Square Enix Payment Error Code: I2501: How To Quickly Fix It

Square Enix is a famous Japanese video game publisher, known for its action and adventure games like Final Fantasy, Life is Strange, and Tomb Raider. However, many users reported that they faced an error code: i2501 on their screen while processing the payment in Square Enix. This error code is mostly reported by players. 

Square Enix's Shadow of the Tomb Raider gameplay - error code: i2501 article

In this article, we let you know about all the causes and steps to fix this error code: i2501 occurs during payment of square Enix. In the case of the square Enix, the error code i2501 is prone to pop up when you are processing payments for the games you love to enjoy.

Why Does Error I2501 Arise On Square Enix Payment?

Recreating the error was not that difficult, and we figured out some of the reasons for this error, and some other reasons were also mentioned on their official website. Let’s go through them 

  • A credit card or debit card must be from a country where you are staying in

While making payment, you are expected to be in the same country as where you were issued your card. This country also has to match the one where you created your Square Enix account. If you are currently in a different country and trying to make the payment, you will see the error code: i2501.

  • You are using a VPN or proxy

If you are in the same country but still seeing the error, then it may be because of VPN or proxy use. VPNs interfere with a lot of things, and payments are one of them. To make payments secure, sometimes it is needed to keep your VPN or proxy turned off. This is why some payment gateways disable the use of VPNs and proxies while making payments.

  • Same cards for too many accounts

You should only use one credit/debit card on one Square Enix account. Using the same card on multiple Square Enix accounts may cause to see error code i2501.

  • Cards details must be incorrect

One of the most important things while making any payment or filling any sort of data, for that matter is to enter things correctly. If you enter incorrect payment such as your name or card number, then you might see the error. Another important thing to note is that the card information needs to match the Square Enix account information.

  • Card must be blocked 

Sometimes banks temporarily block cards if they suspect a fraudulent activity this happens more often than you think, believe me. So if you suspect that your card may have been blocked, you should try talking to your bank or check if it’s blocked by making a payment somewhere else.

  • Your card does not have international payment enabled

Some credit and debit cards cannot make international payments. If the website is using an international payment gateway and your card does not have international payments enabled – you will see the error. The solution to this is using a different card or contacting your bank to enable international payments.

  • You re-attempted payment too many time

If your attempted payment fails multiple times, Square Enix will temporarily block all payments on your account to prevent fraud. This block is most often only for 24 hours. This is why you shouldn’t continuously try to make payments. Try once, then wait for a while before you do it again.

  • Cache and Cookies

Another reason behind the occurrence of this issue can be the presence of faulty/corrupted cookies or cache which might be the reason that your connection is being blocked by the servers. Therefore, make sure to clear them out to get rid of the Error Code: i2501 message on square Enix.

  • Ad-Blocker

Sometimes, you might be using an Adblocker application on your computer which might be preventing the connection from being established properly by blocking some aspects of the server connection. Therefore, it is recommended to turn any such extensions off before you proceed towards implementing such actions.

  • Extensions/Cookies 

It is also possible that a third-party extension installed on your computer might be interfering or intercepting the connection going out to the square Enix servers due to which the Error Code: i2501 is being triggered. Therefore, it is recommended to use your browser’s incognito mode and check if the payment works.

Now that you are familiar with most of the reasons behind this problem, we can move on towards implementing them and fixing the issue.

Solutions To Fix Square Enix Payment Error i2501

  1. Disable VPN and Proxy
  2. Disable Ad Blockers
  3. Remove Browser’s Cookies and Cache
  4. Try Incognito Mode
  5. Process Your Payment through a Smartphone
  6. Wait for 24 Hours
  7. Contact Customer Support
  8. Use The Square Enix Mog Station On Your Mobile/Tablet

Fixing the Square Enix Payment Error i2501

Solution 1: Disable VPN And Proxy


  1. Press “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” keys simultaneously on the keyboard to open “Task Manager”.
  2. Under the “Processes” section, select all the entries associated with your VPN, one by one, and click on “End Task”.
  3. Ending tasks related to VPN to fix error code: i2501
  4. Ending tasks related to VPN4


  1. Press “Windows +R” keys on the keyboard to open the run box and search for “Control Panel”.
  2. Search for control panel
  3. Now navigate to the “Network and Internet” option and click on the “Internet Options”.
  4. Choose Internet Options to get rid of error code: i2501
  5. Navigate to the “Connections” tab and click on “LAN settings”.
  6. Uncheck the box parallel to the “Use a Proxy server for your LAN” option and then hit “OK”.
  7. Disabling proxy server

After applying these settings, check whether the error code: i2501 is resolved.

