How To Factory Reset Your Laptop Without A Password

If you are considering resetting your laptop, it probably means you don’t have more solutions left. It is valid since most major errors can be removed from your computers with a reset. A factory reset might seem like a scary procedure but it is quite helpful.

How To Factory Reset Your Laptop Without A Password?

Certain devices require the users to enter their passwords to reset them. But what do we do when we do not have it? It might seem very annoying if you need to reset it. You won’t feel the same way when you are done reading this article.

We got all the methods to reset laptops designed by popular brands and the standard methods to factory reset your laptop without a password. Check the article below for more information on resetting Windows.

Advantages of Resetting your Laptop

If you have a laptop, certain situations might arise for you to reset the device.

OS Gets installed again

A reset of your computer means that the OS gets installed again. Any corrupt files or processes will be reinstalled without the issues.

Most major issues are fixed

Huge threats like viruses might not be removable through an antivirus scan. In cases like this, you can only get rid of the threat by reinstalling the OS.

Bulk Data can be cleared quickly

If you are trying to sell your laptop or give it away, it is important to keep all residual data. Resetting and reinstalling the OS without keeping the files can remove all existing files. This is essential for your privacy.

Resets all configurations and aspects of device

Sometimes, it is impossible to get through to system configurations when they are changed. The easiest way to get them back to default is to reset your laptop.

Improves the device speed

It is a very common solution to reset the laptop to improve the processor performance. This gets rid of driver overload and opens up more memory to run programs smoothly.

Preparing to Reset your Laptop

  • Before you reset the computer, it is essential to make backups of important files. You can use either a USB storage device or an online cloud unit.
  • Noting down the activation keys of the apps you need is essential. It can save a lot of time while setting them up, after installation.
  • Only reset the laptop after making sure that the hardware functioning is good. A system with weakened configurations will remain the same even after a hard reset.
  • The reset process is very delicate; The users can experience a boot loop if the procedure is not followed properly.
  • It is not advisable to reset your laptop several times within a short period. This can damage your processor, storage drive, and battery.
  • The resetting process can take a very long time, depending on your system’s specifications. The laptop has to remain untouched until it ends.
  • Since we are resetting a laptop, it has to be connected to an AC charger. An Operating System (OS) cannot be reset while the laptop is running on battery.
  • Only move to reset the PC after you’ve exhausted all the other troubleshooting solutions. This can save you a lot of waiting time.

Standard Procedure for Resetting a MacBook

  • If you have the macOS Ventura, go to Apple menu > System settings > General > Transfer or Reset > Erase all content and settings.
System Preferences option
  • For users with macOS Monterey, System Preferences > Menu > Erase all Content and Settings.
Erase all content and settings option
  • Log into your profile with the credentials.
Erase all content & Settings window
  • If you haven’t already backed up, use the Time Machine backup to create one. Click on Continue to proceed with or without the backup.
  • Log out of your Apple ID account and Continue.
  • A pop-up menu appears. Here, select the Erase all Content & Settings option.
Erase all content & settings option
  • Connect a mouse or a keyboard to navigate through the initializing process.
Select language page after reset
  • Set the system language and connect to a WiFi connection.
  • Reboot the device and set the MacBook up from scratch.

If you are looking to delete only the files on your Mac, you can do so if your mac is powered by an Intel or Apple chip.

Windows Procedure to Factory Reset Your Laptop Without A Password

Windows 7

  • Open your computer’s Control Panel.
  • Click on the System and Security tile.
System and Security tile
  • Select Backup and Restore and on the following page, choose Set up backup.
Backup and Restore option
  • Choose the hard disk drive partition, to which important files are to be backed up to.
Set up backup option

To recover these files, you can use the Recovery points feature through the Control Panel.

Windows 8.1

If you own a PC with the Windows 8.1 OS, you can either refresh the system or reset the system, completely. Let’s start with refreshing the PC –

  • Click on the right side of the screen and swipe to the center.
Quick draw settings menu
  • Select Settings and go into the Change PC settings option.
Change PC settings
  • Choose the Update and Recovery option.
Settings window with the Update and recovery option
  • Proceed to Recovery and locate the ‘Refresh your PC without affecting your files’ section.
Update and Recovery window
  • To launch the Refresh process, select Get Started and let the wizard guide you.

If refreshing did not help your Windows 8.1 device, you can run a hard reset.

  • Launch the Settings window on your computer.
  • Click on Update and Recovery > Recovery.
  • Click on the Get Started button in the Remove everything and Reinstall Windows section.
  • Follow the reset wizard ‘and its instructions to reset your computer, completely.

Windows 10

  • Open the Windows settings and proceed to the Update & Security tile.
Windows Settings
  • Locate the Recovery section and click on it.
  • Under the Reset this PC section, select Get Started.
Recovery section
  • In the Reset wizard that appears, you can choose between removing and keeping the files.

