9 Fixes: Facebook Marketplace Not Working

Do you come across distinctive errors on Facebook? or worry about why Facebook Marketplace not working? Facebook Marketplace is an online place where sellers feed details about items such as their images, features, and price range. Local buyers can search for their favorite products on this Marketplace and connect with the sellers interested in buying. 

9 Best Fixes Facebook Marketplace Not Working?

This space troubleshoots the “Why Is Facebook Marketplace Not Working?” problem and gives you an insight into the cause of this error. Go on and read this blog thoroughly to eliminate the issue!

Why Is Facebook Marketplace Not Working?

There can be several things to cause this error. Some primary reasons would be Poor Internet connection, Region or Language restriction, not upgrading the Facebook application.

The poor internet connection also hinders Facebook users’ access to the Marketplace. And therefore, it is said to always check your internet connection before using the Marketplace to ensure seamless access to all its functions.

Also, if your region still hasn’t access Marketplace, you won’t be able to use it unless you change your region. You must remember to update your Facebook app or use the latest version to fix Facebook Marketplace not working issue.

Other reasons could be the Age restriction, Blocked account, or New Facebook account. Facebook doesn’t allow minors to use Facebook Marketplace and permits only users at least 18 years old.

If you post something against this policy, your account will be blocked, and you won’t be able to access Marketplace anymore. Also, If you are new to Facebook, you might not access the Marketplace because only verified users can use this platform. 

solutions for the “Facebook marketplace not working”

Here’s how you can resolve common issues;

  1. Re-login to Your Facebook
  2. Clear Cookies and Cache
  3. Change Region/Language
  4. Change Account Age
  5. Change Internet or Router
  6. Update Facebook App
  7. Restart Your Phone
  8. Reinstall the Facebook App
  9. Contact Facebook Support

Check each solution that at least one out of these would sort out your issue for sure!

1. Re-login to Your Facebook

If you cannot access the Marketplace, sign out from the Facebook account by pressing the Sign Out button. Be patient for a few minutes. Then, login back to the account using your Mail ID/Mobile number and password.

Re-login to Your Facebook

2. Clear Cookies and Cache

You have to empty both cache and cookies of the Facebook application if the Marketplace has not been loading. Here’s the way you can do it:

  • Go to your Facebook tap on Settings > Account Settings > Browser to locate cache cleaner.
  • Press on Clear Data.
  • Log in to the Facebook account. Then, go to the Marketplace to view if the case has been fixed.

The Facebook application on iPhone and Android hoards files in its cache for references to save time while you use the app next time.

Clear Cookies and Cache

3. Change Region/Language

  • Open your Facebook, click on the Menu(Android users can find it on the right top, while iOS users can find it at the screen bottom.).
  • Go to Settings & Privacy, then click on Settings.
  • From the left column, choose Language & Region.
  • Click Edit to choose your preferred language.

These steps change your language/region in the Facebook mobile app as Facebook Marketplace is only available in 70 countries.

Change Region/Language

4. Change Account Age

  • Press on your profile picture over the Menu.
  • Below the profile picture, press on See Your About Info.
  • Click the ‘Basic Info’ and press on ‘Edit.’
  • Alter your birthday and choose sharing options.

You must alter your date of birth and ensure you’re 18 years old or older on Facebook.

 See Your About Info.

5. Change Internet or Router

  • Ensure you keep a high-speed internet connection to use the Marketplace and perform your desired activities on it
  • Operate high-speed internet and connect to a fast and reliable
  • Use Wi-Fi connection to see if the problem is fixed.

Your internet connection may be unstable so, you may not be able to access Facebook Marketplace.

6. Update Facebook App

  • Go to Google Play Store in Android or App Store on iPhone.
  • Give Facebook over the search bar of Play Store or App Store.
  • While the Facebook app opens, press the Update button in Play Store or App Store to install the latest updates. 
  • If the application is updated already, the Update button will be replaced by Open.

Be patient for some time until the updates are downloaded and installed. The outdated Facebook application also hinders users from accessing the Marketplace. Do these steps to update your Facebook app and eliminate such issues.

7. Restart Your Phone

  • On iPhone 12/11/X, hold and press the Volume and Side buttons for a few moments until the phone starts.
  • On iPhone SE – 2nd generation, 8, 7, or 6, hold and press the side button only for a few moments.
  • For Android users: Hold the power button over the right side for a few moments. From the options viewed on the screen, press Restart.
Restart Your Phone

You can also correct Facebook Marketplace not working issue by restarting your smartphone.

