Error: Digital Signature could not be validated

In BSAE (Business Service Automation Essentials), in the /var/opt/opsware/omdb/collect/failures directory, in one of the failures files, the following error can be seen:

2012-07-16 06:25:49,039 [omdb.loader] INFO Loader started

2012-07-16 06:25:49,542 [omdb.loader] ERROR Exception thrown while validating file: Digital Signaturx|e could not be validated

2012-07-16 06:25:49,542 [omdb.loader] INFO Validating File…failed

2012-07-16 06:25:49,549 [omdb.loader] INFO Loader failed

2012-07-16 06:25:49,555 [omdb.loader] INFO Loader finished

This happens when signature validation is not enabled in BSAE.

Signature validation can be enabled by adding omdb.loader.validatefiles=true to /etc/opt/opsware/omdb/ Setting the value to false will disable it.

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