13 Fixes For Failed to Download Attachment from Multimedia Message

In the current era, MMS services are not used much since several apps have surfaced that can help you transfer several multimedia files free of cost and without any hassles. However, the multimedia service can still be useful in all those areas where there is no access to a secure network or Wi-Fi.

These days, a lot of users have complained that they are getting the error “failed to download attachment from multimedia message.” There could be several reasons behind this error but the good news is that it can be gotten rid of very easily. In this article, we give you a couple of solutions to fix your “failed to download attachment from multimedia messages.”

Causes Behind The “Failed To Download Attachment From MMS” Error

A lot of Android devices cannot download MMS attachments over Wi-Fi if the Wi-Fi Calling feature is enabled. The WiFi calling feature is said to be the root cause of the “failed to download attachment from MMS” error. Even if the feature remains enabled, still a lot of non-carrier phones continue exhibiting this behavior.

Some other common reasons behind this error include the MMS service’s cache/data getting corrupted, incorrectly configured MMS settings, or other local issues with the messaging app you use.

What Is MMS?

Multimedia Message Service or MMS is a service similar to text messages or SMS except that instead of texts, it allows you to send multimedia content like pictures and videos from a smartphone. You can send audio files, phone contacts, video files, and images using the multimedia message service.

How To Get Rid Of The “Failed To Download Attachment From MultiMedia Message” Error?

  1. Switching Network Mode
  2. Clean Out The Cache Files For The MMS
  3. Reboot Your Smartphone
  4. Delete Old Messages
  5. Enable/ Disable The Auto-Retrieve Feature
  6. Clear Out The Cache Partition
  7. Disable Package Disabler
  8. Enable Download Booster
  9. Reset APN Settings
  10. Change The Messaging App in Use
  11. Disabling IPV6 Protocol
  12. Update Your Profile & PRL
  13. Factory Reset

Solution #1. Switching Network Mode

If your Wi-Fi calling option is not activated, you won’t be able to download the MMS attachment via Wi-Fi. So, you can try disabling your Wifi if it is enabled and then, turn ON the mobile data to solve the problem. Follow the steps given below to do so:

  1. Slide down from the top of the screen to go to the Notification panel
  2. Turn off the WiFi option and also, allow the Mobile Data option from there.
  3. Try opening the MMS again and check if the “failed to download attachment” error is solved or not.
  4. Else, open the “Settings Menu” from your phone.
  5. Tap on “Connections” and then, tap on “More.”
  6. Click on “Mobile Networks” and look for “Preferred Network Mode.”
  7. Tap on it and choose different system modes like “LTE.” Then, go back to MMS and check if it opens or not.

Solution #2. Clean Out The Cache Files For The MMS

Cleaning out the cache of a social media app or a messaging app can also help you get rid of this error. Given below are all the steps you need to follow to get rid of this error:

  1. Go to “Settings” and then, navigate to “Apps.”
  2. Select the MMS Service application
  3. Tap on the “Clear Data” or “Clear Cache” option.
  4. Restart your phone and upon restarting, try downloading the message. Check if the error has been resolved.

Once you are done with the steps, check if the MMS can be downloaded on your phone correctly.

Solution #3. Reboot Your Smartphone

Rebooting your android phone is one of the very first things that you can do when you come across some kind of error or bug. Moreover, rebooting your smartphone often resolves tiny glitches with your phone.

  1. Press and hold your phone’s Power button until the Power menu comes up.
  2. Tap the Restart/Reboot option and wait till your smartphone restarts.

Check if the failed-to-download attachment from the multimedia message is gone or not.

Solution #4. Delete Old Messages

If your message storage goes beyond a certain limit, then, you might not be able to download the multimedia message. Follow the steps given below to get rid of the old messages and solve the error:

  1. First, open the Messages app
  2. Tap on the Menu button and then, tap the Delete Threads option
  3. Now, mark the checkboxes for all the messages you want to delete. Then, tap the Delete option

Solution #5. Enable/ Disable The Auto-Retrieve Feature

There is a feature called auto-retrieve that allows you to automatically download multimedia messages with a single click. However, the auto-retrieve feature can often give several errors.

At times, it can be very important for retrieving the MMS but sometimes, it can cause the “failed to download attachment from MMS” error. So, you can try enabling or disabling the auto retrieve feature to resolve this error:

To enable/disable the auto-retrieve feature, follow the steps given below:

  • Open a messaging app on your phone.
  • Tap on the Menu and then, the Settings option.
Settings option in the three dots menu of the Messages page
  • Click on “Multimedia Settings”
Messages settings page
  • Now, a list will open up. Look for the Auto-Download or Auto-retrieve option and disable/enable the feature by toggling the switch.
Multimedia Messages settings in the Messages settings
  • Reboot the phone and check if the error message is gone or not.

