8 Fixes: Error Code 6 Diver Warzone/Modern Warfare On PC

For a hardcore gamer, it is annoying to get this kind of status “Download failed. Error Code DIVER. If the issue persists, please contact Activision Support quoting the Error Code”. In this article, you will know the reason why this error pops up on your screen and how to fix this error?

error code 6

What Is Error Code 6 In Call Of Duty Warzone?

The COD Warzone Error code 6 indicates that the client has failed to download an update. Both Error code 6 and DIVER error stems from the same source i.e, failing to download the update. So the solutions that can fix these two errors are mostly the same.

These two errors are mostly observed in the PC console. While there are some sporadic reports of these errors popping out on Xbox One and PS4 game consoles.

Reason For The Error Code 6 And DIVER Error Status

The reasons that can affect your COD Game Session by displaying the Error Code 6 are:

  • An issue in your Console Network Settings. As mentioned earlier, both CODE 6 and DIVER stem from the failure to download and install an update. An issue with your network settings(router fault, service down status) can stop your client from successfully downloading the latest game updates.
  • Corrupt Game files. If one or multiple game files become corrupt, then it may lead to certain errors. Downloading and reinstalling the game to clear out the corrupted files should fix the problem.

Solutions To Fix The Call Of Duty Warzone Error Code 6

  1. Restart The Router
  2. Check The COD Server Status
  3. Turn Off Windows Firewall
  4. Connect To A Cellular Data Hotspot
  5. Download Updates Through A Proxy Server Or Virtual Private Network(VPN)
  6. Repair Corrupt Game Files
  7. Don’t Skip The Cutscenes
  8. Delete And Reinstall The Game
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Restart The Router

As mentioned earlier, that error code 6 occurs when a download fails to complete. So the first solution you should apply is to check the status of your router. And the most lucrative way to fix a router is to restart it.

  • Power Off your router.
  • Remove the Ethernet cable and unplug from the power source.
  • Wait for a minute or so.
  • Plug all cables back to their original ports.
  • Power On your modem.

Check The COD Server Status

Since having an issue with the download process for the COD update is the main reason behind the Code 6 error. Server issues may also bog down your game updates. Then you should check the status of the server as the fault may not lie on your end. 

Visit the Official Activision Support Page and check for any type of server down notifications. Alternatively, you can also follow their social media profile for any latest updates. 

Turn Off Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall blocks or quarantines a potentially harmful program. If the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare or Warzone is deemed as a potential risk by your PC’s Firewall, then the connection to the game server is restricted to some extent.

In this case, you may try to disable the Windows Firewall protection in Control Panel and check if it’s the real reason why Error code 6 is being displayed on your game screen.

  • Press Windows + R. 
  • Type “control firewall.cpl” and hit the Enter key.
  • Choose the option “Turn Windows Firewall On or Off” from the left pane.
type "control firewall.cpl" in the Run dialog box and hit the Enter button.
  • Tick, the checkbox option, Turn Off Windows Firewall. Then click on Ok.
Disable Firewall protection in Windows Firewall section in Control Panel[Windows 8.1]
  • Now try to download the updates again on your game client.
  • Make sure to re-enable the Firewall protection after the game client completes the update.

Connect To A Cellular Data Hotspot

Try to switch the Internet connection to your Celluar Data. If you are playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Warzone on Xbox One and PS4 using Wi-Fi. Then disconnect it, and connect it to your smartphone’s Hotspot. 

Download Updates Through A Proxy Server Or Virtual Private Network(VPN)

It is another solution that can be used to fix this solution. And there are reports of its credibility. So consider downloading the latest game updates via VPN. You can check whether the update can be downloaded successfully using VPN.

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There are many free VPN services available online. However, it is recommended to opt for a paid one. You can get not only a fast but also a secure connection. 

Repair Corrupt Game Files

Sometimes there may be a game file(s) that become corrupt or missing. And this can lead to a Diver code error. You can fix this by restoring these missing or corrupt files through the Battle.net client.

  • Open the Battle.net client.
  • From the bottom of the left pane, select the Game. Here it is Call of Duty: MW.
  • Select Options-> Scan and Repair.
Select Scan and Repair from the Options menu.
  • In the new prompt window “Scan and Repair Installation”, choose the option Begin Scan.
  • Re-launch the Warzone and check whether the issue is resolved.

Don’t Skip The Cutscenes

As odd as it may sound, this solution has worked its magic for some lucky gamers. Players were able to download the updates after they had gone through the entire introductory cutscene without skipping.

This solution is very easy and simple and no tedious steps are required for this. So keep in mind, not to press the “A” button on your Xbox console, or the “Backspace” button on the PC console. After the cinematics, try to download the updates again.

Delete And Reinstall The Game

Now that you are here, that means solutions preceding this one, you have already tried and brought you no positive result. Therefore as a last resort, you may consider erasing the entire game and reinstalling it. 

Reinstall will delete the corrupt game files, that may have contributed to the Code 6 error and DIVER error. The possibility of the error being fixed is very high via this method, with the assumption that the fault lies with the game client.


You will receive the Error Code 6 and the DIVER error status if the update download fails to complete. Faults in network connection, game server down, and corrupt game files are the major culprits that may cause this error.

You can fix this error through a targeted approach such as restarting your router. The router connects your client to the server. Therefore the first solution is related to it. 

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The next solution you can try is to check the server status. The issue may not lie on your end(client) but with the server. Check for any official announcement regarding the status of the game server. And lastly, if you’re unable to fix the error with the previous solution, consider deleting the game and reinstalling it.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How Do I Fix Error Code 6?

You can start by restarting your router. A fault with the router may be the reason for the error code 6 to display on your game screen. This solution is common for all gaming consoles. For the PC console, you may disable the Firewall protection and check whether the update is successfully downloading.

What Does Error Code 6 On COD MW/WZ Mean?

The error code 6 indicates that your COD client failed to download the latest game updates. It may be the fault of the network or corrupt game data files that the Code 6 error pops up on the screen. Also, the fault maybe with the server. Update download will fail if the game server status is down.

How Do I Fix Error Code 6 On PS4?

You can fix Error Code 6 on your PS4 with the following solutions. The first solution, restart your console. Restarting will clear up the RAM and the minor glitches get fixed. The next solution you can try is to reboot your router. Error code 6 occurs due to a fault in the update download.
If the previous solution doesn’t resolve the issue, you can try to download the update through a cellular connection. Connect your PS4 to a cellular hotspot. And lastly, you can completely erase the game from your PS4 and re-install it.

How To Repair Corrupt Game Files On Battle.Net?

Battle.net comes with Scan and Repair function that can be used to repair missing or corrupt game files. To repair a game on the Battle.net application, first, you need to select the game version from the left pane. Choose “Options”, scroll down the menu and select the Scan and Repair option. The application will prompt you to start the scan. Here you need to click on the Begin Scan option.