Failed to re-calculate permissions for Lab Project

Failed to re-calculate permissions for Lab Project error is thrown while upgrade PC project. got an exception:
Stack Trace:
at org.hp.qc.impl.customization.SiteCustomizationLoader.getSiteProjectDescriptor(


“UPGRADE task on project <Project Name> failed
ALM-E10011: Actual upgrade failed ; Failed to re-calculate permissions for Lab Project.;
Stack Trace:
com.hp.alm.platform.db.convertor.CUpgradeException: Failed to re-calculate permissions for Lab Project.

Either Lab project is not upgraded or corrupted . or the project’s link to Lab project has some problem ( linked to more than one lab project)

When this error is thrown, below items need to be verified.
1. Lab project is upgraded to latest version, before the project ( which has lab extension) is upgraded.
2. Make sure the project is linked to only one lab project. ( some times user may opt to create a new lab project and leaves the old lab project and the links with the projects)
Refer PROJECT_LINKS table for the links information.
and PROJECTS table where PROJECT_TYPE is “LabManagement” for lab project information.
Note: you may remove ( NOT DELETE) the project and restore, which refreshes the Links table
3. If above does not helps,rerun the config and create new lab project then remove and restore the project to upgrade.

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