Solution to Fix All Types of Fallout 4 bugs

Fallout 4, initially developed by Bethesda Game Studios, is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game. Fallout 4 was published by Bethesda Softworks. This game is the fifth significant increment in the Fallout series (eighth overall) and was released on multiple platforms like PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One.

This has a great storyline and top-notch quality graphics. However, fans are sometimes still disappointed due to various bugs and errors popping out during gameplay.

Fallout 4 is thoroughly enjoyed in high graphic gameplay with high system and game performance. Playing this magnificent game in low graphics will be like playing a 1990s game. This article will discuss some bugs or errors that may cause your character to change to a brown, black, rusty face or dark face.

This article also includes remedies that you can use to get rid of this irritating game bug, causing the character’s face to turn black or brown. The character’s face changes their color with the camera’s orientation and angle of view; this error is mainly due to some missing files from the data or other reasons discussed in this article.

 Fallout 4 bug brown face fix 

This Brown face bug is faced by many Fallout four lovers, which changes the appearance of the player to ugly brown color or rusty face. However, this face fix bug has no implications on the gameplay or the game’s performance. Still, “Fallout 4” lovers get annoyed to see this brown face instead of their smart character.

There is no official declaration, post, query, or remedy for the bug from the game’s official publisher. Auspiciously this error can be easily rectified by following the below-given steps.

 In order to rectify this brown face bug or face fix for rusty face, you need to install a third-party mod from the website of Nexus Mods for your game. Perform the below-given steps to solve your problem expeditiously.

  1. Open your browser and surf to the Mods website on your PC.
  2.  download the official mod from Nexus Mods
  3. Extract the files using the extracting tool on your Personal Computer, or you can use WinRAR to begin the process.
  4. Now copy/cut and paste the files in the “Data folder” of the Fallout 4 Game. You can find the game location of the data folder at the default installation site of the game is C:-ProgramFiles-(x86)-Steam-steamapps-common-Fallout 4-Data.

Or navigate to the desired drive/folder of your game installation.

  1. Or you may use any other mod manager to enable the Mod. Some of the mod managers are Mod Organiser 2, MO2.
  2. Now launch the game after the mod installation.

Most probably, the brown face bug / rusty face would be resolved right away. If some other error is there, you can perform the below-given remedies.

Fallout 4 Ultrawide Bug Fix

Other than brown face bugs in the Fallout 4 game, another error may destroy the enthusiasm to play Fallout 4. The exact reason for the bug is not apprehended till now but for some unexpected reasons playing the game smoothly in the ultrawide mode is not possible, which is very unfortunate.

Ultrawide mode is just a screen display size in which you can enjoy more. While doing an ultra-wide mode, the screen stretches out the front way too much, and HUD is also broken, which makes it very hard to play the game. If you still wish to play this epic game in ultrawide mode on your Personal Computer, then you’ll need to install a separate  Mod by following the below-given steps.

The mod can be easily found on Nexus Mods, which helps play the game on an ultra-widescreen on your Personal Computer. The instructions to download and enable the Mod on your PC are as follows:-

  1. Firstly, download and install the official Nexus Mod Manager on your system from the official website.
  2. Now download the save Ultrawide Mod on your Personal Computer from the Nexus Mods website.
  3. Open the Mod Manager on your personal computer and select the Mod to activate it for the game.
  4. Once the above task is accomplished, go to  My Documents- Games-Fallout 4 Game on your Personal Computer.
  5. Search and open the “Fallout.ini” file in Notepad and edit the given lines.
    Archive] bInvalidateOlderFiles=1
  6. Now save the notepad file changes and exit the file.

This step will help modding the game correctly, and then you will be able to play Fallout 4 on the Ultrawide screen without any hassle. Also, the ultrawide mod from the  Nexus Mods is self-governing. This mod does not need any other helping mods or software to run efficiently.

Fallout 4 Stuttering Issue Fix

With the new patch update of fallout 4 many players have reported some new errors which are being confronted during the gameplay; one such error is stuttering. Stuttering is the situation when normal gameplay becomes too sluggish and laggy, frame rate drops drastically, and graphics of the game also start to deteriorate.

Even players with high-end Personal Computers are not able to play the game smoothly. That’s how bad the game looks when it starts to stutter after the recent patch update. You may try to alleviate the performance by closing all the background activities or tasks and by changing a few graphics settings in fallout 4 to fix the stuttering issue. You may also try the below-given steps to see if it helps in solving the issue.

  • Update Your Graphics Drivers:- In several cases, old graphic drivers have been reported as the root cause of stuttering and graphical performance-related issues in games. It is always advised to update your graphic drivers to the latest version to avoid any performance-related problems. 
    • To update the driver, you can quickly check the graphic driver’s version in the computer setting or simply open the Run window type “dxdiag” and hit enter in the opened window go to display and see the model and version of the graphic driver.
    • After knowing the version, go to the provider’s official website, download the latest version, and install it on your personal computer. 
  • Adjust Frame Rate: If you have set your personal computer’s frame rate greater or lower than the game’s recommended frame rate, you need to alter the system frame rate with the game. Hence, it’s better to play the game at the required game settings to avoid such issues. Go to the in-game settings of fallout 4 and try adjusting the frame rates to the game’s optimum level. Then restart the game so that the changes to come into effect.
  • Change Resolution To Monitor Size:- Players run the Borderless-mode game, which is excellent in terms of the gameplay experience. It may be possible that your Personal computer may not have the required specifications to run the game in a borderless-mode, which would eventually cause performance issues and stuttering. You may try to rectify this by lowering the video resolution. Go into the settings of the game and see if this works or not.

