Error messages displayed during data injection

When trying to inject data (HP Sprinter) in a specific application where two fields of the user interface have the same label, some error messages appear:

"More than one field label in your application matches a field name in your data set"

"Two Fields with the same label causes Problems within Data Injection (DaIn)"

For example, this can be reproduced when injecting the passenger data to book a flight in the "Mercury Tours" demo application as both the "Passengers" and "Credit Card" sections have a "First Name:" field.

HP Sprinter uses the field label to inject the data. Therefore, if two fields have exactly the same label, it is necessary to add information to enable Sprinter to uniquely recognise each of them.

The recommendation in this situation is not to use data injection against these fields. However, it is possible to work around the problem using the below

· Enable Sprinter Power Mode

· Create a data set.

o Review "Guidelines for Creating Data Injection Data Sets" (HP Sprinter User Guide)

· Associate the data set with your application.

· (Optional) Define which fields you want to inject, and what order (optional).

· Ensure only one instance of related application is opened.

· Run a test.

· Once desired fields are displayed/visible, access/go to the "Data Injection" tab/panel

· Select the desired data set to use from the "Data set list"

· (Optional) To know if selected data set maps the objects correctly, or as desired, click on the "Display Field Mapping" button

· Click the "Inject" button.

Note: if errors occur with step 9 and/or 10, confirm correct headers/field names used on data set’s (check notes from step 2)

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