Fallout 4 Blackface Fix: 7 Quick & Easy Methods

Bethesda released Fallout 4 in 2015, but the game is pretty much alive and kicking even today. The partial credit goes to the modder community and the multitudes of side quests present in Fallout 4.

But Fallout 4 shares the same problem found in many big-budget role-playing games, ie., fallout 4 bugs. Players have encountered multiple varieties of bugs in the game but nothing is as notorious as the fallout 4 face texture problem.

Fallout 4 Blackface Fix

The Fallout 4 blackface problem renders the face of NPCs black while the rest of the body appears the same. Fallout 4 is a visually stunning game and the high-res DLC pushed the experience to even greater limits.

But the Fallout 4 blackface bug ruins the immersive experience and makes it difficult to play. Don’t worry, as we will list detailed solutions which will help you restore the original glory of Fallout 4 and Fallout 4 enhanced edition. 

Causes of the Fallout 4 blackface Fix

There is no definite root cause of the fallout 4 blackface problem. But many players are encountering the issue after upgrading to the official high-res DLC rolled out by the developers. Other probable causes for the Fallout 4 bugs are as follows:

Faulty Fallout 4 Face Mods

Fallout 4 is a super-popular game of the franchise that has hundreds of mods available for it. The Fallout 4 blackface problem can be the direct result of a faulty Fallout 4 face mod that doesn’t sit well with the game files. 

Corrupt or missing game files

Frequently installing new mods and not keeping the original game files may corrupt game files. If any necessary game file for rendering face textures is deleted or missing from the installation folder, it can result in the Fallout 4 blackface issue.

7 Solutions for Fallout 4 black face fix

Here are the 7 working solutions for the fallout 4 black face fix which will remove the meddlesome fallout 4 bugs and dark brown face bug from your game.

  1. Close and Relaunch Fallout 4 through Steam
  2. Restart your Windows PC
  3. Update Graphics Card Drivers
  4. Check the integrity of Game Files
  5. Disable Mods
  6. Remove fallout 4 mods
  7. Fix the black/dark face bug with a third-party mod
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Close and Relaunch Fallout 4 through Steam

Windows PC players of Fallout 4 can try closing the game via the game menu and then close the Steam client as well. It is a working method that has solved the problem of Fallout 4 face problem for many players. Relaunch the steam client and run the game to check if the Fallout 4 bugs persist.

Restart your Windows PC

Restarting your PC is the oldest trick in the book for troubleshooting basic and advanced problems. Restarting your PC may fix the Fallout 4 blackface bug and also free up memory and close unused processes that are slowing down your computer.

Fallout 4 is a pretty demanding game and by restarting, you can free up the system resources and give maximum available resources to the game. Restarting the PC can also install the pending Windows updates on the system. Launch the Fallout 4 on your computer to see if the issue is resolved or not.

Update Graphics Card Drivers

GPU vendors keep releasing new drivers to fix incompatibility issues for old and new games. These updates bring stability to the gameplay, offer minor FPS increases and game fixes for multiple titles. To update your GPU drivers retrace the following steps:

  1. Click on the Start button and search for Device Manager. Open the program.
fallout 4 face fix
  1. Navigate to the Display Adapters option from the list and right-click on the discrete graphics card (AMD/Nvidia).
  2. Double click the Update Drivers option from the list to open the driver update menu.
click on update driver
  1. You can either select search automatically for drivers or click on the Browse my computer for drivers option. We recommend automatic search as it finds and installs the latest version of GPU drivers available.
search automatically for drivers
  1. Alternatively, if the GPU drivers cannot be found automatically, search for the latest drivers for your GPU model from the vendor website (AMD/Nvidia). Download and install it using the second option.
Browse my computer for drivers

Note: AMD and Nvidia also offer proprietary GPU management software which allows you to check and download new driver updates.

Check the integrity of Game Files

Corrupt or missing game files result in unexpected errors. You can verify the game files by using the Steam Client.