Solution #6. Clear Out The Cache Partition

Android phones have a cache partition for various system operations. If the said cache partition gets corrupted, then, clearing out the cache partition will solve the issue. Follow the steps given below to do so:

  1. Clear out the cache partition
  2. Restart your phone and check if the MMS error is gone or not.

Solution #7. Disable Package Disabler

Package Disabler is a utility that is used by a lot of users to block bloatware applications. If it has the “Disable Bloatware” option enabled, then the Package Disabler might block a lot of essential apps and services.

If the Package Disabler has marked the MMS service of your smartphone as bloatware, that too might give you an error. In that case, you can consider disabling the Package Disabler utility to resolve the error. Follow the steps given below to do so:

  1. Tap the Package Disabler widget. Its color is red when enabled and blue when disabled. Tapping it will change its color from red to blue.
  2. Now, check if you can download the MMS message.

Solution #8. Enable Download Booster

The Download Booster is a feature seen mostly in Samsung phones. Using this feature, you can download files that are bigger than 30 MB in size while using a Wi-Fi connection and mobile data at the same time. This feature allows you to download various apps from Play Store, Galaxy Apps, and so on.

Samsung users can try to download the multimedia message by enabling the Download Booster.

  1. Enable the Wi-Fi and mobile data.
  2. Open the phone Settings and tap on Connections
  3. Tap on More Connection Settings
  4. Tap on Download Booster
  5. Toggle the switch to enable Download Booster and then, restart your phone.
  6. Once the phone has rebooted, try downloading the MMS message and check if the error is gone or not.

Solution #9. Reset APN Settings

Another thing you can try out is resetting the Access Point Names or the APN.

  • Go to your smartphone’s Settings > Connections. Then, tap on More Connection Settings
Android settings with the Connections settings on top
  • Tap on Mobile Networks and select Access Point Names
Mobile Networks section in the Connections settings
Mobile Networks page in the Connectivity settings
  • Tap on the 3 vertical dots located at the top right corner.
  • Choose the Reset to Default option.
image 298

Solution #10. Change The Messaging App In Use

If you have applied the above methods and still haven’t been able to resolve the “failed to download attachment from the multimedia message,” then you can try changing the messaging app. Possibly, the issue lies with the messaging app you are using. In this case, opt for other messaging apps like hangouts, Textra, and so on.

All you need to do is pick another messaging app, download it, and set it as your default messaging app. Then, check if the MMS is downloading or not.

Solution #11. Disabling IPV6 Protocol

The IPV6 protocol was introduced to deal with the limitations of the IPV4 protocol. But, IPV6 is not entirely devoid of errors. You might encounter this error if the IPV6 protocol is enabled in the router and that connection is being used for downloading the MMS in question. You can try disabling the IPV6 to solve the problem:

  1. First, you need to disable the IPV6 protocol on your router. For doing so, go to the Settings of the router via the IP address written on its back.
  2. Then, check if the MMS message can be downloaded or not.

Solution #12. Update Your Profile & PRL

Sometimes, if you have an invalid, old, or corrupted PRL, the MMS service might stop. In this case, choosing to update the PRL & Profile might help to resolve the failed to download MMS issue. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  • First, go to your phone’s Settings
  • Keep scrolling until you find the About Phone option
  • Now, tap on System and then, choose the Update Profile option
Update PRL option
  • Next, choose the Update PRL option
Update PRL Process checking for the PRS update
  • Once you are done with the above steps, reboot your phone and check if the multimedia message gets downloaded or not.

Solution #13. Factory Reset

In case none of the above methods helped you resolve the error, you can try this one as a last resort. Executing a factory reset on your smartphone will delete all your data and set the settings back to default. Follow the steps given below to do so:

  1. Go to Settings and tap on System
  2. Tap on Advanced and then, on Reset options
  3. Tap on “Erase All the Data” > “Reset Phone”

Note: Make sure you back up all your essential files like docs, chats, videos, photos, music, etc. before attempting to do a factory reset on your android phone.

Final Words

The solutions listed above should help you fix the “failed to download attachment from multimedia message.” If the error still persists, you can try to report your phone as lost and wait for 15 minutes to report the same phone as found.

This has worked for several users but this still needs some paperwork in certain carriers. Moreover, your phone can get locked out too and so, it is recommended that you consult with your carrier before proceeding.