4 Fixes For Failed to Download Bootstrapper Files Synapse X

To fix the Failed to download Bootstrapper files Synapse X, you may need to focus on a few forms beforehand to avoid such errors. This error is caused mainly by the security issues caused by your system to prevent downloading files that question the security of your device. And to repair this, you need to configure a few settings to download Synapse X without any complications. We will look at the below fixes.

What is Synapse X?

Synapse X is an augmentation of its old version, the Synapse Lua script injecting engine. It is a free source tool specifically used by Roblox to inject scripts. It is undetected and reliable to use, which brings a lot of people towards it.

But due to its exploitation behavior and some common faults, many users face difficulties downloading and using Synapse X. So, let’s look at those errors and repair them.

Synapse X logo

What are the fixes to settle the Failed to download bootstrapper files, Synapse X issue?

  • Administrative Rights
  • Use VPN
  • Turn off Advanced Security Xfinity
  • Allow Synapse X Through Your Antivirus (Windows Defender) and Firewall Applications

Solution 1: Launch Synapse X with Administrator Privileges

To keep the system shielded from additional uncertainties. A lot of new defenses are getting introduced every day in the tools we use. 

And, there are possibilities that your Synapse X application is restricted to make changes to your system. So to fix this, you need to run it as an administrator to avoid trust issues. To run Synapse X as administrator, right-click on the Synapse application and select Run as administrator.

Solution 2: Use a VPN Client or Try Another Network

Internet Service Provider a lot of time restricts accessing or downloading the files due to the unsecured channels. And to tackle this issue, you may need to install Virtual Private Network in your system. You can download any VPN of your preference. Here I’ve mentioned a few to check out – 

Once you download VPN, launch it. Now, set your preferred location and configure all the required settings. And, now try to download Synapse X files. And if you wish to change the network. You may do that also. But if that does not help you. Try installing VPN

Most probably, using a different network or a VPN could help you fix the error. And if that too does not work for you, try touring the next step. 

Solution 3: Turn Off Advanced Security (Xfinity Only)

For this, you may need to first sign in at the Xfinity xFi website to proceed further. After signing in, follow the steps below:

  1. Once you open the Xfinity in your device, navigate to More.
  2. Now, select the My Services option. 
  3. And, Disable xFi Advanced Security.

Now, again try launching the Synapse X application. And check if this fixes the error.

Disabling xFi advanced security

Solution 4: Allow Synapse X Through Your Antivirus (Windows Defender) and Firewall Applications

Antivirus and Windows defenders, a lot of time conflicts while performing several tasks, and this becomes a big issue when we want to introduce new changes in our device. And at last, we need to get rid of the security protection. And there are possibilities that this is the reason behind this error also. So to fix this, we will look into few selections:

  • Disable antivirus system temporarily.
  • Put Synapse X in the white-list.
  • Turn off the firewall defender.

We will achieve all these three points in the steps below:

  1. Search Virus & Threat Protection Settings on the taskbar and open it.
  2. And click on manage settings
Turning Real-time protection off
  1. As you click on it, a new window will pop out, and you will get to see an option saying Real-time protection. Make sure it is off.
  2. Scroll a little down, and you’ll see Add or remove exclusion below the title Exclusions.
Adding Synapse X folder in the exclusions
  1. Now, Click on add or remove exclusions and on the next screen. You’ll get the option to select folder and add exclusion to your system.
  2. Locate Synapse X and click add an exclusion.
  3. After this, search Windows Defender Firewall on the taskbar and open it.
Turning Windows Defender Firewall off
  1. Now, click on Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off and turn it off.

Now, try relaunching Synapse X. It must fix the issue. If not, reinstall the Synapse X files with administrative privileges after rebooting your system.