Error count on controller UI stopped incrementing during load test run

When running a loadtest using controller, occasionally user may observed that the error counter on the controller UI will freeze or stop incrementing in the middle of the test.

After the test ended, and reviewing the test results, error count reported is of a higher number.

Try to increase the limit of output messages in the Controller.

1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Performance Center Host\config.
2. Open the wlrun7.ini file in a word editor.
3. Search for the [Output] section.
4. Modify the value for MaxNumberOfOutputMessages.

Change MaxNumberOfOutputMessages=10000 to MaxNumberOfOutputMessages=100000.

Note: this is not an exact maximum number of messages that will be enforced as Load Runner occasionally counts the number of output messages. Therefore some margins should be added in order to get all expected messages.

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