Factory Reset Android Phone When Locked: 4 Best Ways

Android phones store sensitive data, including payment applications, bank details, photos, and other confidential items. This is why using a screen lock is strongly advised. 

However, locked phones can sometimes be inaccessible if the user forgets the password or has a technical issue with the Android software. In most cases, the last resort is to perform a factory reset android phone when locked

factory reset android phone when locked

There are several methods to reset an android phone when it is locked. A few of them will be discussed below. 

Can You Unlock Android Without Resetting?

Since all Android phones have the feature of performing a factory reset, you can also unlock the device without resetting. However, because the protection has protected many android devices, this method may no longer work. 

Several methods may or may not work depending on the model of your phone. 

How to reset an Android Phone when Locked

  1. Use an Android Unlock Tool
  2. Reset via the Android Device Manager
  3. Perform a manual reset
  4. Google Account

1. Use an Android Unlock Tool

One of the best ways to reset your Android phone when locked is by using an Android unlock tool. This is a third-party application that also helps you store the data. Those third-party applications to get around the screen lock, you can remove the lock, save important data and reset the phone. 

You can connect to the third-party application on the computer and get through the phone. A majority of the time, this method is used if erasing your phone is not the preferred option that you still need to access the phone. 

2. Reset via the Android Device Manager

Another option is using the Android device manager if you want to reset the phone. However, this method can only work on devices with this service enabled before the lock. 

Reset via the Android Device Manager

You can follow these steps if you reset the phone via the android device manager. 

  • Run ADM from a different phone or computer and search for the locked device. 
  • When you return to the locked phone, that should now have a password field on the screen, and enter a new temporary password. 
  • After you reset the password, you can use the phone normally. 

3. Perform a Manual Reset

Recovery mode is one of the quickest and easiest ways to remove the screen lock, and this can be done by getting in the recovery mode. 

  • To use it, simultaneously press and hold power and volume up buttons on your phone. 
Perform a Manual Reset
  • Please wait for a menu and then click on its recovery mode. 
 wipe the data from the phone
  • Find and select the option that helps you wipe the data from the phone, then confirm this action.

The exact steps and menu items may vary depending on the Android phone brand. However, the steps are also the same on all the models. 

4. Google Account

Performing a factory reset on your phone is also possible with the help of your google account. This can be done especially if you have logged in to your phone, which has been locked. 

It would help to keep the phone powered and connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data. You can follow one of these steps if you want to reset your locked phone with the help of your google account. 

  • You can use another phone or web browser and go to google.com/android/find, and you will have to use the account logged in on the smartphone lock. 
google-find my device
  • After you log in to your android phone, you will have to click on Erase device from the navigation bar that is on the left-hand side. 
mail id or ph number
Device Location
  • After that, erase the device and then select Erase again so that you can confirm the action. 
Erase Device
Erase Device

After you do this, your phone will restart and restore the settings or the default settings. You will have to wait and let it reset the entire default settings. You will also have to wait for some time before you switch on your phone again. 

Factory reset Android phone when locked

1. Sony Phone

Here is how Sony phone users can reset to factory settings. 

  • Turn off your phone and long-press the power and volume buttons simultaneously until the sony screen appears. 
  • When you release the buttons, you will see the system recovery screen. You must use the volume and up and down arrow keys to navigate the menu. 
  • Select Factory Reset by pressing the power button. Wait for the device to reboot after pressing either of the volume buttons by clicking on “Yes.” 

2. HTC Phone

You can follow the steps when you want to factory reset the HTC phone. 

  • Turn off the phone and long-press the volume down and power buttons. 
  • You will have to release the buttons after seeing the HTC logo on the screen. 
  • To proceed, you can press the power button after you select the “factory reset” with the volume down button. 
  • The device reboots normally after you perform the factory data reset. Additionally, to set up the device, you can follow the instructions on the screen. 

3. Samsung

When your phone is locked, you can enter the recovery menu with its hardware keys and choose to reset the device hard. You can perform a factory reset on a locked Samsung phone. 

With the help of the buttons, access the recovery menu. If your Samsung device lacks a home or power button, you can long-press the side and volume buttons until you see the logo on the screen. 

  • For Samsung devices with a power button, long-press the power and volume up button simultaneously. 
  • Don’t release them until you see the Samsung logo on the screen. You can use the volume down button once the Android system recovery menu appears. 
  • Select wipe data and highlight it and also press the power key. 
  • After a few seconds, the entire process of factory reset will be completed. 
  • When finished, select Reboot system, and then the device will reboot. You can now configure it as if it were a brand-new device. 

4. LG Phone

You can follow the steps if you want to factory reset your locked LG phone. You can follow these steps. 

  • You can also long-press the volume down button and power button to turn off the phone. 
LG Phone
  • Once you see the LG logo, you can release both the keys and also only release the power key. 
  • While you have released the power button, click on the volume down button. 
  • After that, you will see the factory reset screen; you must let go of all the buttons. 
  • It would help if you used the power and volume key to continue the reset to highlight Yes. 
  • To confirm, press the power and volume buttons once more. 
Factory data reset


So, these are some of the best methods for wiping an Android phone when it is locked. Passwords and passcodes are frequently forgotten, and many people do not know how to recover them. 

Additionally, some methods might be slightly different depending on the model of the android phone. However, most of the time, performing a factory reset when it is locked. 

Using third-party applications and a PC will help you reset your Android phone when it is completely locked. Those third-party applications can unlock any pattern, password, or fingerprint with a PC. 

There is also no need to have any technical skills or root your device to reset your phone if you try to do so with the help of third-party applications. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is There A Factory Option To Reset A Locked Android Phone?

There is a factory reset option for a locked Android phone since users may forget their passcodes or have problems.
Security is another reason to factory reset a locked android phone. If you execute a factory reset, your data will be lost. Spyware and other infections can lock phones.
Android provides a way to reset a locked device directly. Some brands and models may have different techniques.

Will The Factory Reset And Turn Off The Android Lock?

A factory reset erases all device data. It also restores factory settings. Your passcode or password will be erased along with all default settings.
This method bypasses the phone’s passcode or password. After a factory reset, Android lock is disabled.

Will A Factory Reset Unlock A Locked Phone?

Unlocking a phone via factory reset. The genuine data on your device will be destroyed. Thus, factory and default settings are restored.
This removes the passcode you set before, unlocking the phone. Find my device on Google or Samsung might also unlock your phone.

How To Reset An Android Phone When Locked Using A Computer?

You’ll need a third-party app if you forget your phone’s pattern lock. Instead of using google’s find my device or other factory reset options, use a computer with or without a USB cable.
Third-party apps can prevent data loss. Your PC can also assist you unlock the screen and access android recovery.

Is There A Third-Party Application To Reset My Phone When It Is Locked?

Popular third-party apps can help you unlock your phone. DroiKit is a Samsung galaxy or Samsung account-specific app.
All Android phones can use this app. It unlocks passwords, patterns, and fingerprints. This will format the locked screen without rooting or technical knowledge.

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