Error: “The script cannot be opened…” when attempting to open an AJAX TruClient script in “Develop” mode in VuGen

While developing an AJAX TruClient script in VuGen, the following sequence of actions was performed:

1. An existing script was opened,

2. The script was saved with a new name (using "Save As…"),

3. Some modifications were made to the script,

4. The script was saved and closed.

Subsequently, having opened the script again in VuGen, clicking "Develop" mode to open the Firefox browser result in a popup with the following error message:

The script cannot be opened.

It is already open in another instance of Firefox.

How can the script be opened in "Develop" mode?

The saved script has become corrupted.

There are two possible workarounds for this issue. The first is to replay the script in load mode in VuGen. Then click on "Develop" mode and Firefox will open with the script displayed.

If this does not work perform these steps:

1. Close VuGen,

2. Using with Notepad open the script file "<script_name>.usr" located in the script directory,

3. Search for the following lines and delete them:



4. Open VuGen and open the corrupted script.

It should now be possible to open the script in "Develop" mode.

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