10 Best Fake Email Generators (Get Free Temp Email Address)

There might be times when you would have wished to send an anonymous fake email for pranks, safety reasons or to avoid your inbox getting filled with unwanted spam emails.

Here you can make use of the fake email generators.

What is a fake email address?

A fake email address is what helps you remain anonymous on the internet all the while allowing you to sign up, receive confirmation links, replying to an email, or forwarding an email using these addresses.

They help you avoid using your personal or official mailbox thereby saving you from spam emails.

There might be times and activities, such as filling the application form, signing-up, or downloading an ebook, where you would be asked for your email address.

All these activities generally cause spamming of your inbox or receiving insecure mails and thus we might hesitate to provide our regular email addresses.

Therefore, we have included a list of popular fake email generators for your help.

Why should we avoid spam?

A research was performed at Barkly which stated that an email is a primary way to perform an attack using malware. This can be a threat to the whole organization.

It was found that 1 in 131 emails contain malware and thus as a precaution, we should take immense care with our regular emails to allow it not to get filled with spam.

Thus, fake email addresses and fake email generators are our solutions.

In the market, there are various fake email address generators available.

The below given shortlisted ones are what we found the best, based on their features, validity for message & email address, and services offered.

If you use Gmail and Yahoo as your regular mail, then you can use them as well for creating a disposable fake email address. But you will have to separate your spam emails yourself.

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Fake email generators do not deliver spam emails in your inbox and hence are much safer.

Top 10 Fake Email Generator

1. Emailfake.com

fake email generator
UptimeDomain NameUsageCost
57 DaysAnyRegistration, Confirmation mail reception, avoid spammingFree

Emailfake.com provides you with a fake email address using which you can register on any website, receive the confirmation email, and avoid spams from filling up your personal/official email addresses.

It is free of cost with the choice of any domain and uptime of 57 days for email validity.


  • Allows the generation of fake email addresses by selecting usernames and domains.
  • An unlimited number of fake email addresses can be created.
  • Used for registration and reception of confirmation email from any website.


  • Any domain name possible.
  • Take just two steps to generate a fake email id.
  • The fake email address validity will be for 231 days.
  • No registration is required.

2. Fake Mail Generator

fake email generator
UptimeDomain NameUsageCost
NA 10Disposable fake email address creation, country-specific domain selectionFree

It is best for creating a disposable email address with a validity of 10 days and for avoiding spamming of the regular inbox.

It comes with 10 domain names and is free of cost.


  • Creation of disposable email address.
  • Easy sending and receiving of emails.


  • The choice for country-specific domains.
  • 10 different domain names available.
  • No registration is required.

3. Email Generator

fake email generator
UptimeDomain NameUsageCost
57 daysA fixed dropdown listEmail confirmation, Social Networking, and Test AccountFree

This is a temporary fake email generator that is useful for receiving confirmation emails, signing up on the website, creating a test account, signing up for social networks, and email registration.

There is a fixed dropdown list of domain names.


  • Easy creation of fake email.
  • Generation of email id for various purposes.


  • It comes with a 57 days validity for fake emails.
  • No registration is required to create a fake email id.

Useful for creating an account on any website so that your inbox will be free from spam.

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A single click can create a temp mail easily.

4. YOPmail

fake email generator
UptimeDomain NameUsageCost
8 daysNA Spam email protection, registrationFree

This fake email generator is useful for protecting your inbox from spam emails and allows you to register anywhere.

It comes with 8 days of validity and is free of cost.


  • Disposable fake email address creation.
  • YOPMail can remember you each time you visit if you don’t delete the cookie.


  • 8 days of fake email validity.
  • Disposable ids are created for every user.
  • Optional registration with no password requirement.
  • Account already exists so no need to create one.
  • Inbox is auto-generated.

5. ThrowAwayMail

fake email generator
UptimeDomain NameUsageCost
2 daysNASignup and confirmationFree

Throwawaymail fails email generator is mostly used for signing up and receiving confirmation emails from websites.

It is free of cost and comes with a 2 days fake email validity.


  • Fake email id generation.
  • Sending and receiving emails.


  • Fake email id generation for signup and confirmation emails.
  • No registration is required.
  • Unlimited fake email creation.
  • The email address expires after 2 days.

6. Mailinator

fake email generator
UptimeDomain NameUsageCost
Auto Deleted after few hoursPublic and privateSpam prevention and QA testingPersonal (Free), Team Plus ($159/month), and Enterprise (contact company)

It is mostly used for spam email prevention and QA testing.

This fake email generator comes with 3 plans:

  • Personal – free of cost
  • Team Plus– $159 per month
  • Enterprise – You need to contact the company to enquire about this plan.


  • Quick generation of the fake email address.
  • Attach the domain to Mailinator and get emails for this domain in one inbox.
  • Provides API access.
  • Allows private domain.


  • No registration is required for creating and using fake email ids.
  • Fake email id can be shared with any website anywhere.
  • Received email gets auto-deleted in a few hours.
  • You can upgrade your plans to Team Plus or Enterprise for more functionality.
  • Privacy and storage options are available.
  • Easy and simple to use.
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7. Dispostable

fake email generator
UptimeDomain NameUsageCost
2 days(unread), 2 months (read)Any id with @dispostable.comQuick fake email id creationFree

In case you are in a hurry, Dispostable allows you to create fake email ids very quickly and that too free of cost.


  • You can choose your fake email id but it will end with @dispostable.com.
  • Unlimited fake email address generation.


  • Excellent User interface.
  • Suitable for beginners.

8. GuerrillaMail

fake email generator
UptimeDomain NameUsageCost
60 MinutesNA Spam protectionFree

GuerrillaMail is useful for prevention against spam emails in your personal/official email address.


  • Fake email address generated after entering the required details.
  • 150MB attachment facility is available.


  • For Android users, the mobile app is available.
  • Validity for received emails is only an hour or 60 minutes.

9. 10MinuteMail.com

fake email generator
UptimeDomain NameUsageCost
10 minutesNA Filling Applications on websites and Q/A forumsFree

As the name suggests, 10MinuteMail comes with a 10 minutes validity for its fake email address.

It is useful for filling applications on websites and Q/A forums.


  • Sending and receiving emails using fake email id.
  • 10 minutes validity for the fake email address.
  • Open, read, and reply to received email possible.


  • Generation of any number of email addresses possible.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Automatic email id creation.
  • Support provided for error reduction.

10. Trash Mail

fake email generator
UptimeDomain NameUsageCost
NA 16Sending and receiving disposable fake emails with attachmentsFree

Trash Mail allows its users with a disposable email inbox useful for sending and receiving fake emails and writing anonymous emails with attachments.


  • Easy to write, forward, and reply to any address.
  • Disposable email inbox.


  • It comes with all conventional mailbox functions and SSL data encryption.
  • Allows unlimited forwarding.
  • Provides 16 domain names for fake email generation.
  • No registration is required to send fake emails.

Final Word

From the above options, we can conclusively say that the fake email generator: Mailinator and Trash Mail, provide advanced features like data encryption, unlimited email forwarding, privacy, and storage plans. Mailinator also comes with paid plans for more features.

If you want unlimited fake email address creation you can go for Dispostable, however, there is a domain name restriction.

In case you need to send an attachment with your fake email, GuerrillaMail will be useful.

The 10MinuteMail fake email generator comes with a 10 minutes validity and provides support and automatic email creation.

Others like Emailfake.com, Fake Email Generator, Email Generator, YOPmail, and throwawaymail allow you to create a fake email address for free.

We hope that this Fake Email Generator article would have been helpful to choose the best one for you.

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