
  2. From the left menu panel, choose the ‘Allow an App or Feature Through Windows Defender Firewall’.
  3.  Click on the Change Settings button at the upper-right part of the page.
  4. Scroll down to the entries of the Nexus Mod Manager and the Fallout 4 game and check the Public and Private checkboxes, that is to their right.
List of apps and their permissions over different networks
  1. Save these changes and reboot your system to apply these changes.

Both the Fallout 4 game and Nexus Mod manager will be exempted from the Windows Firewall. You will, most likely, not be able to face the Fallout 4 mods not working issue again, on your computer. 

Exempt Fallout 4 From Windows Security Checks

Sometimes the antivirus can also be responsible for quarantining files related to the game and the mod manager. This is because of the scans that detect them as possible threats to the computer.

The only option to get rid of the Fallout 4 mods not working issue on the computer, is to add these files to the exclusion list so that they cannot be detected in the scans.

Each antivirus has a unique interface and thereby, has different methods to add an application or a folder to the list of files excluded from the scan. 

Get Rid Of Corrupt Mods

  1.  Launch NMM with the help of the Nexus Mod Manager icon on your desktop or the installation location.
Nexus Mod Manager window scanning the PC for the games and the mods
  1. Click on the Fallout 4 game option and you will see a list of all the mods installed on your computer. 
  2. Now, look for the mods that you cannot see in the game. You should be able to see them listed.
  3. From here, you have to choose between deleting them permanently and disabling them and enabling them again.
    1. Right-click on the mod and choose the Deactivate option. To re-activate it, click on the Activate option in the context menu. 
    2. Open the context menu and choose the Uninstall or Delete option. Here, you have to choose if you want to delete the mod from the computer or uninstall the mod from the game. 
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You can also try the ‘Reinstall mod’ option. This will uninstall and reinstall the mod from your computer. You will not lose the mod, unless the process is interrupted.

Update The Nexus Mod Manager On Your System

It is important that you have the latest version of the Nexus Mod Manager on your computer. Only then, you will be able to connect with the ever-updating game and make modifications to the game files.

The NMM has an auto-update feature that can be toggled on or off. If you do not want to do it this way, you can always visit the Nexus Github webpage and install the source of the latest version of the game modder.

Check If Fallout 4 Has Updates

Fallout 4 page in the Steam store

There are chances that the game itself has updates waiting to be downloaded and installed. If there are updates, the game may not run. And when the updates are installed, the mods may or may not be compatible with the game.

The only option here is to wait for new, compatible mods to be released. If you are a modder, you can try altering the .esp and .ini files to make the mods fit into the new version of the game.

If you download your Fallout 4 mods from a third-party website, the site may contain details about which version of the game can host the mod. For updating the game, you can use the platform through which you purchased Fallout 4 in.

Install Windows Updates, If Available

  1. Open the Windows Settings (Windows + I) window. Here, click on the Updates & Security settings tile.
  2. You will be taken to the Windows Update page. Now, click on the Check for updates button, if there are pending system or driver updates
  3. Then, press the Download and Install button, once you make sure that you have a proper internet connection. 
Downloading updates on the Windows Update page
  1. Once the updates are done, press the Windows key to open the Start menu and in the Power settings, choose the Update & Restart option.

Turn On Multi HD Install

For the Nexus Mod Manager to install the mods correctly onto your Fallout 4 game, both the NMM tool and the game should be installed on the same partition of your hard drive.

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However, you can still make it work when the game and the mods/mod manager are installed in separate locations. This is possible when you enable ‘Multi HD install’ element on the NMM, during the installation process of mods.

When the mods are being installed into the game, you will have to enable Multi HD install for the mods to work. Your only other alternative solution, in this case, is that both the mods and the game have to be in the same drive partition.

Arrange The Loading Order Of The Mods

The final solution is not known to work as expected but there are chances that this is the breakthrough you’re looking for. Changing the order of the mods that load in the Fallout 4 game, through the Nexus Mod Manager, might help you fix Fallout 4 mods not working error on your computer. 

You just have to open the Nexus mod manager, go into the Plugins tab and drag the .esp files up or down to arrange them in any order. Try prioritizing the larger files or the smaller ones and not in random order. 

These are the solutions we managed to use to help install or detect Fallout 4 mods through the Nexus Mod Manager


How Do I Get Mods To Work In Fallout 4?

If you are experiencing the Fallout 4 mods not working issue on your computer, you can try to provide NMM administrative rights, exclude Fallout 4 and the Nexus Mod manager from the firewall and antivirus, update NMM, and Windows, change the order of the mods and enable Multi HD install.

Why Are Some Mods Not Working?

Factors like these can prevent mods from working on any game –
Lack of administrator rights
Different install locations for the game and the mods
Out-of-date Nexus Mod Manager version
No passage through the Windows Firewall
Damaged mod files
Lack of internet

How Do I Enable Mods On Fallout 4?

To enable the Mods for your Fallout 4 game, you will need a mod manager. The Nexus Mod Manager is recommended for this. Once you install this tool, it will detect the game and allow you to install mods into the game. Without this tool, you will have to insert the mods manually. Once the game and mods are detected, open the Fallout 4 option in the NMM and then, you will be able to enable or disable it in the mod’s context menu.

Why Can I Not Access Mods On Fallout 4 PS4?

When you are not able to access the mods on your Fallout 4 game on a PS4, you will see a grey screen and also, may not be able to log into the Bethesda servers. This could be because of network issues or improperly installed mods.