Windows 11

  • Launch the Windows Settings (Windows + I).
  • Move to the System tab and click on the Recovery settings.
Recovery sub-settings
  • Choose Reset PC from under the Recovery options category.
Recovery settings page
  • Run the Reset PC wizard and follow the given instructions.

Advanced Startup

  • Reboot the laptop and push the Power button to stop the process midway.
  • Wait for the Choose an option screen to appear. Then, click on the Troubleshoot option.
  • On the following page, click on the Reset this PC option.
  • Select Remove everything from the computer.
  • You can, now, install the OS again, either through OneDrive or with the local files. Select between keeping or removing the files.
  • Click on the Reset option to carry out the resetting process.

Unique Ways to Reset Laptop Models

Resetting an HP Laptop Without a Password

The recommended method to reset an HP laptop is to use the Advanced Startup window. However, there is a second method to do this. It requires removing the password from your computer and then, carrying out the usual reset process.

HP laptop

This can be done through your active Windows account or a different user account. The methods for both ways are given below.

If you know your login password and have access to your account, use the procedure below –

  • Use the search bar to look for Sign in options and open the best results.
  • Find the Change button in the Password section. Click on it to launch the wizard.
Change option in Password section

The window can be used to set a new password for the device and a new hint. If you are using the local password, check these steps –

User accounts tile
  • Click on the User Accounts setting.
User Accounts settings
  • Choose Manage another account. This option is available only for accounts with administrative rights.
Manage another account option
  • Click on the account which has to be reset and choose the Change the password option.
  • Use the instructions to create a new password.
  • Log into this account and reset the device.

Resetting a Dell Laptop Without a Password

If you do not know the admin password to a Dell laptop, you can reset it after changing the password. Alternatively, you can use the boot menu to adjust this.

Dell Laptop
  • Boot your PC up as usual. When you see the Dell logo appear, push the F8 button multiple times. This will open the advanced startup repair menu.
  • At the top of the options, move to the Repair your Computer option.
  • Hit the Enter key to confirm this.
  • In the System Recovery Options window, select Next.
  • Set a keyboard layout and select Next.
  • Enter your username and password here. The password has to be blank if you don’t have one.
  • From the list of system recovery options, select Dell Datasafe Restore and Emergency Backup. This option can also be named Dell Factory Image Restore or Dell Backup and Recovery Management.
  • From the window that appears, follow the given instructions to reset the device.

Resetting a Lenovo Laptop Without a Password

Lenovo ThinkPad laptop

Lenovo’s OneKey Recovery method is unique to the users with these devices. It utilizes the Novo button that is exclusive to certain Lenovo laptop models.

  • Turn your computer off and push the Novo button after a few seconds. This button can be on the side or near the power button of your laptop.
  • When the Recovery mode screen appears, move to the System Recovery settings.
  • Choose this option by pushing the Enter key. This will take you to the OneKey Recovery window.
  • Use a USB drive to make a backup of your files by choosing the Restore from user’s backup.
  • Click on the Select source image menu option.
  • Select the hard disk partition that contains the image partition. If you do not have a backup made, you have to go with the default option.
  • Proceed through the Next option and wait for the process to end.
  • Select Start to begin the resetting process.

Note: It is important to check the availability of the backup files before you hit the Next button.

Resetting an ASUS Laptop Without a Password

ASUS Rog laptop

ASUS recommends its users reset their systems with the Windows Installation Media.

  • Download the Windows 10 installation media source file from the Microsoft website. You will have to use this to create an installation media file on a USB drive.
  • Insert the USB drive into the computer, you want to reset. Make sure that the USB drive is on top of the boot menu.
  • Launch the PC to open the Windows installation wizard.
  • Follow the instructions on the OS setup wizard. You will be asked to set the device language, time zone, and currency format.
  • Select Next to proceed. On the following page, click on the Install Now option to begin the installation.
  • You will now have to activate the OS with your product key. If you do not have one, you can proceed and activate the OS later.
  • Accept the license terms and continue by clicking on the Next button.
  • From the installation type window, select Custom Install Windows only.
  • Finally, select Next to being the OS reset process.

Resetting an Acer Laptop Without a Password

Acer laptop

Acer users can use the Acer Recovery Partition window to reset their laptops.

  • Boot your Acer laptop up and push the F2 option to interrupt the booting. This will launch the BIOS menu up.
  • Navigate to the Main tab with the help of the side arrow keys.
  • Enable the D2D recovery feature.
  • Push the F10 keys to save the changes and leave the window.
  • Now, press the Alt key and while holding it, tap the F10 button a few times. This is to prompt the PC to load the eRecovery files.
  • Choose the Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults option.
  • Use the given instructions to reset the computer. 

If none of the above solutions work, you can contact Windows support or the respective brand’s customer care. They might have more specific solutions. Happy Browsing!

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