8. Reinstall the Facebook App

  • Press your finger on the Facebook app icon for a few seconds until an option box appears.
  • Tap ‘Uninstall’ and confirm to uninstall the app.
  • Go to Google Play Store on Android or App Store on iPhone.
  • Search Facebook in the search bar.
  • Click on ‘Install’ and wait until the app is downloaded and installed.
  • Log in to the Facebook account and see if the Marketplace is loading.

Reinstalling the Facebook app can also fix this problem. 

9. Contact Facebook Support

If all the abovementioned methods failed to resolve Facebook Marketplace not working issue, 

  • Report to the Facebook Help Center
  • Type the complete details about your issues in the form given on the left. 

After reviewing your complaint, Facebook will reach you when the problem has been resolved.

Is Facebook Marketplace not working on PC?

If the problem is not the abovementioned common errors and you suspect it’s just something about your computer, you can try out these best solutions to eliminate that sort of PC issue too!

  1. Marketplace Shortcut is Missing in the Facebook
  2. Region/Language Issue
  3. Third-party Browser Extensions
  4. The Browser is Not Working
  5. The Link is Not Working
  6. Your Access to the Facebook Marketplace was Restricted

Check the detailed solutions for the “Facebook Marketplace not working on PC” problem.

  1. Marketplace Shortcut is Missing in the Facebook
  • Open Facebook and press the Marketplace icon.
  • If the Marketplace icon is not there in the MenuMenu, 
  • Tap ‘See More.’

The Marketplace shortcut is placed in the left Menu. If this shortcut is not present on your Facebook, you can access the Marketplace by following the mentioned steps.

Marketplace Shortcut is Missing in the Facebook
  1. Region/Language Issue
  • Press the triangle over the top-right corner of the Facebook profile page.
  • Click Settings & Privacy, then go to Settings.
  • In the left column, select Language & Region.
  • Press Edit to select your preferred language. Changing the language will automatically correct your region settings to fit your region format.
  • Click Edit to choose your preferred Formats for dates, times, and numbers.
  • Click Temperature and select a value.
  • Click ‘Save Changes.’

Follow these steps to change your language/region on Facebook while using your PC.

  1. Third-party Browser Extensions
  • Disable the third-party browser extensions

It may solve “Facebook Marketplace not working” problems as rancorous browser extensions can cause Facebook to behave abnormally.

Third-party Browser Extensions
  1. The Browser is Not Working
  • First, check if you have a different browser on your PC like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera
  • If not, download and install another web browser 
  • Operate that Browser.
  • Go to Facebook Marketplace and inspect if the problem is solved.

If you see that Facebook Marketplace is not working on your system browser, accessing the Facebook Marketplace with a different browser may solve the problem.

  1. The Link is Not Working

If you try to visit Facebook Marketplace directly, yet it is not working, you may be giving the wrong URL.

  • See if any letter is missed in your link.
  • Review your internet connection and operate a reliable high-speed router if your link is correct. 
The Link is Not Working
  1. Your Access to the Facebook Marketplace was Restricted
  • Go to your newsfeed and click on Marketplace.
  • If Facebook restricted your access to the Marketplace, you would see a page mentioning “You Can’t Buy Or Sell Items On Facebook.”
  • Click ‘Request Review’ and type details in the form.
  • As the request has been submitted, Facebook will review it and reach you about its decision in one week through email.
Request Review

Facebook carries strict measures against people who break its community standards and commerce policies, and you have to be careful when using the Facebook account and Facebook Marketplace.

Else, Facebook can hinder your access to the Marketplace. If you are sure that you have not done any violation, reach the Facebook team and proffer a review request by following the mentioned steps.


The thing that makes this platform notable is that your Facebook account is connected to the Marketplace, so there are fewer possibilities of being scammed than in different alternatives. It is a famous forum where users can buy/sell products around their locality.

Facebook Marketplace fails to perform when there are issues with your Facebook account, the smartphone application is used on an incompatible device or problems with the geographic location from where you are using it. Hence, The abovementioned solutions are legit to aid you in sorting out the “Facebook Marketplace not working” issue.