4 Best Methods: Factory Reset Chromebook

Using laptops for daily work is quite normal, but not many users are aware of factory reset Chromebook.

This works similarly to a laptop and can be used for various purposes, these include making presentations, sending emails, and attending or organizing virtual meetings. What makes it different from laptops is that it runs on Chrome OS.

So now you have been aware of what this is and for what purpose it is used. And if you are planning to use it, then you should be aware of a few things.

And the top of our minds is the factory reset. Here you’ll find out the answers to different questions of yours from why you need to Factory Reset your Chromebook to the ways used for doing it. 

Why Would You Want To Factory Reset Chromebook

A Chromebook is as important as any electronic device like a laptop where you can create different presentations, and graphics and do different tasks. The reason why you should factory reset your school Chromebook is as follows:

  • Problems with the user profile and settings: School Chromebooks are set up in such a way that no other applications could be installed except for the school applications and permissions are to be taken to make it more purposeful for educational purposes.
  • Issues on Boot and Restart – In case of any software issues the factory reset is the best way to handle the software and make it work smoothly without any glitches.
  • You want to change the device’s ownership- As the school Chromebook is used and managed by the school administration, thus, its owner, administrator account, preferences, and permissions are set up by default. So, a factory restart is the best way to delete the data in case of a change of ownership.

Hence, the above are some of the reasons you would prefer a Factory Reset Chromebook.

Alternatives To A Full Reset

Factory reset is the ultimate way to restart over. But there are certain alternatives you can go with before Factory resetting your device:

  • One at a time shut down each of the Chrome extensions, and while shutting down every extension checks the working of the Chromebook. 
  • To restart, reset your keyboard and trackpad, and turn off your hardware power down. It might also delete some of your Downloads folders causing little problems. 
  • Press Refresh and Power after turning off your Chromebook.
  • After all of the above still struggling with problems, a full Chromebook reset is the last resort you can go with.

How To Factory Reset Chromebook

Being a lightweight OS, it is not as troublesome as Windows. But in case you are working for a long time, a reset can speed up your Chromebook significantly. Also, you can delete the user account on your Chromebook when created without your permission.

A factory reset can remove the profile. Different ways to Factory Reset Chromebook are as follows:

  1. Standard Way to Factory Reset Chromebook
  2. Factory Reset Chromebook Without A Password
  3. Hard Reset Chromebook USING Recovery Mode
  4. Reset A School Chromebook To Factory Settings

1. Standard Way to Factory Reset Chromebook

One of the basic ways to Factory reset a Chromebook is given below:

  • At the bottom-right corner, Click on the notification center. Open Settings (the cogwheel icon).
  • Click on “Advanced” at the left pane, and then the “Reset Settings” menu from the bottom.
  • Under the Powerwash menu, click on the “Reset” option. After clicking on it go to the on-screen instructions. After a while, your Chromebook will factory reset itself and a clean and bloat-free Chromebook will be presented. Make sure to have at least 60% battery before resetting. 

2. Factory Reset Chromebook Without A Password

  • To reset your Chrome without a password you can use the Chrome OS keyboard shortcut 
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R keys at once after restarting your device on the login screen.
  • A Reset window will open, Click on “Powerwash” and choose “Reset”. The factory reset process on your Chromebook will be open without a password. 

3. Hard Reset Chromebook USING Recovery Mode

This option is the last in case of your Chromebook is not booting at all or freezing mid-way. You can hard reset your Chromebook in case the above methods didn’t work out.

This method restores both the software and hardware configurations of your Chromebook to the factory default settings. The Chromebook Recovery Mode is used to facilitate the reset option. This can be done as:

  • Press and hold the “Refresh” key (usually above 4) and the physical “Power” button simultaneously after turning off your Chromebook completely. 
  • Press the above key combination at once in case your Chromebook is not booting and connect it to a power source.
  • After chrome show “Chrome OS missing/damaged” on the screen, release the keys. 
  • To open the Chrome Recovery Screen, press Ctrl + D. Hard reset of the Chromebook will be done after going through the on-screen instructions.
  • If a tablet with Chrome OS is used, then, press and hold the “Volume Up” and “Power” buttons for at least 10 seconds.
  • Go through the on-screen instructions to hard reset your tablet. A similar process is followed in the case of android devices.
  • You can reset your device by using some older Chromebooks that come with a dedicated reset key. The list of Chrome-OS-based devices created by Google, specific reset keys, and hardware information. You can use and find the specific instruction.

4. Reset A School Chromebook To Factory Settings

You can’t reset your Chrome in case your Chromebook has been given to your school. As enrolled under an administrator and access to reset and other advanced options is not given.

If you manage to reset a school Chromebook, still it will be enrolled under the assigned administrator. Ask your admin to unenroll the Chromebook from the school console to delete your profile completely.


Hence, we have covered everything important about how and why should you Factory Reset Chromebooks.

This is important especially if you have been provided or bought the Chromebook for school or study purposes. Because then there is a possibility that it’ll be enrolled in the schools’/institutional database.

And for such a situation performing a factory reset on Chromebook is the best option to enable all the interesting and useful features.

And then the above content will help you out, and you can choose the best and most convenient way to factory reset your Chromebook.