Error Viewing Closed Service Request Tickets in Service Request Catalog

When attempting to open certain Interaction tickets in Service Request Catalog, users are experiencing the following error (The string of random characters varies):

Retrieving c206QCM8PjpzbTpAIzw+OlNENTAwOTE0OkAjPD46ZjNkZDI2OTM= from the server failed. Try again.

This issue seems to be resolved for support tickets, but some service catalog tickets are still erroring out.

Some of the issue seems to come from catalog items that have been inactivated. However, it seems like there might be a mandatory field missing on this one as well.


The Catalog ID of some of the items in the Cart’s is no longer valid. Once we updated the problematic Carts with the correct Catalog ID, the problem goes away.

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