  1. Open the Steam Client on your PC and move to the library section.
  2. Find Fallout 4 in the game list and right-click to reveal the menu. Select the properties options from the pop-up menu.
Local Files
  1. Navigate to the Local Files tab and select the last option “Verify Integrity of Game Files“.
select Verify integrity of game files
  1. The process will check for every game file and take anywhere from a few minutes to hours depending upon your storage type and folder size.
  2. Launch the game from the Steam client to see if you encounter the blackface bug or not.
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Disable Mods

We will suggest you use vortex mod manager(formerly Nexus mod manager) to disable the Fallout 4 face mods installed on your computer. It is an incredibly popular tool for installing mods as it provides one-click installation of mods. Incompatible or corrupt mods may be the reason behind Fallout 4 blackface issue, so it’s best to disable them before launching the game.

  1. Install Vortex Mods Manager from the official website and run it using administrator privileges.
  2. In the application, you will see the list of all the Fallout 4 mods installed on your computer.
  3. Click on any mod and select the Disable option from the menu.
  4. Disabling mod is a hit-and-trial method to find faulty Mods. So we suggest that you first disable all the mods, and then try to run the game.
  5. Then, you can begin enabling the mods one by one to find out the culprit from the list. It is an exhaustive process that will require multiple game re-launches.

Remove Fallout 4 Face Mods

If disabling the mods doesn’t do the trick, then the last option is to remove all the Fallout 4 mods installed on your computer. To remove these mods:

  1. Open the Vortex Mods Manager and go to the Mods option in the left-hand side menu.
  2. Click “Ctrl + A” or use “Shift + Select” to select the mods you want to remove.
  3. Click on the Remove option and all the existing mods installed on your computer will be deleted permanently.

Fix the black/dark face bug with a third-party Fallout 4 face mod

If Removing or Disabling the existing mods doesn’t solve the Fallout 4 black face bug, then the last feasible option is to search and download a third-party Fallout face mod from the nexus mods website. Multiple contributors have come up with mods that resolve the blackface bug in Fallout 4 and make the characters’ faces visible again.

There are multiple fallout 4 face mods available for the black face fix, but we will suggest you download and use the “High Res DLC Black Face Fix” mod which seems to solve the bug for many players. Keep in mind that this High Res DLC Black Face Fix will only work if you have installed the official High-Res DLC.

  1. Open your browser and search for the NexusMods website.
  2. Click on the first link and then search for the High Res DLC Black Face Fix using the on-page search bar.
  3. Once you find the High Res DLC Black Face Fix mod, click on the download button.
  4. The Vortex Mod Manager will open and you will see a notification for an active download on the top right corner.
  5. After the download is complete, then click on the Install button in the notification area. It will install the High Res DLC Black Face Fix on your computer.
  6. Installing a mod is only a part of the solution. You have to enable the mod to let it work its magic. Click on the Enable button in the new notification prompt to enable the mod in Fallout 4.
  7. Now, Relaunch the Fallout 4 game and check to see if the Fallout 4 skin of characters has turned back to their normal color.
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These were the 7 Solutions to fix the Fallout 4 faces color issue. We hope that by using the solutions, your impending black face issue is resolved. Using the Vortex mod manager is more convenient than unpacking the fallout 4 face mod files.

You can copy the mod files to the game data folder with one click. We also have a detailed post on how to use Vortex Mod Manager for Fallout 4. Do check it out if you face any trouble with mod installation.


Can Mods Fix Fallout 4?

Yes, mods can improve the playability, and fix uncommon errors that do not have an official bug fix or patch.

How Do You Fix Mod Conflicts In Fallout 4?

Mod conflicts can be fixed by rearranging the load order in the Vortex mod manager.

Why Are Some Of My Fallout 4 Face Mods Not Working?

Fallout 4 face mods may stop working due to numerous reasons such as Improper configuration of the .ini files for Fallout 4, Conflicting mods, Improper mod load order, Corrupt or outdated mods, etc. If The mod manager does not have admin privileges, then also the mods may not work.

How Do You Get Fallout 4 Mods On PS4?

PS4 players can download mods from the game menu. Firstly, upgrade your Fallout 4 to the latest version and then visit the mods section in the game. Here, you can see and install all mods available for PS4.