There might be chances that the stuttering issue is not linked to FPS or graphic driver in that case, or if the above steps did not help solve the stuttering issue, follow the below-given steps and see if that works.

  1. Navigate to My Documents on your personal computer and open the “Games” Folder.
  2. Go and Select the “Fallout 4” folder from the list.
  3. On the next screen, Open up the Fallout4Prefs file using any text editor like Notepad, word, or any other software.
  4. In the respective file, you need to make the given changes by editing the values appropriately.
  5. Once the changes are performed, save the changes and exit from the file.
  6. Launch the fallout 4 game and see if that worked or not.

Search the values and edit:-


bFull Screen=1

change these values to


bFull Screen=0

Hopefully, you will notice the FPS’s improvement after performing the changes mentioned above in the folder. In case if the FPS is still not improved, then there are chances your personal computer may not have the proper system requirements to run the game smoothly.

Fallout 4 Boston FPS Fix

A lot of players mentioned that when you’re walking around or playing around the Boston region of the game, the FPS rate drops significantly. People who use external mods are more vulnerable to face these drops in frame rates when roaming in the Boston area.

This issue can also be resolved by just installing a Nexus Mod, which will fix the issue and improves the game’s performance. It is generally assumed that the Mod will increase the performance by 10-20 fps, but the results may vary in some update the mod, below are the steps you need to follow

Go to the official Nexus Mods Mod Page, or just click here. Here you can see all the knowledge related to how the Mod and how you can use it to skyrocket the game’s efficiency on your PC. In addition to this, there are video sources on the official page that will help you understand how the Mod operates and make gameplay better.

Fallout 4 Infinite Loading Screen Fix

Another bug that makes someone’s hackles rise is the infinite loading screen bug. This “infinite loading screen bug” is a bug that appears at the loading screen itself that freezes your fallout 4 game and prevents you from entering the game.

The only way to get out of the screen is by opening Task Manager and closing the game on your PC. Gamers who have experienced this bug have been trying to wait a lot of time, but sorrowfully, it didn’t help. If your game also freezes on the loading screen, it’s probably the infinite screen bug that triggers the problem on your PC.

As usual, you will need to disable “vsync” and lower the game’s frame rate to 30 fps by going to the game’s “ini folder” to get the loading time back to normal and be able to play the game. To find the “Ini file” of the fallout 4 game on your Personal Computer, follow the below-given steps.

  1. Go to “My Documents” on your computer desktop and search and Open up the “My Games” folder. 
  2. You will find folders and some files of all the games installed on your personal computer on the next screen.
  3. Find the “Fallout 4” game folder and Open it up.
  4. In the opened window, search for the “Fallout 4.ini” file and open it using Notepad or any other text editors.
  5. Search for the frame rate values, and the Vsync option changes the values as per the required.
  6. Save all the changes that you have executed before closing the ini file.

You may be able to solve the loading screen’s stuck bug and now be able to get through the loading screen without any issues in the game. If the problem still continues, then you can also try lowering down other graphic and video related values in the ini folder itself to avoid any other performance-related bugs in your game.

Fallout 4 Human Error

Human Error in fallout 4 is really a mission in the game that you need to finish to advance in the game. It’s fundamentally a criminologist style journey in Fallout 4, which is very mind-boggling and sets aside a substantial amount of effort to finish. In case you’re left with this mission in the game or incapable of finishing, at that point, take the assistance of the walkthrough referenced underneath. 

From the start, the player needs to discover the Covenant in the northern segment of “Province” and address Swanson, who turns out to be the custodian. Presently take the “Protected” test to get to the network and to continue further in the mission.

When you’re inside the network, you need to discover and address a threatening person named Honest Dan over yonder. By conversing with the person, you will think about the missing troop; you can acquire information about the case by conversing with different townspeople around there. 

Presently leave the town and follow the mission marker to the troop’s stays to continue. Over yonder, you’ll need to locate a cooler which you need to open up to discover Deezer’s Lemonade.

Presently by and by back to the Covenant and start a discussion with all the residents until you run out of subject discussions. Presently talk with Deezer, make a point to continue chatting with him until he gives you Lemonade, and finally return to the old antagonistic person, Honest Dan, and converse with him also.

Make observations of the secured entryway or house in the town, and go to Doctor Patricia’s office to take the keys. You need to look through the whole house to locate another arrangement of keys and a note too, which has Jacob’s secret phrase.

Presently enter the place of business in the Covenant and access the terminal to continue further. After that, make a point to peruse the terminal data, leave the compound, and catch up with the waypoint pointer to a sewer pipe close to the lake. 

Presently access the compound by going into the sewer and investigating the combination until discovering Doctor Roslyn Chambers. Given your discussion with the specialist, you will be introduced to a lot of choices to browse. You essentially need to choose an alternative from the rundown, and your journey will end depending on what you’ve chosen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove Fallout 4 Mods Downloaded from Third Party sites?

To ensure that all mod from a third-party site is completely deleted, we recommend a clean install of the fallout 4game by following the steps below:
Uninstall Fallout 4 game.
Manually delete any folder left in your Fallout 4 folder.
Manually delete Fallout4.ini from your My Games folder.
Manually delete plugins.txt from the location C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Fallout4\ (by default).
Reinstall the fallout 4 games.

How do I get rid of black face in Fallout 4?

Bethesda’s high res DLC dispatched has caused a bug where the shade of character faces has transformed into dark and earthy colored. The bug began showing up after the studios have presented the new DLC. Sadly, there aren’t any in-game alternatives accessible that could fix the issue. You should depend on one more Nexus Mod to dispose of the Black face fix in the Fallout 4 game along these lines.

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