Solution 2: Disable Ad Blocker

  1. Locate and click on the “Three-dot” icon located at the top-right corner of the browser’s window and select “More Tools”.
  2. Choose More Tools
  3. Now navigate to the “Extensions” option.
Extensions option in the Browser menu
  1. Choose Extensions.
  2. Locate “AdBlock” from the list of extensions enabled on your browser and click on the “Toggle” button to disable it.
  3. Disabling Ad-block

Solution 3: Remove Browser’s Cookies And Cache

  1. Hit “Ctrl+H” on your keyboard to open Browser’s history and select “Clear Browsing Data” from the left pane.
  2. Clear Browsing Data
  3. Now set the “Time Range” to “All Time” and check the boxes parallel to “Browsing History”, “Cookies and other site data”, and, “Cached images and files”.
  4. Clear all browser’s data
Clear Browsing Data section in the Chrome settings
  1. Click on the “Clear Data” button to clear all the data and hopefully the error code: i2501is resolved.

Solution 4: Try Incognito Mode

Incognito tab in Google Chrome

If you have just encountered this error message while making a payment through Google Chrome, we recommend you to switch to another browser and check if the issue arises there too.

Many people have suggested that this error was eliminated when they switched to “Mozilla Firefox”. If the error persists, after switching to Mozilla Firefox, it is recommended to launch it in “Incognito mode” and try to make the payment again to check whether the issue is resolved.

Solution 5: Process Your Payment Through A Smartphone

Many users have reported that they managed to get around the error code: i2501 by switching from their computer to the smartphone to make the payment. If you still encounter this error message while making payment through Square Enix, launch the browser on your smartphone and try to make the transaction from there.

Solution 6: Wait For 24 Hours

If you have tried to make the payment too many times, after failing, at the same time, then there is a large probability that you will encounter square Enix error code: i2501. If this is the case, you will be blocked for 24 hours and will not be able to make any payment online. 

So, the only solution to get rid of this error now is to patiently wait for 24 hours and retry to check if the error is eliminated. 

Solution 7: Contact Customer Support

Support page for the Final Fantasy XIV

If none of the solutions has helped you to get rid of the error code: i2501 then the only option you are left with is to contact Square Enix Customer Support and explain your problem to their team.

They will analyze your problem shortly and provide you with a solution that will help you to make your payments again through Square Enix.

Solution 8: Use The Square Enix Mog Station On Your Mobile/Tablet

A lot of people have said that when they made a payment on Square Enix Mog Station using their mobile device or tablet, it worked. So take out your mobile device, and attempt making the payment from there.


A lot of reasons and a lot of solutions we hope that one thing from the above is the solution of your problem, once you have followed this exhaustive guide you will never come across Square Enix error code: i2501 again. You will never be interrupted again while trying to purchase a new game.


How Do I Find My Square Enix ID?

You can use SQUARE ENIX Management System if you’ve forgotten your SQUARE ENIX ID or password and select the “Obsolete ID or password?” option on the “Log In” button. You can retrieve your SQUARE ENIX ID and/or your password by following onscreen instructions.

Why Can’t I Log Into My Square Enix Account?

Make sure your password is properly entered. Please try another browser and manually deactivate any additions or temporarily disable an incognito or private navigation session. Please try to reset the login screen password feature. Then, you get an email to assist with your password reset.

Square Enix Servers Do Not Work In My Region. What To Do?

If your VPN is enabled, switch it to another region and try the transaction again. Alternatively, use a third-party platform like Steam Pay services to make the payment