5 Fixes For Facebook Message Sent But Not Delivered

Facebook is an excellent social media app and one of the most used instant messaging platforms as well. It is used by billions of people daily and millions of people share messages every minute.

The instant messaging apps are so much developed and the features they provide are revolutionary. When the messaging apps first started, they were just able to exchange messages between two users.

But as the technology is updating faster, people are not satisfied only with the exchange of messages. Instead, they want to know the actual status of their messages.

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Reasons behind Facebook message sent but not delivered

As technology grows, the downside of it also increases. People face glitches, errors and whatnot. That is also true in the case of Facebook when people face the issue of the Facebook message sent but not delivered.

As explained above, it might be a glitch or an error by Facebook. However, there might be chances that the issue might be a problem with a server or a client. Before looking into the reasons that could be responsible for this issue, first understand the difference between message statuses.

Facebook message status meaning and signs

  • Sending- You just pressed send button and it is shown as a plain circle
  • Sent- The message is sent from you to a friend and it is shown as a circle with a checkmark inside
  • Delivered- The message is reached to your friend and it is shown as a filled circle with a checkmark inside.
  • Seen – The message is seen by your friend and no icon is shown below the message.

Now, let’s see what the actual reasons why Facebook message says sent but not delivered are.

Why is my Facebook message sent but not delivered?

Your friend is currently offline 

If you are a frequent user of Facebook or messenger and use it daily for chatting then you have realized that it works very same as WhatsApp where you get the different status of messages whenever your message is sent, reach to your friend as soon as he/she gets connected to the internet and seen whenever the chat is opened. 

Chat window of an offline friend

The condition applies here too, if your friend is not logged into messenger anywhere or none of the devices has an active internet connection where the friend is logged in then you might face the issue which doesn’t update you about whether the message is delivered or not.

In this case, you try to message your friend using other messaging apps and check whether they are active on it. If not, then the reason is your friend have no internet connection at the moment and if they are active, then the high chance is they have uninstalled or logged out of the account.

Facebook message sent but not delivered active

The messages exchanged between friends or groups are actually first sent to the server and then sent to the actual receiver. That is how messaging apps work. This simply means the server is the critical part of sharing your chats with each other. So, there might be server-side issues because of which your message is still in ‘sent’ status and doesn’t get updated. 

Sometimes, the issue might be client-side due to the temper with phone settings, glitches in the apps or issues with the internet. That’s why even if your friend is showing active in the chat, you don’t get a delivered sign to your message.

If you are not facing any other problem like not receiving messages from your friend, the issue will automatically be resolved in a couple of minutes.

Facebook messenger message sent but not delivered

Facebook app and messenger both work quite identical, however, messenger focus more on chatting between friends instead of sharing posts, videos and forum discussion. But sometimes, you will also face an issue of the message sent but not delivered in messenger

The simple reason could be your friend has uninstalled the messenger app or they are logged out from the account and that’s why the message is not loaded in their account.

Facebook message sent but not delivered blocked/ignored

People often call the “ignore messages” feature a worst-ever feature that Facebook has launched. This feature is also called a “disaster of relations” because you won’t get notified if the person or your friend has activated the “ignore message” feature and you just keep messaging them innocently. 

When someone activates this feature, your messages are still sent to them; however, you will get the message status as sent and not delivered. The messages you sent to someone who has ignored your messages won’t get notified as well, but the messages will go straight into the inbox and they will be able to read it anyway.

In the case of blocking someone, nothing works because one can’t send a message to someone who has already blocked them. So, no message, no message status.

Facebook message sent but not delivered to non friend

Facebook message sent but not delivered to non friend

The delivered and seen message statuses only work for the conversation between friends on the messenger. If you have sent a message request to someone who is not yet your friend the message will be sent and delivered to them but it is shown as only sent.

The catch is your they will have an option to accept or decline your message request and if they approve your message, it will be shown to you as delivered. This could be the reason for a Facebook message sent but not delivered to friends of yours.

Facebook marketplace message sent but not delivered

Many of you might not know that whenever you send a message which is a business on Facebook, you won’ get notified. Did you know about this? Comment down below.

Previously, Facebook allowed the sender to know the status of your message whenever you send it to the business account. But in the recent updates, Facebook has removed the feature, and you are now able to check only whether or not your message is sent.

Enough talk on the reasons, lets see how to fix the issue if a Facebook message says sent but not delivered.

How to fix Facebook message sent but not delivered

If you have ever faced the same issue, I bet you have searched for “Facebook message sent but not delivered Reddit” or something on the internet or google. Prove me wrong if I am!

Now, there are multiple ways you can try to resolve the issue. Below are the methods we have explained with steps that you can follow.

  • Use web application on a laptop or desktop
  • Restart your app
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app
  • Try to message multiple friends
  • Report to the Facebook team


Resolve the issue of a Facebook message sent but not delivered

Method 1: Use web application on laptop or desktop

If you are using an Android or iOS app for messenger or Facebook and facing the issue, you can give it a shot on a laptop or desktop. Just open any browser and open Facebook or messenger website and log in there. Now try sending a message to your friend, if you are able to view the delivered status then there is a problem with your app on the phone.

Method 2: Restart your app

As mentioned above, if there is a problem with your app on the phone, first close the app and clear the cache from the settings. You can also try clearing all the data of an app, which will free up some space on your phone. Now login again and try to send messages to your friends. If the issue persists, try the next method.

Method 3: Uninstall and update the app

If the issue still persists, it might be a problem with the version of your installed app. There might be chances that the app is outdated and a new version has arrived. In that case, the update solution works. You can just update the app from Playstore or an app store to a newer version.

Now, try sending a message to your friend from your friend list, it should solve the issue.

Method 4: Try messaging multiple friends

if the issue persists for all of the above methods, you should send a message to as many friends as you can up to 20-30. Check whether you are able to view the delivered status to one of those chats or not. If the delivered sign is not showing for any of them then you have the only option to report it to the Facebook team.

Method 5: Report the problem to the Facebook team

You have remained the only option to report the respective issue to the Facebook team. You can find the option of “give feedback” from the account section. Click on it and select “something went wrong”.

You can take a screenshot of your issue and attach it with the details of your issue and send them. Or, you can visit the Facebook help centre and find the solution to your issue. If the solution is not available, you have an option to send them a message. It takes the Facebook team around 7-15 days to reply to you back. Try not to spam a bunch of emails to the Facebook team.

Something went wrong reporting error message dialog box

Bonus: Fix Facebook message sent but not delivered on iPhone

There might be chances that the Facebook app or a messenger app are behaving weird sometimes and that’s why you are not able to view the delivered status of the message. The cause of the issue might be the same as of the android device. However, simple solutions would work to resolve it.

Solution 1: Restart your device

The first and most obvious solution to resolve the issue is to restart your device. It helps to overcome the glitches and errors in the application and the system and helps run smoothly without any error.

Solution 2: Check your internet connection

Sometimes, as soon as you send someone a message, your network could go down and that’s why the message is just sent from your side but you don’t get acknowledgment whether the message has been reached to the receiver or not. In that case, just wait for some time until you get a good internet connection.

Wrapping up

There are actually a bunch of reasons why your Facebook message is sent but not delivered. This is not a frequent issue anyway. However, there are occasions where some system glitches or errors arise the issues. We hope that the solutions above helped you solve the issue. If you think our guide is helpful, comment down below.

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