9 Fixes For An existing connection was forcibly closed on Minecraft

Minecraft is the most-sold video game to this day. Not only does this game have great offline gameplay modes but also an online multiplayer element, that allows users to connect to online servers and play with a huge number of players. However, since these servers have to be connected through the internet, there can be several network issues while playing on servers like Hypixel.

9 Fixes For An existing connection was forcibly closed on Minecraft

One of these issues is the “An Existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host” error message. This article will help you fix this network error on your Windows 10 computer and get back to playing bedwars without any network issue. Io exception 

What Causes The “An Existing Connection Was Forcibly Closed By The Remote Host” Minecraft error On Your Computer?

You will have to understand that you are facing a disconnection error, you will see an error message like the “Connection Lost Internal Exception: java.io.IOException” when you are active in any Minecraft server. 

This Minecraft server forcibly closed error appears because of two justifiable reasons on your computer. 

  1. The Internet is insufficient for connecting/staying connected to the server

The network bandwidth of the connection that links you to the internet is not sufficient for the game to help you connect to the internet. This could be because of no internet, weak network, router issues, or other issues originating from the computer or network router. These problems can be easily fixed with the following steps in this article or by talking to your internet service provider. 

  1. The game is not able to connect to the server IP address.

The second reason that can affect your online multiplayer experience is the issues from the server’s end. You will not be able to access the servers, mostly, when it is under maintenance. If the server is at max capacity, you could be kicked out of it but it is very unlikely to happen for major servers, as they can accommodate a lot of players. 

Solutions To The “Minecraft Server: An Existing Connection Was Forcibly Closed By The Remote Host” Error

The following are the solutions to the forcibly closed connection error on your Minecraft, that can be used when the issue arises from the side of the computer or the network.  

  1. Turn Off Your Windows Firewall
  2. Flush The DNS Cache And Switch To A Different DNS Server Address
  3. Reset The Network Adapter
  4. Remove And Reinstall The Java Platform
  5. Uninstall Minecraft: Java Edition And Install The Game Manually
  6. Reset Your Latest Hypixel Session 
  7. Update Your Network And Graphics Drivers
  8. Reduce The Server side View Distance
  9. Talk To The Devs In Mojang

Fixing The “An Existing Connection Was Forcibly Closed By The Remote Host”

The steps to fix the Minecraft server – Remove host forcibly closed existing connection issues are as follows – 

Turn Off Your Windows Defender Firewall

The Windows Defender Firewall is a very useful tool if you do not have an antivirus. It keeps threats away and is almost as good as that any other third-party security program installed on your computer.

The only setback about this Windows security tool is that it suspects a lot of applications and stops them from connecting to the internet. It is possible that Minecraft can also be a victim of this aspect of the firewall. You can only know if the firewall is responsible by disabling the Firewall and running the game. 

You can disable the Windows Defender Firewall settings in the Windows Settings (Windows + I). If you own a subscription to a different antivirus program, you will be able to disable it through its shortcut in the task tray. 

Flush The DNS Cache And Switch To A Different DNS Server Address

  1. Launch the Windows Settings and go into the Network & Internet option. 
  2. In the Internet settings, Choose the Ethernet or the Wi-Fi option from the left panel.
Network and Internet page in the Windows Settings with an active internet connection
  1. Click on the currently active network and you’ll see the details of the network.
  2. Navigate to the IP settings section and click on the Edit button at the bottom. 
Network options and the IP settings section
  1. From the Edit IP settings drop-down menu and choose the Manual option.
  2. Click on the IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) toggle switch to enable it. Two text spaces for the primary and alternate DNS addresses appear on your screen. 
  3. Enter the following DNS server addresses – 

Preferred DNS server address –

Alternate DNS server address –

  1. Click on Save and close this window. 

You can use the following DNS server addresses for increased computer network connection benefits, like network protection and faster browsing speeds.  

Network options and the IP settings section

You can also change this through the Network and Sharing center tool in Control Panel and command prompt tool.

Change Adapter Settings in the Control Panel and network connections window

Learn more about this through our Change DNS settings article. 

Reset The Network Adapter

You can reset the network adapter to reboot the network itself. All modems have a tiny reset button at their backs. They are placed inside a small hole, that can only be accessed by a thin object. Use a pin or a toothpick to insert it into the tiny cavity and push it. Then, hold it for around 5 seconds to reset the router and remove it to reset the connection.

If your PC had a wireless network connection, try giving it a wired connection with an ethernet cable. You can also try unplugging both your router and ethernet cable from their slots. 

Remove And Reinstall The Java Platform

  1. Search for the Add or remove programs window and open it from the search results. 
  2. Locate the Java application section, from the list of installed apps and click on it. 
  3. It will expand, providing access to the Uninstall option.
Uninstall option for the Java tool

Click on it to open the Java uninstallation wizard. 

  1. Follow the on-screen instructions in this window to wipe Java from your computer. 

The error could be eradicated just with this step, but we recommend the next one too.

Uninstall Minecraft: Java Edition And Reinstall The Game Manually

  1. Open the Add or Remove programs window and navigate to the Minecraft: Java Edition application.
  2. Select the game and click on the Uninstall option. 
Uninstall option for the Minecraft: Java Edition
  1. Uninstall the game with help from the uninstallation wizard. This will remove all the game files except the worlds that were created and cong files. You will no longer have junk files created by the game.
  2. Open a browser and go to the Minecraft website
  3. Log in to your Mojang or Microsoft account and download the game to your computer. 
  4. Install the game again, through the setup, and log into the Minecraft Launcher. 

Try connecting to the server with its IP address and check if the problem exists. 

When you install Minecraft again, not only the game files but also the necessary Java files will be installed. You will need a separate Java tool to create a server of your own. 

Reset Your Latest Hypixel Session

  1. Launch Minecraft: Java edition game through the Launcher and go into the Multiplayer option in the main menu.
Minecraft Launcher application main window
  1. If you have saved your servers, you will be able to see them. 
Multiplayer servers list in Minecraft: Java Edition
  1. Select the Minecraft server and click on the Delete button at the bottom of the screen. 

Update Your Network And Graphics Drivers

  1. Open the Device Manager (devmgmt.msc) window on your computer. The Quick Link menu, Run tool, and the search bar can help you access this interface. 
  2. Among all the device categories, you need to locate these two – Display Adapters & Network Adapters.
Display adapters and Network adapters section in the Device Manager
  1. Click on the section to expand it and right-click on one of the devices.
  2. From this context menu, choose the Update drivers option. This will open the Update wizard menu.
  3. Choose the Search automatically for drivers option and your OS will look for available updates on your computer and over the internet.  
  4. These updates will be downloaded and you will have to restart your PC to install them. 

Update all the video cards and network drivers one by one. Since we are talking about Minecraft online-multiplayer gaming, prioritize updating the network drivers. 

Reduce The Server Side View Distance

  1. Launch Minecraft and connect to the server. 
  2. Press the Esc key and go into Options.
  1. Click on the Video settings option and locate the Render distance slider on the top right part of the interface. 
image 2 190
  1. Slide it to the left to reduce the player’s render distance in the game.
image 2 191

This will reduce the chunks that are loaded on your screen for every frame. 

Talk To The Devs In Mojang

Your last option is to report this issue to the game developers at Mojang. If the issue is very common, the fix will be included in the next patch update or version update. You can file your complaint at the Minecraft help website and hopefully, you will get a solution to the world’s favorite sandbox game.

We hope that the above solutions worked for you and that now you are farming potatoes on your sky block base.